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Post all updates, happenings, rants, restaurants and questions about this glorious city in this thread.




question: is this the new thing? resurrecting literally months old memes from the old /sp/?


Do you have a problem with that?


there is no old /sp/, there is no new /sp/. there is only spee cr and crik


I have a U.S. based friend from the surrounding area who lived there all his life.

He told me that it was actually pretty boring and dull living around there. There's almost nothing to do (except sports)

He told me he was couldn't wait to leave when he got older. Not sure if other anons can confirm this.


simply false


I don't understand this post.
He lived there all his life and told me firsthand how it was. How is it false?


My best guess while he's kcbro, he isn't kc-tire. While I wonder if he could exfoliate his onion I don't expect him to do it, he writes as he was on /sp/.




Huh, they didn't get the memo.


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Where can one acquire burgers in Kansas City?


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