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Password (For file deletion.)

I just realized I have a LOT more space on this server than I originally thought
I have increased the file size limit to 75MB.

File: 1551637482446.png (1.28 MB, 734x1024, E38-7-Ad.png)


sportschan.org has broken IP passthrough, so your flag may be wrong. Post through carchan.wrigel.xyz if your flag is wrong. This can be fixed in the future, but I am not in control of the sportschan.org domain and last time it was changed I forgot to renew the SSL certificate so https was broken.


Also for the CSS, just let me know what you want and I'll make it happen.
I'm on break this week so I have time to do whatever


im confus
are u actually making this as a refuge away from k*hl, or cuz of kc gettin the mil GET?

also CSS should be that weird autistic purple/blue shit obv lik wtf?


and/or literally entirely royal blue.
and i mean everything


This is a refuge for endchan/kc. You can see what is going on with us here:
https://endchan.xyz/kc/res/17649.html (scroll to the bottom posts)


File: 1551643621919.png (1.48 MB, 1092x1023, strong2.png)

We'll see.


oh yea i heard balrog went AWOL
thats good of dud to help yall out like that tbh


I agree :)


File: 1551644771244.png (27.74 KB, 252x302, sppd-walki.png)

make sure to behave yourselves berndouts, or i'll be crackin skulls


mods pls ban


Someone asked on /meta/ for a /kc/ board so I made one. I'm in the business of making bunker boards I guess.
The mil get was just a coincidence


Nice. Will make a fine banner.


File: 1551648805540.png (46.72 KB, 911x319, kc-royals1milget.png)



edit out "royals" in the pic and copypaste:
into the post


that behavior is haram


File: 1551650015315.png (19.14 KB, 909x314, bernd ftw.png)

are you telling me what to do right now?


get off of sportschan. now



imposter >>127

i did


>sportschan.org has broken IP passthrough, so your flag may be wrong
This is how you get the real IP addresses.
To do it automatically you need to be an enterprise level user which I'm guessing costs thousands.

Alternatively arrange a time when you are available to set up a SSL certificate and I'll take the domain off Cloudflare again.


File: 1551735855070.png (25.13 KB, 400x240, timestamps.png)

What's up with the timestamps? Why am I traveling back in time?


Timestamps are converted to local time through JavaScript, so sometimes it gets confused, especially on /ukko/ and when expanding threads. A refresh usually fixes it.
I'll see when I can arrange a time


File: 1551811848502.png (39.64 KB, 911x319, kc-royals1milget-v1.png)

I'm not content with the result. The main problem that it's a logo, a drawing, no font was used, so no set of letters can be found. And going through loads of fonts and check which letter would fit the bill of the original design is tedious. With a drawing pad I might could draw something similar but I don't have one.
I will redesign this making the lowercase letters smaller and do something with the curve for the underline to make it aesthetically more pleasing. Maybe search for another font. Sometimes.


its great but you should make the blue text say "Royals"


File: 1552253775925.jpg (15.3 KB, 170x210, Brian14-170x210.jpg)


All right, gonna post it here too. KC CSS:

This includes the newest Fatball as well.


some of the balls work but the theme doesnt so ill do what needs to be done i guess


Alright your css should be all set. If there's anything else I missed let me know


You can flip it on then and we'll see.
Probably will need some banners.


It's available in the Style menu down in the bottom corner


Oh thanks.

Yeah, I see Brazil ain't working. Weird.




What was wrong with it? I liek to learn new stuff.


The cyantext is the wrong color. I don't mind tho, easier to read at least. Also fits with Kansas City, and while it deviates from the norm we could just say it's for the unique character of the board.


It was set to replace "Brasil" and vichan uses "Brazil" for the name.
I wasn't really sure what color to make it so I just made it something that was easy to read and i thought looked alright.

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