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its a tampa kinda day
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i am above da law - DA of GHOSTssouri
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The US Army terraformed the South so that about 72 trillion dollars worth of real estate/productivity doesn't get flooded by the Mississippi river. Pretty much everything South-East of Charlotte would be flooded every summer without it.


South-East of the Mississippi from Charlotte on down*


>primarily india, a place that china has no love for. how convenient
i also have no love for india. how convenient indeed. those street shitting faggots have ruined every airport lounge the entire world over
>imo thats the real use case for tech lik that
1000% guarantee the US gov has been using it to fuck opposition govts for probly at least the past 70 years on the DL


i'd rather have street shitters doing the needful than bugmen ruling the world


well its not lik the tech couldnt be used for gud
its just that for the most part, i dont think it will be
even in the best of circumstances, its humans punching well above their weight. when/if the earth decides to punch back, itll prolly hurt


honestly, same
theyre so much less arrogant as a whole
china is 1.5 billion well i guess 750M, cuz grils of smol pp hotheads
its lik if a napoleon complex was an entire race of ppl


File: 1716684028206.jpg (213.94 KB, 891x891, 1:1, e1rfn6kmat931.jpg)

mommy dommy's gonna fix it all soon


to lazy to drunk 4 to rip or archive fuk yu blody
>sf full bird gettin cased at his home by chechens working for utilities co
>shots em
>murikwa's weap accuracy drops to 10% in hoholand due to jamming


File: 1716685113198-0.jpg (143.85 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, afroman dup.jpg)

File: 1716685113198-1.mp4 (3.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, dup lp.mp4)

lel drumpf went to lolbert con with afroman


File: 1716685923477.jpg (50.91 KB, 680x424, 85:53, 73aaf31af1205068f6ba851da2….jpg)

>i dont jail my opponents
what a grifter this faggot in 2016 ran on cleaning out the cabal and arresting clinton tier criminals.
what now qtards?


Jailing someone for violating the law =! jailing someone for being your opponent.


dup has gone full blown rothbard


tbh idk why he wouldnt be goin to lik most of these 3rd party cons if hes allowed to
all the redumblicans gonna vote for him by default, so no need to campaign for them. and he knows as well as anyone that his W in 2016 was entirely due to ppl outside the red vs blue shit favoring him. its the obvious move

sick zoot too afroman
used to know a guy by the name of seth RICH who had a raly similar thang goin


i was gonna run for prez
but then i got high
i was gonna btfo bidup too
but then i got high
now im shakin hands with dup
and i know why
because i got high
because i got high
because i got high


will you help me repair my door goes hard as fuck tbh


>sick zoot too
ngl i wish i had the spare income for a stupid gaudy zoot suit id wear it at family gatherings and frens birthdays


I know Republicans haven't given a shit about Libertarians in a decade so they probably aren't aware the Libertarians purged anyone with a brain back in 2016 when they elected Gary again. Surprised nobody tried to stab him. Little l philosophical ones either went red or ran for the hills during his last presidency. The people in the big L party are just slightly less degenerate Democrats who like money.


File: 1716693231920.jpg (852.62 KB, 766x3231, 766:3231, Libertarians.jpg)

nah lolbertarian party is full of fuckin psychos, gary johnson was the only one with any brain cells
like look at the highlights from the 2016 libertarian candidate debate, it's all these fukn whackjobs that look like the ancient aliens guy talking about how they're going to ban the government if they get elected, meanwhile the crowd boo'd gary when he said he was ok with keeping driver's licenses


File: 1716695712583.mp4 (3.04 MB, 576x562, 288:281, 0a7dcf5c9065b8c08dc652adb0….mp4)



holy shit you can hear the crowd fukn HATEShim
and lolbertarians only have themselves to blame for only getting 3% like they have fukns tons of billionaires that support their cause would could REALLY get the word out to maybe some non-pathetic numbers (like how Perot was getting 20 something percent at his peak) but they're too busy arguing over McNukes and McHighways to ever do that lmao


they're not really fucking nuts, modern america is so fucked it makes it seem like it.
ya sure– TOASTER LICENSE guy seems nuts. but is he really?
live in california, 12% of the population is illegal. they're all driving fucking cars, no license, no insurance, no nothing. government does fuck all about it. so what the fuck is the point of all of it again?


Stable Diffusion 3 was supposed to be released for free 2 weeks after they made it available on their site, it's been available on their site for 5 weeks now


File: 1716701032044.jpg (203.66 KB, 1876x863, 1876:863, full blown tranny.jpg)

billionaires are demonic crazy


>you can hear the crowd fukn HATEShim
sounds p mixed tbh
just rowdy cuz lolberts


>Gary Johnson more sane than Austin Peterson
Nah man, Austin was where it was at. McAfee was a wild dude and I had respecc even if he was a degenerate, but "bake the cake" Johnson was more of a statist then than Trump is now.


Gotta give the man credit for knowing how to WWE a crowd. He was even nice and gave them a whole 3% instead of 1.5%.

I don't mind the Mises Caucus guys because they're focusing on local erections where they have a chance of winning for treasurer or DA or some shit, but the party as a whole are a bunch of faggots. There's been a civil war in the big L party since last year because the LNC folks HATE the Mises Caucus for not being degenerates. They've gone as far as to change the rules for local LNC headquarters and funding because the libertines kept getting voted out by Mises caucus locally.


>fight climate change
idk why the fuck they even call it that, the climate changes CONSTANTLY whether we have influence on it or not.
changing it to that instead of "global warming" kinda outed the whole thing as a scam to most normalfags (the ones who paid attention in elementary school science class anyway).
billionares know that they could just pay off the government to bypass all rationing anyway just like they did in ww2.


File: 1716732836802-0.png (205.5 KB, 1938x832, 969:416, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716732836802-1.mp4 (600.3 KB, 480x270, 16:9, britun.mp4)

>He added: 'Being British is about more than just the queue you join at passport control.'
el eeh el


File: 1716732986791.jpeg (39.46 KB, 386x500, 193:250, 1668104492633.jpeg)

schizo take: climate change is real but the tech needed to fix it already exists (and is being suppressed ofc), so it's not worth caring about anyway as richfags obv want to let the world burn so that they can grift off of it


*subscribes to your soundcloud*


File: 1716735063362.jpg (152.75 KB, 1346x1056, 673:528, 1398551422559.jpg)

So mutts will die for Israel while Brits will die for India?


mutts have the freedumb to volunteer for it at least
also bump against poop pedophile



the only way you'll stop "climate change" is by full blown star trek style weather control which doesn't exist. cloud seeding alone isn't going to do it.

also, in b4 HAARP + russian woodpecker


File: 1716742254333.png (247.39 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1627445953395.png)

not a bad idea actually, as long as it is just the national guard to shoot all the sand nigger terrorist migrants. kids these days lack discipline due to retarded parents and shitty schooling and the military will give it to them in the ass


oh yea im sure everyone will be thrilled


if its nasty girls it'll be for bong insurrectionists (fascists who dont use ebonics online)
at least that HR meeting'll make em do pushups. is engerlund basic training as cucked as usgay's is now?


That's not even a schizo take, it's reality. Nuclear energy produces so little pollution that the amounts it does produce are negligible for the next 8,000 years.


i wrote a persuasive essay on why nuclear is the only scalable technology to solve the so called 'climate crisis', and how its really pretty clean way of doing it.
ofc i think 90% of the climate bahhhing (mainly the warming part of it) is retarded shit. im just more interested in it from an air pollution / toxic chemical production perspective
latest generation of reactors its even more practical.


problem is you need people to run those plants and people can be real fukn retards when designing plants and safety features (fukushima) or when trying to impress daddy government with your experimental safety features (chernobyl) and then oops your "clean" power just shat uranium across a 30km radius where nothing will ever be normal for a thousand thousand years


gen 4 reactors are failsafe in a smart sorta way, in the sense that if shit goes wrong they just fizzle out and not go HOT AS FUCK EXPLOSIVE MIX OF HYDROGEN IN THE REACTOR CORE sorta way


i member bein on a plane and we were landing nearby a nuke plant and the rando i was stuck next to started pissing and moaning
>omggg look at all that pollution so terrible referring to the water vapor from the cooling tower
at first i didnt even register wtf he was talking about cuz im not retarded
then i realized it and tried to explain how thats literally just water
couldnt wrap his head around it
>well ummmm it must be sooooper radioactive
nope. just water.

funny how all it took was some fag in a leather puppy suit and suddenly these same retards are all totally on board w it

those kinds of reactors w positive temperature coefficients are ancient history
hell they were p much ancient history when chernobyl happened
just dont build em on major fault lines lik the nips
problems werent


one of the many benefits of promoting and importing double digit iq's is that it gives saint bill gates(M$BUH) excuse to shoot literal missiles of dirt in the air
retards ruin any and everything good


All this talk about nuclear energy is definitely no reason for the FBI agent assigned to monitor sportschan to be concerned
please carry this discussion on


i eat feds for breakfast


File: 1716762759005.jpg (465.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Cybersquad.jpg)

Ok, thanks for letting me know. Wasn't sure if my superiors wanted to know about this.


heem clicked all that shit nigger


Eh, as the others said that was mostly an issue with older generation stuff. In Chernobyl's case we just found out what runaway chemical reaction caused the explosion back in 2019 (and funnily enough the modern reactors are naturally fool-proofed from it because of dumping/cleaning procedures that have been in place since the 00s). In the case of Fukushima TEPCO basically shat the bed, but the fallout has been negligible. Before people complain about radioactive fish please note that China releases 30x as much nuclear radiation into the ocean daily (before accounting for non-nuclear chemical waste) as was released during Fukushima's peak due to improper filtering procedures at Chinese NPPs.

Yeah you need people who aren't absolutely retarded fr fr but daily lubing the motors and cleaning the filters is the sort of thing you have to do at basically any kind of processing facility working with dangerous chemicals/materials. Even on the oil rig you gotta lube the drill and surrounding equipment at least 4x/day and those guys follow safety standards a lot more loosely than a power plant full of eggheads.


Mixing chlorine pool tabs and isopropyl alcohol in a 2 liter bottle creates a toxic chemical bomb that causes burns and sets off every car alarm in a block radius, in case any anons want to experiment in minecraft.

A pipe bomb works under the principles of the material pressure failure point being lower than the expansion/threading pressure point to cause fragmentation, and can be caused quite easily with cannon fuses or electrical fuses to a pressure-expanding material such as gunpowder inside of it.


File: 1716763379902.mp4 (251.99 KB, 640x360, 16:9, korn.mp4)

prob scoping that norwood cure ad, happens to the best of >us


nah heem wanted to know more about that new law that left insurance companies FURIOUS

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