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its a tampa kinda day
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i am above da law - DA of GHOSTssouri


File: 1714371015013.mp4 (16.03 MB, 480x320, 3:2, 1_5003513453889979738.MP4)

teehee silly me i forgot the file


File: 1714379322367.mp4 (18.31 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, video_2024-04-29_04-27-57.mp4)


File: 1714379723792.webm (35.21 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Watch how tranq turns a m….webm)


yea living in philly must suck lul

but wait idgi tho you dont even use a tourniquet? how do you even get a hit? is it just IM?
or is he just a pussy and afraid of getting b& on youtube?


poor brandon here is a bit naive isnt he?
>he pulls the needle back and forth pulling blood in and out
lel yea budy thats how you IV. you dont want an abscess thats a mess AND a wasted hit
gud of him to even try to get the word out tho absolutely no ones even trying
those chemists out there are sinister af just fucking experimenting on bums lik its some science project

im pro gun violence on dope dealers tbh
thats the solution: shoot them all in the face
prolly end up killing half the dopers too cuz idk how tf you can even come off fucking horse tranquilizers. ketamine i guess?


oh shit lel
gud guess
that next guy comes on and says theres clinics giving ketamine cuz otherwise they die. yea i fuckin bet
as per usual the hospitals/clinics are 3 steps behind, not willing to hand out ket. which i suppose is understandable lel but yea theyre just gonna go right back out and score cuz theyre still in full w/d and gonna die from the horse tranquilizers
gnarly stuff

idk wtf hes talking about fent "not being dopey enough" tho
maybe its just the cheap chinkshit/whatever these crackshack chemists are cooking up, but from what i remember when it was gel/patches, if you smoked it it was ludicrously strong. like just a pinpoint was the dose. multiple levels of metabolism too so it continues to kick in for lik half an hr which is why everyone used to die on it during the initial crisis


What a see you next Tuesday. Jeez.


The cop is being annoying asking for her to play some game when she asked for the ticket. He should have pulled up behind her, wrote her the ticket, added the failure to stop, must appear in court, and handed it to her.

What did he want to do? a DUI check?


>dat pancake butt
Mmmmmmm….just like mom used to make!


death to karens
death to pigs



File: 1714413284098.jpg (199.13 KB, 836x626, 418:313, Power Turkey.jpg)

here's your baste


maybe he recognized it was that cunt DA he always sees in court and figured "ehh why not?"


File: 1714414382164-0.png (30.44 KB, 890x175, 178:35, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1714414382164-1.mp4 (19.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, microsoft board meeting.mp4)

lol what


File: 1714421271321.jpg (36.41 KB, 927x435, 309:145, law is for the poors.jpg)

seemed lik he was intentionally poking. gotta suck to watch all these DA's release the vato that tried to kill u last week
mayb bro thought his soul would come back if he bothered this whorb instead of fucking over joe 6 pack for once
mayb heem lookin for a lolsuit too iunno the mind of a jerkop is drunk female tier


now THAT is cookin
nothing beat the blue turk


>affluent white female liberals when just ONE aspect of society doesnt completely cater to them and pamper their ass
>complete toddler temper tantrum total meltdown



isnt there some new turbo fent shit?
>shoot dealers in the face
legal limitations on justified murder are goofy af. raeping a daughter or ODing a son is way worse than dipping your toesies past my threshold


File: 1714423029504-0.mp4 (7.3 MB, 720x720, 1:1, charlotte shooteroo.mp4)

File: 1714423029504-1.mp4 (6.72 MB, 720x720, 1:1, charlotte.mp4)

3 officers heemed so far, at least 7 shot attempting to serve a warrant


>oh shit pigs gonna arrest me
>i know ill shoot them haha that will show them
>entire bolis force comes down on you with no lube
criminals sure are fukn stupid, not even worth taking as many of them with you as possible
its makes loads more sense to just play the dindu nuffin card in court and take the plea deal, now dude is gonna spend 30 years in the slammer before he gets the sleepy shot


Sync the macarena to the first vid.

t. Rust me bro




yeh this is one of vary few scenarios where i side with the oinker out of principle. DAs are almost always ridiculously corrupt they deserve all the shit they get idc if they throw a lot of niggers into the pen


keep on rootin and tootin mr shootin


didnt realize this bish was from webster
shouldve known as soon as i heard how she said "wanna see my baaaadge??". das dat raaaahchester accent. dat raaaaachester attitude too lel

explains a lot. prolly one of the most yuppie places within several hundred miles.
they had a rly nice hockey rink tho. 3 separate rinks inside. didnt even have a college team ffs. i remember they had literal heated floors in the locker room when i was a kid too. can you believe that shit?


i just realized who it is
thats saaaaandra lel
he def recognized her. shes been DA of monroe country for like a decade
erryone knows sheem a massive cunt


>isnt there some new turbo fent shit?
they cut fentanyl with horse tranquilizer and ppl shoot it and their limbs rot off.
reportedly, local cartel have made it harder to get fentanyl for a cheap price lately so they found this shit you can just order online and its way cheaper


>limbs rot off.
Sounds like crokodil


guess it has basically the same damage in the end
dunno how the highs would compare tho makes me wonder if theres anyone alive thats done both


File: 1714454548915-0.png (125.15 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1714454548916-1.jpg (132.36 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, IMG_20240430_002014_099.jpg)

Wealthy White Louisiana residents win right to form their own city and split from poorer black neighborhoods in landmark supreme court ruling after 10-year battle over rampant crime and underperforming schools.


i mean theres gated communities fucking all over the cunt
60^2 miles is p big tho


just take the L
whatever the warrant was is peanuts compared to this shit


sounds great when can i move there


>no money for them projects
they want the same thing for atlanta iirc


File: 1714481789640.jpg (8.98 KB, 400x480, 5:6, charlotte shot.jpg)

he ded now, prob real human bean by jerkop
warrant was for firearm possession by felon, catching the bad end of a 4:1 k/d is embarrassing


File: 1714482122648.png (1007.25 KB, 833x867, 49:51, ClipboardImage.png)

>projected figures for St. George would create a town with an average income $30,000 higher than present day Baton Rouge, while the unemployment rate would be halved


M.E. Cormier née Cohen i bet


File: 1714486278119.mp4 (2.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, momala.mp4)


benign normal intercourse


File: 1714495425770.jpg (31.95 KB, 464x266, 232:133, powdered toast man.jpg)

what the fuck


its just feel good noises being exchanged between two bird brained whorbs dont try to make sense of it just enjoy the animal noises


Here I'll translate…
>Ooo oo EEE ooooo (Orange tribe bad!)
<Ee oo eee ee ooo eee (You make great queen!)
>EEE OOO EEEE EEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEE! (You good talking person! Me make great queen!)


KC to be wiped out by tornado


More like a spamnado amirite?






illuminaughty cloud seeding tornados to wipe out the fag capital of the world
this is demonic crazy


holding on for tomorrow


i lik damon


yea for some prettyboy boyband leader, dude is insanely fucking talented
whole band was p excellent too for that matter






lol y u so mad bro?


Spam man probably just angry about the Easter theme since it Easter2.0 on 5/5, but there's no sparts!


File: 1714633819653.jpg (270.28 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, _4e22f9f1-65d0-4611-ac5c-f….jpg)

dudder sold his pc to donate to gura
it's over


>poopoo pedophile is at it again
lel i hope whoever set him off has a great week


>no sparts
Let me sift through the shit and find the mlb thread


Here it is


File: 1714662035797.jpg (455.89 KB, 906x1457, 906:1457, 1714644098527021.jpg)


well the house auf saud is jewish


Is saudi goverment full of kikes or just good golems?


theres a fuckin monarcuck here defending royalty too lel like is this really what you want faggot? because if royalty gets established in amerigay this exact shit is still going to happen


File: 1714669982522.jpg (229.03 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, orb.jpg)

dont get to shit on celebwhorbs chests without being rally shifty businessmen
prob a concession to normalize defense treaty w us/isr since bibi isnt backing down on pali which was one of their main asks
they just started trading off the petrodollhair w china, and they fucked with bidup by lowering oil production & wrote that scathing letter not long ago
last i heard saudis are "willing to normalize but may wait to see who wins usa election"


File: 1714673092619-0.jpg (144.46 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_20240502_110423_238.jpg)

File: 1714673092619-1.jpg (232.77 KB, 907x1280, 907:1280, IMG_20240502_110422_956.jpg)

File: 1714673092619-2.jpg (151.19 KB, 792x1280, 99:160, IMG_20240502_110422_529.jpg)

File: 1714673092619-3.jpg (124.96 KB, 870x1280, 87:128, IMG_20240502_110422_474.jpg)

they trying to pass some shit to make it illegal to talk about yids at all


i hope this passes and nick fuentes is sentenced to death by firing squad against the wailing wall in Israel by the IDF


>Second boeing whistleblower dead of a rapid-onset infection
Jesus. I guess when a hit costs 30 grande and the lawsuit costs millions then even bioweapons are on the table.


What did you expect from a business that also sells weapons?


File: 1714699557236.mp4 (1.37 MB, 848x464, 53:29, 1_5012630733156516859.mp4)

>Russia officially opens exhibition of captured NATO and Ukrainian military equipment.



File: 1714704460596.jpg (67.75 KB, 1024x693, 1024:693, 872ef5d52e98487af0a88bfb04….jpg)



File: 1714720419877-0.png (188.27 KB, 1080x3762, 60:209, Screenshot_20240502-233447.png)

File: 1714720419877-1.png (212.96 KB, 1080x4442, 540:2221, Screenshot_20240503-001208.png)

funny lil website at least when its a real person
also i have a perfect guess record so far >:P


File: 1714775997711.webm (6.03 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 4_5884483526304208857.webm)

>a company called molech is splicing pig genes with soybeans


Isn't europa doing their best to fuck up farmers?



Is that a zoomer? Could there possibly be hope for the future?


File: 1714947259824.mp4 (4.06 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, man or bear.mp4)

if i was a woman id rather run into GHOST


>br'ish """"women""""


the only "men" in britain are rapist sand niggers so this is pretty understandable


3DPD not even once.


all you have to do is explain shit to the youngins its not like they want to live in a shitheap of a world. they just dont know any better because theyre kids as their elder youre supposed to point them in the right direction instead of just letting faceless groups of monsters jerk them around and treat them like mindless money spending dolls


That's true, I forget that sometimes.


Da burrs


if they made soybeans actually bacon, im in
doubt it tho. prolly still just taste like mushy water


i mean, i can start a fire
never seen no bear start a fire
so i guess itll be a lil cold huh?
sitting in a shitty cave, its dark, and theres a bear somewhere. late at night they can go out on the town and knock ppls trash cans over. eat literal garbage


i can start youre mom


The women out on the streets like that are so separated from reality that they think milk and produce comes from the grocery store. Most of them have never come close to being held accountable for their actions, let alone witnessed the mortality of man. Don't let it get to you, spartman.


all these women just be straight up lyin
because of the absolute safety of society they live in which was built by men

put these bitches in a forest in a survival situation and every single one will be slurping the first big fat cock that can provide them food and shelter


File: 1715029792431.jpeg (8.66 KB, 739x415, 739:415, images.jpeg)

Maybe they played Baldur's Gate 3 and wanted to suck the bear dick


Still mad that bear sex is ok, but attractive female characters are "problematic."


File: 1715033679029.mp4 (6.21 MB, 480x360, 4:3, bear please stop.mp4)


File: 1715036247750.gif (837.47 KB, 480x384, 5:4, bear.gif)

womyn vs ber
ber wins


File: 1715039502690.mp4 (914.78 KB, 482x360, 241:180, Attempted Murder at the Lo….mp4)

Apparently the preacher forgave him, but then while they were searching the man's house while he was in custody they found a relative who had been shot to death.


Of who? The nigger or the other nigger?


that nigga had god on his side fr
had him dead to rights and missed lmao


The gun jammed.
Relative of the nigga who tried to shoot the preacher, nigga.


i was wondering why no gunshot sound
but sometimes audio silences high db sounds


The gun jammed, that happens when you don't clean your gun.


that was an awful gentle takedown all things considered
>preacher forgave him
they're not supposed to hold grudges. i know that forgiveness gets conflated with "turn dem cheeks boi" but he still coulda whooped that nigger's ass to death and still been right in the eyes of the lord according to the bibble


File: 1715058284229.gif (1.21 MB, 498x498, 1:1, emoji-crying.gif)

the sound for the gif


File: 1715061101826.mp4 (9.84 MB, 464x848, 29:53, 1_4999311803348419961.MP4)

is dis twoo???


Yes. It could be considered the first good thing Biden has done. It will backfire because some of the stipulations will mean either fewer or much more expensive flights, but it will make the flight's value reflect on the ticket.


yeah when i first listened to that guy i immediately thought about price hikes. suddenly forcing an industry to have to pay for its own fuckups is gonna shock that industry for sure. i wonder no i dont if trains will benefit from a shift in consumers they wont.


>that was an awful gentle takedown all things considered
at the same time you prolly dont wanna just smash a dude w his finger on the trigger into the ground. esp not in a crowded room


ooh i smell a p gud scam there
need an inside guy, but shouldnt be too hard
>print extra tickets for flights about to be cancelled/delayed ie lik half of em
>give em to ur buddy whos pretending to be a customer
>automatic cash refund
>split it
even keeping it low-key only doin lik one or two a day, thats a couple hundred bucks a day ez.
and unless youre doin it on 1st class tickets or somethin, thats a low cash value for any singular ticket so p riskless

idk about the actual software used to print the tickets, but with how many flights/canceled flights there are in intl airports, it seems lik itd be p hard to detect


i wasnt criticizing i just thought it was funny. dude could also be pulling the trigger while his arms are being cradled like that too tho, you never can tell for sure what to do in a crazy ass situation like that. luckily for the other nogs this nog didn't know how to take care of his gat lel bet all he had to do was rack the slide once and it probably would've cleared the jam well enough for at least one shot unless that shit was especially dirty


you still need to buy the ticket with money first


US train infrastructure is literally behind africas at this point
absolutely ancient
p pathetic considering >we we used to have the best in the world

ffs i remember saying in lik middle school, if ppl were all worried about consumer gas usage, that we should just double down on trains. its such an obvious solution. and unlike electric yim trucks and shitbox go-karts that can hardly go a few hrs w out a charge, trains can actually move tons and tons of shit


not if you just """accidentally""" print an extra one
>oops printed too many
>oops printed the wrong seat

theres potential


>no wifi = refund
lmao that should motivate them, that shit has never worked


File: 1715182377418.jpg (86.71 KB, 960x930, 32:31, 1715127652548352.jpg)

Maybe old but I saw this today, apparently they're using that big tits black woman for army recruitment? Lel


unironically best idea ive seen them try in literal years


File: 1715183426322.jpg (73.06 KB, 720x720, 1:1, MONSTER.jpg)

if they could contractually guarantee me a big tittied black gf gamer girl, i might consider fighting for Israel


right is a man


no, that clearly a MAGA WOMEN, the monster energy punisher logo told me so


yes and hitler built the berlin wall to keep the r*ssians out


um EXCUTHE ME… did you just misgender that beautiful womxn???


File: 1715211925337.png (424.17 KB, 504x478, 252:239, get that nipah off the pla….png)

i dont even think the ones watching those streams are old enough to go to highskool


File: 1715213659629.mp4 (2.34 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Rika_Furude's_Nipah_Airlin….mp4)

error posting, flood detected




>A Jap entertainment company gets a sponsorship from an energy drink company
>Gives the sponsorship duties to two of their less responsible but more popular talents
>The two proceed to mix energy drinks and booze to a large viewing
>Reports start flooding Japan of people getting heart palpitations and other issues because Nips don't know how to mix caffeine and liquor
>The Japanese government has to step in an issue a statement reminding people not to mix stimulants and depressants if you don't know what you are doing


they're selling monster mixed with vodka here and it's the stupidest fucking thing i've seen, like you don't want uppers and downers in your system at the same time unless you wanna fukn die


File: 1715221071166.png (80.16 KB, 500x382, 250:191, HE.png)


File: 1715221504575.mp4 (162.45 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Just when I thought I was ….mp4)

>write off elden ring after the weekend
>invasions are completely dead and im wasting time making builds when endgame pvp is completely dead after doing some research
>youtube now recommending me channels with good low level invasion tips and build setups for rl and weapon level ranges that work

goddamn it
my desire to make redditors seethe is overcoming my desire to do something better with my free time


were you the guy that also did shitty builds in dark souls to piss off fags you invaded?


when you die you win


uhhh if by shitty, you mean like level 30 something with max level dark bead one shotting people in anor londo than 'yes'


>Monster mixed with vodka
Are you sure it's not like the "spiked mountain dew" where it's just malt beverage with mountain dew flavoring but no actual caffeine content?


theyre based enough for tits


thats not how that works m8
"mixing uppers and downers" means mixing actual hard drugs. like speed and heroin. both drugs synergize into something much much stronger, meaning slightly less drug overall for much heavier buzz. having an energy drink and some booze isnt gonna do shit other than give you a shittier hangover from the increased de-hydration

nips are just hypochondriacs at resting state, thats the problem see that one time where porygon supposedly made thousands of jap kids hospitalizedtotal bullshit btw ive seen that ep its fine. literally no worse than any old NES game and they all played those no prob


>level 30 something with max level dark bead one shotting people in anor londo than 'yes'
its a core aspect to DS PvP
lik they literally wrote lore as to how/why ganking happens in-universe
hell the rat covenant in 2 was literally centered around being as big of a PoS as possible, it was awesome. you could set up traps then just chuck corrosion urns from total safety and ruin ALL their gear, THEN steal all their souls

personally i preferred the more level playing field duels, cuz they were more challenging than OHKOing nobodies all day. but making a low lvl build and rushing the 4 kings and going full darkwraith and just being a fucking scourge to n00bs was also fun af


>invasions are completely dead and im wasting time making builds when endgame pvp is completely dead after doing some research
see i didnt get to even play this one so RIP me i guess. but do they not have any dueling covenants for endgame PvP? thats retarded.

lik i was getting rly frequent match-ups in both the blue sentinels and the BoB arenas in DS2 up until lik 2019 even. on PS3 ffs. and that was with soul meme-ory making match-ups more annoying


Invasions were always meant to be the counter balance to people summoning two phantoms and just cheesing through the game.
I had plenty of high level invaders to get max level shitters as well.

But it was always a LOT of fun to wait for when a Steam sale happened and pick off coopers trying to cheese the game. Not to mention that making a low level invader meant you had to play through the game without leveling.

To get a level 1 Twinked out Burgh invader you pretty much had to do a SL 1 playthrough.

Yeah there are no "invasion" areas in ER. It really sucks in that regard. There is no swamp, or pontiff area like in DS3. They also by default removed solo invasions in that you can now only be invaded when you summon phantoms.

They also added an upper level limit for invasions. So now you cant even invade overleveled people that think more level = i will be more gooder and dont know anything about softcaps or diminishing returns. The upper limit is also a really big killer because normally you could just invade anyone higher level than you but now you cant so that pool gets even smaller.


File: 1715259644104.png (41.93 KB, 728x412, 182:103, ClipboardImage.png)

welcome to modern gaming enjoy your stay
play nioh 2?


wow i thought AC6 would be a lot higher
wonder how many people got filtered by balteus and refunded
that one streamfag on zzz/v/ was going apeshit over him and ragequit his stream after dying to him for the gorillionth time, shit was funny


File: 1715260175698.mp4 (8.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 821683bdd5209a7f19fdc77ab1….mp4)


clop in hell ponyfag


yeah already played the shit out of nioh 2
that game really had an amazing character creator as well
i love that nips just dont give a shit and there was a boob slider and jiggle physics

Also in ER, I dont know how these people do coop and just walk around on foot through the "open world" aka hold the run button and forward for 20 minutes. Because during any online aspect, you cant use you mount so you have to walk through areas that were clearly designed with your horse in mind.


forgot i hadnt beaten nioh2, just got to dlc. been awhile since i've gone full autist on a gaym
imagine controls controlling when you press em & putting in an endgame what a novel idea
lotta ER felt lik an experiment. world's p cool and all even tho fromsoft relies on 2vague4u but havent picked it back up after beating it. you going to play the dlc?


idk nothin about elden ring tbh
you guys are making it sound raly boring
i thought it was gud?
open world always sounded questionable to me. i cant imagine that adds much. worst part of souls games is backtracking forever through places youve already been a thousand times


File: 1715266352575.mp4 (43.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DSP Gets Scraped..mp4)

Elden Ring's "legacy dungeons" are all pretty great. Stormveil, Leyndell, Haligtree and Farum Azula are all top notch some and are some of the best in the franchise. Malenia is hands down the best in the game maybe their best boss ever, Sword Saint from Sekiro might still be better. But the way she shits on scrubs and forces you to dodge and learn her moveset is awesome. I was watching DSPs first attempts of Malenia and the man was nearly in tears of rage that he could no longer jump attack spam bosses with overleveled gear and stats to death. It was like Mirror Knight from DS2 when he could no longer just chuck lightning spears at it and he seethed and malded.

But after NG+5 Im just running through as fast as possible to just get back to Malenia which is stale as fuck. And forget about trying to coop Malenia. I tried about 50+ times and everytime it ended because the host decided to actually hit her and she switched tank and the host took a waterfowl to the face and died immediately.

They needed a couple more "legacy dungeons" imho. Caelid needed one for Radahn because in subsequent playthroughs Caelid is just "ride horse to Radahn, done". They also should of had one in the underground maybe for the Lichdragon/Godwyn area.

Its worth playing for the bosses alone. All of their "main" bosses are really good. They even made a weapon gimmick boss that doesnt suck complete ass and is actually fun to fight because its doesnt change the game mechanics.
Best advice I would give is not to overlevel for a first playthrough until after Mountaintop of the Giants.
The game lacks true NG+ until you get to like NG+4 because for whatever reason they decided no to implement the same NG+ scaling they used in previous games, so not overleveling for your first play gives the best experience.


imo it's worth playing thru once espec if you dunno nuffin, and i hat souls combat*
open world's a choice. went in with an open mind and enjoyed it. horsie helps a lot
*bully away but the tension in soulsshit is artificially forced from intentionally gimped combat and i cannot enjoy the rhythm of it
wait, wait, dodge, dodge, wait… dodge again, k now actually do something fun (that you have to wait on to finish) repeat. lik 80% of combat is not doing fun shit and i'm not good enough or going to spend the time to learn the weird hitboxes so i can just dodge into em

>needed a couple more "legacy dungeons"
def. felt like they expected open world to fill the gaps and it doesnt after the first playthrough


never cared to watch dsp before. lel he really is terrible, do people actually watch him?


File: 1715272090518.png (797.56 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


lel absolutely annihilated
thats like roll a new character time
did he trick him into aggroing the merchant too?

>The game lacks true NG+ until you get to like NG+4 because for whatever reason they decided no to implement the same NG+ scaling

thats retarded
i rarely played characters that far in the first place. i liked the old way where NG+ was the biggest spike in difficulty. let you decide for yourself how hard you wanted it. and the rest of the cycles were there if you wanted to farm/be an autist

is there at least a way to skip to the next NG+ cycles?


File: 1715272315665.mp4 (765.55 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1_5033333068228723945.mp4)

hes back


Mah nigga


where his crown? did he lose the throne?


File: 1715274181458.mp4 (10.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DSP masters Dark Souls PVP.mp4)

he stopped just short of one more attack which would have nearly softlocked the game for him especially dsp

in that situation all your upgraded gear is broken with no souls to repair and that merchant is the one that sells early upgrade material that would otherwise have to be farmed at a RIDICULOUSLY low drop rate from enemies

your only option would have been to get base level gear and go back to the first level to grind on low level enemies to repair your upgraded gear which scales its repair cost to your higher levels LMAO

no lmao
you "watch" dsp to laugh at him, i dont think he has any real fans except for people who are lolcow tier themselves, most people are there to just keep the shitshow going

only funny thing about dsp is him playing video games badly and seething about it, everything else that his a-logs obsess over is cringe


>you "watch" dsp to laugh at him
I laugh at him and also laugh with him when he says niggers and trannies, wish he stayed that way, now he is just another politically correct normalfag.


you can just dupe shit in demons souls tho so its not that big a deal. its rly ez you lik cancel out of a menu in a weird way iirc
the only rly bad drop rate i remember was the sharpstones. that shit was stupid. it took me hrs to get literally one. some overworked salaryman programmer missed not one, but TWO decimal points


lel nice


File: 1715278015667.png (973.59 KB, 890x670, 89:67, noogie.png)

what's the deal with the /v/ spam? watch sparts, nerds


me on the right in the locker
hope sumobro does another thread, starts sunday




whats happening in this video? did that glyph do something to dsp?


/v/ merging with /sp/ when?


/sp//v/ergs checking in


no he is fighting an NPC and he thinks its a real player and trash talks the NPC

pretty sure he was playing offline because he knew people would try and snipe him
any real invader would have hornet ring backstabbed him into a OHKO and then pointed down


Playing videogames and watching anime is normal now, get on with the times grandpa.


this tbh
i have met complete normalfags that talk about anime like its just another netflix show now

vidya has been mainstream for a while but anime is surprising how mainstream its become


yeah watching a genuine idiot be bad at stuff is fun sometimes


the /v/ that >we have is fine like that


File: 1715300882690.jpg (148.87 KB, 950x1049, 950:1049, IMG_20240509_202604_866.jpg)

irish gettin a lil srs about the whole invasion thang


1. get drunk
2. do violence at your enemies
3. theyll eventually fuck off and/or die
worked against the britcucks with all their precious tech superiority it should work for a bunch of brown welfare parasites literally all you need is your own people to not be suicidal cucks


Sub-humans beat the fuck out!


File: 1715309083192.jpg (202.77 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DslCzTnUUAAn1V3.jpg)


I hope Irish start going full IRA on these invaders.




File: 1715344667070-0.jpg (95.88 KB, 718x780, 359:390, dublin.jpg)

File: 1715344667070-1.mp4 (2.64 MB, 720x806, 360:403, sand worm.mp4)

i lik miks




4plebs just keeps crashing today, dudder did you also buy that site or something


Sheem lookin lik Marty Feldman


File: 1715361804733.jpg (139.58 KB, 653x857, 653:857, impeach nao.jpg)


he's not gonna get put in the peach over this but it raly shows who runs the place


File: 1715362307053.jpg (196.01 KB, 1284x1295, 1284:1295, Antisemitism Community Ser….jpg)

its all so exhausting
“Antisemitism Community Service Act” Rep. Ogles R-TN


>deporting protestors to an active warzone for protesting against said war
gonna need the full article on that because i'm not gonna believe that's true for even a fuckn second, even for clown world


It would be funny if after refusing to impeach him for actual crimes, this is the straw that breaks the camel's back.
>Deporting Americans to a foreign country
Pretty sure that's extremely illegal on multiple levels. You can't even deport illegals without the host country's approval these days. Most they could do is mandate a student go there to be un-expelled and that would both have the opposite effect and would still result in lawsuits.


supreme court would smack that shit down within an hour if it was passed, that is absolutely the definition of "cruel and unusual punishment"


File: 1715368465586.webm (3.95 MB, 569x320, 569:320, niggertax.webm)

i'm wondering what the actual number would be in $


theyre just fucking with em
its obviously bullshit
they want em scared and paranoid


its zog posturing, or "zogsturing"
still everyone even considering it should be tried for treason. obv wont but nonetheless


Public debt is 100k per capita
Private debt is like 23k per capita so we'll round to 125k for simplicity.
Blacks make up 23% of welfare recipients and 17% of the military (23% of women in the military) and make up about 12% of the population.

Every nigger born immediately costs the American people around $400-$600 just by the act of existing. When they do as niggers do that number jumps to five figures easily before even accounting for lost opportunities. In welfare alone they cost the country about $55bn every year or about $3,000 per nigger annually while taking jobs from other hard-working ethnic minorities.


File: 1715373080816.mp4 (7.91 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, mellow yellow.mp4)


prolly. but would u raly be surprised if it passed anymore? i wouldnt
also where the FUCK is the posturing for me? whypipo can't even have the poison crumb of r/thedonald
finna get a chinesium sexbot and cabin out at this rate


>hard-working ethnic minorities


He means the whites, anon.


spics and bugmen work their asses off compared to the darkies


i wonder whats gonna happen to the recucklican party after boomers finally fuckin die off completely its hard to imagine how they can be any more out of touch with anyone younger than 55. like yah i know voting doesnt matter because theyre all ziocucks in the end but how are they gonna keep up the dichotomy farce when one party may as well not exist?


>dat vid
what the actual fuck this is how we all gon die


File: 1715379856823.png (93.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>GOP Congressman Introduces Bill to Send Protesting Students to Gaza
>Tennessee Representative Andy Ogles introduced a new bill into the House Wednesday, proposing that students who were arrested for protesting against Israel’s war on Gaza should be sent abroad to “provide community service” for a minimum of six months in the war-torn territory.
>“Any person convicted of unlawful activity on the campus of an institution of higher education beginning on and after October 7, 2023, shall be assigned to Gaza for the purpose of providing community service… for a period not fewer than six months,” the bill reads.
the absolute state of weimerica


Can you imagine a world controlled by whites?
>chimpout in america, because a white cop killed a drugged nigger for paying with fake gold backed money
>burn down white business
>goverment passes a new law where all niggers caught chimpingout would be sent back to africa to do community services.
Who am I kidding, there would be no niggers in america if the whites where in control.


left too budy. seems lik them are banking on totalitarian tech working out somehow
they regulate fucking menthols & milk but not gay.i.


If you replaced every nigger in America tomorrow with any ethnic minority (with the exception of featherniggers but at least they stay in their stinking holes), America would immediately be safer, wealthier, and functioning.


>i wonder whats gonna happen to the recucklican party after boomers finally fuckin die off completely
It's happening in real-time. It started around 2012-2014, and the transformation will be complete by about 2030.
>how are they gonna keep up the dichotomy farce when one party may as well not exist?
They aren't able to. The reason Boomers are tripling down on Israel so badly is because their empire is crumbling and they know that the young folks (left and right) are fed up with their shit, so they're crashing the plane on their way out the door to neuter any power they might have. It's why the boomers are all in support of all this congressional reform shit that ultimately just keeps out young people or anyone who wants to actually do real reform. Republican Party is in civil war mode. Did you notice that all the Neocucks jumped on the Democrat bandwagon immediately after Trump took over the RNC last month and started filing lawsuits to get shit done?

You have a lame duck uniparty congress right now who are trying to fuck over the American people in every little way they can possibly think of with intent to take the money and run before they get the boot next January. Uniparty candidates aren't even bothering to run this next election because they know the economy is gonna crash and they don't wanna be the guy who's name's attached when it does.


This is what's known as "eye porn." It's basically a private tech expo. Notice it's soundless. Notice there's a large fan that would cover the sounds of all those exposed servos moving. Notice how the man recording went to the next object shortly before the automatons could finish their programming loop.

These sex doll robots have all the "intelligence" of a mechanized onahole that you can already buy on the market for about $80-$300 and throw into an inanimate sex doll. I'm gonna let you in on a little insider secret though. Any robot that has the mechanical capabilities of autonomously fucking you flaccid by default also has the mechanical capabilities to crush your dick/arms/pelvis/etc. and the only thing between you and broken dick syndrome is whatever safety features were installed in the robot. The amount of power needed for anything safer would also mean requiring a power cord which could short circuit, or having a moisture-sensitive large lithium battery inside the thing capable of incinerating your dick with prejudice. So stick to the handhelds and just invest in a water bed and an inanimate sex doll/body pillow.


spics are still a net drain


aurora borealis gonna get so low tonight might even be visible from da gulf coast


Make the solar stormb owl thread.


I notice a whole bunch of horse shit in that video. I'll stick with my good old fashioned gf. tbh kms before ever being subjugated by chink sexbots


It's about statistics. Only 1 in 10 Hispanics are on welfare vs 1 in 4 blacks. They beat blacks by virtue of there being more spics around collecting welfare, however statistically it would still be a net benefit to replace all niggers with spics without even getting into things like race riots.

All that being said the only solution I stand by is national self-defense protections and giving everyone a gun and a free day's training.


yeah because our faggot government lets ALL of them in. if the usgay actually had any interest in protecting the border and didnt openly give noncitizens preferential treatment over its own taxpayers the spics would be a total nonissue. like with everything else in this stupid fuckin country the symptoms are all because of suit wearing traitors that are so insular they may as well be aliens


at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within /sp/?



Da of GHOSTssouri sound vary scaary /)3\)


may i see it?




fag hams


don't worry about it kitten


File: 1715609607972.png (368.67 KB, 593x1074, 593:1074, ClipboardImage.png)

>current SSI: 7 mil
>current SNAP: 42 mil, 22 mil households
>begins September 30, month before erection owl



I guess we're at the phase where it's a rat race between no gibs because no money, or worthless dollars now.


>poop pedophile spam again
kill all chomos as painfully as possible


i hope >we start killing each other soon im tired of this life let me reincarnate in brazil as a monkr fuck it


so dup us going to jail or something today ?

every single thang is telling me about the dup trail and how its so over for him this time or somefin


heem gonna walk cuz he's fucking innocent, at least of what they're accusing him of but we already knew that


File: 1715638400895-0.mp4 (3.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gamer girl owned.mp4)

File: 1715638400895-1.png (225.71 KB, 560x757, 560:757, gamer girl owned 2.png)

>15 seconds of trash talk
>has to alt-f4 the game
>runs to twitter for pity and demands action

I'm so glad trash talking can still happen on the internet but GOTDAYUM these niggas is soft as a pellow. These niggas wouldnt make it out the lobby back on Xbox Live MW2 days fr fr my nicka.


modern gaming is so fukn gay
like just mute them if they're being fags, and if they're hackers vote to kick them or leave if it fails and find a new game
better yet stop playing league and play a good game
fucking narcissisits all of them


>im stronk
this is why women need to be slapped hard as shit occasionally


Ye p gay on both their behalf.
>ausfailian acting like an edgy 14 y/o
>bitch should have pwnz0rd him but she rage quit


File: 1715641532137.mp4 (4.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, the mw2 experience.mp4)

imagine if she were in this lobby


bish was excited af, best thing that happened to her in awhile
she prob left a stain at all the incoming attention


File: 1715643819251.mp4 (17.17 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, sauna stabby.mp4)

>have to go to nofuns state soon
allah(PBUH) protect me


but honestly
being so low effort and getting such a reaction makes it even better tbh

like bruh, i was probably 13 on xbox live having grown ass men threaten me in all kinds of ways and never once did i even think twice about it

bitch hears "im going to rape you" and loses her mind

This is the ethnostate, this is what Richard Spencer was fighting for, this is what they took from us, we must RVTVRN TO TRADVITION.


permanently or visiting? flamethrowers are not federally regulated and can be bought without a permit


Her head would have exploded.
I'm not taking sides. Shit was the epitome of retarded.


i'd eat a 12 ga before permanent. how get it on da plane boss?


no plane


ummmm, fr ?
you mean to tell me im legally allowed to recreate the end scene from Once Upon A Time in Hollywood on anyone that dares enter my premises and there is nothing the feds can do about it ???

thats cooler than using the tact shotgun



apparently elon musk sells them as well, LMAO


That's too good to be true lel


File: 1715657159884.jpeg (115.74 KB, 409x810, 409:810, Xrir7.jpeg)

I remember that I used to make niggers rape jokes in even something kid friendly like TF2, haven't played video games in a long time but I assume shit like that gets you banned everywhere now


yeah pretty much, although its been a problem for a long time.
used to play wolfenstein enemy territory back in the day and well..
>join the nazi team
>start spouting random nazi stuff in chat whenever i get a kill
>perma banned for anti-semitism
that was in 2008 or so


what's the deal with black people?


no elon sells a creme bulee torch and calls it a flamethrower
this one ACTUALLY throws flame


they're black and they're not people !


Dunno. They're not black and they're barely people.







idk why ppl dont mute fucking everyone out of principal
lik theres no fucking way i give a fuck what anyone in some [insert generic online gaym] server/lobby has to say about fucking anything ever
maybe its better now where ppl have actual mics
but ime back in teh day it was usually just children screaming and brazilians making BR noises or some retard blasting shitty rap music through an xbox kinect mic etc


severe niggerism



nah dude that shit was earrape. you couldnt pay me to listen to screaming children, nvm at such low bitrate
fuck that entire genre and era of gayming for that matter
over 9000 grey/brown milshooter/spess marine gaems per yr for lik most of the decade
shit was wack af


no, it was based as fuck
you could just say the n-word and nothing would happen

i would send people goatse, poopy dicks, meatspin, trannies and i never got even temp banned

it was really the last glory days of the wild west internet, 2007 was the climax and apex and then it hard crashed to what it is today


>you could just say the n-word and nothing would happen
you're allowed to say NIGGER here budy


sometimes people would say funny shit or get into ridiculous arguments that were fun to jump into and throw a wrench into everything
simple as. though i understand why you wouldnt want to deal with it sometimes people would just be hooting incoherently at and over each other like monkeys, i never understood how things would get to that point there's no way anyone can comprehend wtf is being said


the hooting started with niggers. they think bants is using their extra nostril air surplus for endless loud noises, impossible to get funny bants in
pissing em off, goose egging one dude, then 4.0 K/Ding their team was peak though. only had to listen to chimpouts between matches


File: 1715729915316.mp4 (8.73 MB, 480x854, 240:427, 99f741dfb92efef4a6ae59b78f….mp4)



bluddy basted paki dogrs ai


File: 1715771872155.mp4 (3.25 MB, 886x484, 443:242, blinken.mp4)

>suspend elections indefinitely
>vodkanigs currently btfoing you bc the funds got oopsied
<yo check out this riff
hoholbro, you guys doing ok over there?


he's not even riffing, the guy behind him is
is he trying to pull a slick willy moment, cuz this is nowhere near it
i want a president that plays drums


File: 1715782454490.png (61.56 KB, 1044x400, 261:100, ClipboardImage.png)


>Jungle land guinea pig-eating Peru recognizes the obvious
>Clown world still hasn't


File: 1715784407300.mp4 (1.83 MB, 1268x720, 317:180, adams illegals swam gud.mp4)

drums would be nice, would like to see a harmonica guy myself


File: 1715784797947.jpg (69.32 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 09548963.jpg)


File: 1715784845057.png (159.29 KB, 455x435, 91:87, Peruposting.png)

gonna move to machu picchu to smoke ayahuasca


we also have lots of sex offenders that are really good at programming, let's make sure they get jobs too


Apparently it comes on the coattails of twitter finally following through on banning the term cisgender as a slur.


What about faggots? Are they classified as mentally ill too?


File: 1715794354173.png (387.42 KB, 667x376, 667:376, ClipboardImage.png)


i hope one of the hampton roads bridges is next




im reading he was a "pro-russia" guy, whatever tf that means

whats slovakias position on the whole conflict anyways? i can imagine its prolly similar to most of russias neighbors, ie something along the lines of
>wow mr putler
>vary cool
>pls no invade us
>we <3 russia
>russia STRONK
which imo is fair enough. you, as some tiny irrelevant central-yuro cunt, live your whole life right next door to a giant imperialist cunt like russia; you prolly get p gud at just sucking the dick reel quick, and then hopefully getting tf outta the way before anyone gets any ideas


He was anti-globohomo, didn't want rapefugess in his country, didn't want WHO bullshit and didn't want to give weapons to ukraine.


he loves the EU and spoke against Brexit and Kosovo independence you fucking autist


>smoke ayahuasca
absolute plebian detected even the slightest bit of reading and one knows one does NOT smoke ayahuasca


You did a shit job then since he's still alive.


He's a populist socialist. He's "pro-Russia" by virtue of not wanting to provoke Russia.
>Slovak position
They were blackmailed into giving Ukraine free shit so the citizens voted this guy back in and he told America to go fuck themselves. He's also previously refused to allow migrants into Slovakia unless they professed Christianity and sued the EU a few times over sovereignty issues.
tl;dr- The guy had a lot of enemies among his "allies" and I'm unsurprised that America tried to kill him.


File: 1715804077903-0.mp4 (7.26 MB, 888x474, 148:79, andrew bridgen mp.mp4)

File: 1715804077903-1.jpg (166.59 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, proxy-image.jpg)

see them protests in georgia? cunt, not state
>law about to pass saying any NGO etc with >20% foreign funding has to register as a foreign agent
>an anti color revolution bill bc duh look tf around
<lazy talking shitheads somehow call it the russia bill
<magically protests pop up

also some bong mp admitted uk is already at war with vodkanigs
hope shorkcel reupped his ammo, bout to get real nwo hours expensive


File: 1715806303944.mp4 (775.91 KB, 1280x566, 640:283, rTcdof6Wh0U6YMNh.mp4)

He is against the vax and immigrants.


>who control everything?
The jews


File: 1715813682026.mp4 (10.93 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, butker.mp4)

change.org put out a hit on harrison for this lel


people wreck on those and destroy traffic for everyone every fuckin day anyway idk how much it would change


i was gonna say lik wtf whys he so well-spoken and not literally braindamaged?
that makes sense tho


Does change.org have a .onion or i2p? They could achieve that goal or lose all their fuggin money a lot faster that way.


and he loves the EU and hates Brexit autist


File: 1715826127152.webm (19.95 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Harrison Butker | Commenc….webm)

Here is the full thing.


but youre the one that cant comprehend nuance


File: 1715826616689.gif (7.96 MB, 320x567, 320:567, fuck you.gif)

no fuck you, h said he loves the eu and no other genuine right-winger/conservative is ever going to be caught dead saying that
i'm more mad at this autist who keeps trying to drag his /pol/-tier politics into my spee and i couldn't care less for it. if he at least tried to blend in that'd be fine but i could go through every single today thread and point out every one one of his cuz posts he makes it so fukn obvious
i want to talk about clown world without stormfags shitting it up but apparently that's too much to ask in CY + 9


Post the video where he says he loves EU if you are so great.


>No true Scotsman
Look bud, I understand you have to say that because Hungary, Poland, and Serbia have similar positions (really most of the Balkans), however you can like the EU as an economic/travel institution while wanting to axe every part of its protectionism and forced assimilation.


Plus I mean the dude has sued EU over sovereignty rights when it came to immigration.


File: 1715835415997.png (1.23 MB, 768x1079, 768:1079, ClipboardImage.png)

i hate the antichrist


uh oh you nuanced at him and it confuses and scares him prepare for more tl;drs and accusations of spergotry


also point out all of >his posts if youre so great


File: 1715845196338.png (627.42 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


once something is uploaded it never is truly deleted


fappening 2.0 when?


>if he at least tried to blend in
Sounds like toothpaste one of the niggers the EU imports for D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y


>wes davis
wadinas skinny nerd little brother got a job as a journo
how predictable


i would bet they probably have ai that identifies any picture with "nudity" and they save it on their servers

imagine being dumb enough to take nude pictures of yourself with your spy device
most people dont even know what a cloud server even means


File: 1715866652866.png (316.74 KB, 598x450, 299:225, ClipboardImage.png)

agree on the stormfag
its lik watchin basedball & guy next to you leans over "pitcher's name is david cone"
for every pitch
thanks bud vary insightful. cant imagine posting that much about smth i love, let alone blame for tfwnogf


>they probably have ai that identifies any picture with "nudity"
wasn't there was a kerfuffle about them auto scanning everyones shit for seepee awhile back?


ye there was
they promised they were totally only scanning your phone for the bad cheesy peezy and would absolutely never EVER take your personal photos of your shave b-hole and gock and save them to a cloud server


when i saw this pic first i thought this was some ai meme thing. nope real deal and he likes it


Harrison Butker doesn’t represent Sportschan nor has he ever. Sportschan has always been a place that welcomes, affirms and embraces our LGBTQ+ community members.


I wish I worked in apple and google, so that I can access to photos and saved them, maybe even date some of the sluts.


>most people dont even know what a cloud server even means
duh most people don't know the intricacies of any supply chain they're in

this is like saying most people don't know what phase their electricity is or the ph of their water


The worst part about the story is that she just flat-out lied about it. None of what she did was illegal if the associates got their 7 y/o to draw an advertisement for Fagbook in 10 minutes and submitted it,but flat-out lying about doing work is illegal. What a lazy nigger.


Yeah, tbh most people don't realize cows produce milk, not grocery stores.


The sluts uploading nudes to the cloud are the kind you pump-and-dump, not date.


do nudes even mean anything if your face isnt in them? unless your genitals are particularly horrible theyre not gonna stand out from the millions that are already all over the internet


this anonymous poster is trying to get you to take naked photographs of your body with your telephone


damn, no idea where i put the pic™


ya but people know where the light switch is
cloud should be standard to teach, which is prob why it isnt


Women can't take a picture of a rock or tree without putting their face in it. What makes you think they don't attach their face to nudes even if they filter it for their onlyfools?

In any case it matters because nudity is generally when someone is their most vulnerable (moreso for women). It's not about whether the nudes can be traced, it's about the fact that they exist since there are negative implications and the right person can identify that mole on your left tit to a face. It's not like my 15 y/o unshaven asshole that someone probably screenshotted almost two decades ago on omegle while trolling normalfags, these are intimate images. Women are disgusted by the idea of not having control over who faps to them. That's half the reason the blue-haired sorts ruin their bodies the way they do. The thought of a fat/ugly man fapping to images of them causes most women physical pain.


Computers have never been taught properly. Boomers never took typing/MS Office seriously like they took typewriting so now anyone "good at computers" makes a lot more applying that then teaching that.


File: 1715892496975.jpg (180.55 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, IMG_20240512_120413_628.jpg)

You mean like this?


File: 1715895098189.png (728.1 KB, 729x594, 27:22, ClipboardImage - 2024-05-1….png)

Is everything burning or was it painted with the blood of white children?


>its lik watchin basedball & guy next to you leans over "pitcher's name is david cone"
lel not even toothpaste, but same tbh
stormfags are the dumbest nigs in the entire chanosphere imhpo


File: 1715896021121.gif (1.11 MB, 399x199, 399:199, CRow.gif)

put it that way and i'm on board tbh. gatekeep the fogies lik all those cunts that wouldn't train the position let alone take the watch, while stealing some social security back


File: 1715896304513.gif (1.14 MB, 498x320, 249:160, gritty.gif)

derp & biderp debaitin owl june 27
no audience, no rfk
i need bidup to say nigger on television so bad


wtf r u even autisming about youre plenty obnoxious yourself fag


File: 1715896448480.gif (788.26 KB, 420x236, 105:59, denied.gif)

>can't read


wait i just looked this up thats an official portrait of the king that he apparently approved of and not just some weird ai shitpost calling him a blody benchod basterd
imagine this piece of shit lined up next to all the other portraits of english monarchs


i can and i still dont know why tf youre pitching a dramatic bitchfit because someone disagreed with you about some political leader guy's stance on the eu like wtf does any of it have to do with "stormfags"


>no rfk
lel prolly because he's the first third party candidate in a looong time that isnt a total lunatic or a retard that also has a real chance of ruining the electionb owl assuming the votes matter lel


File: 1715897019547.mp4 (6.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DTzb0Kk9hkeJ9gKi.mp4)

Get laid sp!


i hope this is a joke
either way i miss nature docs that just showed you animals and didnt have a shitton of dramatic music cues and jumpcuts why is that shit necessary just so i can look at a mouse get eaten by a snake?


not him & separate things. should update 'can read' on your resume


File: 1715898034717.mp4 (6.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, dh6IKTykg0Rd8FQB.mp4)

Really makes you think.


File: 1715898452111.png (44.65 KB, 986x324, 493:162, ClipboardImage.png)

2000 seismographs finding funky stuff in the earth's mantle after 500 earthquakes
theory is it may be due to water in ringwoodite to the tune of 3 times that on the surface

ofc headline's established science ass. may hat science "journos" more than politicunts



They've known that for years now. The data was sound too, it just wasn't widespread. Compressed rocks contain steam in all their little holes. What's the new part?


is it confirmed? have to be decently dense steam wouldn't it?
one article said the h2o was in a "sponge state" and i got ongry & closed it
new part is me being behind the times but that's hardly new either




File: 1715910754616.jpg (130.83 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, shutterstock_1629330502-sc….jpg)

lel confirmed a stormfag & despite 10 beer retardation was right about namefag too

bud everyone knows, >we've all been online at least as long as you & judging by ur posts i'd hope longer. it's ok to let a post go without naming them


faggots need to die.


File: 1715914973977.mp4 (7.89 MB, 720x720, 1:1, KX-abkLLLdWR6wUs.mp4)

Stop being homophobic, you bigot!


pls point out these stormposts


There are none, you're being fucked with, now shut the hell up.


ok so some eastern yuro president or whatever got shot and this is a big deal to someone i guess and now someone else is apparently a big bad nazi stormweenie because grr
thats the conclusion im sticking with idc anymore


yurpoop literally doesnt matter on the world stage
they are just an adult daycare center and vacation spot for the American empire

no standing armies, airforce, navy, nuclear weapons bases, they are just a joke and irrelevant
ww2 wiped out any worthwhile european stock and everything left over is lower than what you would find in an american trailer park in the deep south


File: 1715935354113.mp4 (6.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4_5924854651223544710.mp4)

yay >we can all be budys, budys)))))


*taps idc anymore sign*
dont make me do it again


Why do whitoids fall for le judeo Christian garbage? Is it lack of religious education in skools?


It's an intentional misnomer. Christianity is the "Judeo-Christian" part since it can trace back to the OT. The Judeo half is misunderstood by idiots (and ignorants) to mean literal Jews when in reality it means the tribes of Israel that united under Jesus Christ (definitionally not Jews, but descending from the original Judeo-Israelite lineage). I don't know why people don't pay homage to the Sky King unless they are edgy teens, Buddhist/Shinto/Hindu/Zoroastrian, or smooth-brained. You have every ethical/business incentive to do so even if you have no morality unless you are already part of some Asian religion.


That being said anyone who uses the term "Judeo-Christian" outside of an academic setting is either some Pro-Israel faggot or a stormnigger 99% of the time.


because most christians in america dont actually read their own holy text and church is basically more of a formal club to most of them where their preacher can blab on about whatever message he feels like making up before passing around the gib basket and then they all go eat together afterward. almost no one actually gives a fuck what the bibble says


>I don't know why people don't pay homage to the Sky King
i dont trust the fucker
i dont think he is who he says he is


File: 1715970855318.jpg (57.75 KB, 800x450, 16:9, original_Untitled_design_-….jpg)

Apparently this dude jizzed on a chick's back at the hippy grocery store and then was stupid enough to sit around for cops.
I mean if you're gon a get on the sex offender registry anyways you could at least impregnate someone…


grimy ass nigga


File: 1715981707163.png (2.23 MB, 1664x1098, 832:549, coach.png)


The Toronto Maple Leafs announced today that Craig Berube has been hired as the hockey club’s head coach.

Berube, 58, becomes the 32nd head coach in Maple Leafs history. He joins Toronto after six seasons as head coach of the St. Louis Blues, where he compiled a regular season record of 206-132-44 (.597) while leading the Blues to the franchise’s first Stanley Cup championship in 2019. Berube was named a finalist for the 2019 Jack Adams Award.

Berube also served as head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers for two seasons (2013-14 to 2014-15). In 543 regular season games as an NHL head coach, Berube owns a record of 281-190-72 (.584).

In addition to his NHL head coaching experience, Berube spent parts of two seasons (2017-18 to 2018-19) as an associate coach in St. Louis, seven seasons (2006-07, 2008-09 to 2014-15) as an assistant coach with the Philadelphia Flyers, one season (2016-17) as head coach of the American Hockey League’s Chicago Wolves, and parts of four seasons with the Flyers’ AHL affiliate, the Philadelphia Phantoms, as head coach (2006-07 to 2007-08) and assistant coach (2004-05 to 2005-06).

During his playing career, the Calahoo, Alberta native spent 17 seasons in the NHL with Philadelphia, Toronto, Calgary, Washington and the New York Islanders. In 1,054 regular season NHL games, Berube totaled 159 points (61 goals, 98 assists) and 3,149 penalty minutes.


File: 1716079022062.mp4 (10.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4_5904706255263372439.mp4)

ha ha vary cool


File: 1716084251748.mp4 (1.77 MB, 480x592, 30:37, schizo.mp4)

is this the same shit theyre doing with ufos?
im not sure whos jewing who anymore


This is pure bullshit.


☢️ 🇺🇸 👨‍💻 Amazon recently bought a data center campus in Pennsylvania that is powered by a nuclear power plant.

Here's the crazy part:

🔶️ This campus alone will draw 1/3 of it's total nuclear capacity (which is the 6th largest power plant in the US).



File: 1716101274921-0.webm (311.2 KB, 288x464, 18:29, 1_5066586315647091564.webm)

File: 1716101274921-1.jpg (166.96 KB, 947x1280, 947:1280, IMG_20240518_234457_047.jpg)

wew lad


Havana Syndrome is different from the UFO gaslighting since it's actually real. The issue is it's hard to get a feel for how much of it is people being targeted with microwave weapons and how much of it is just mass psychosis or chemicals in the water.


Tragic, but this too is survival of the fittest. Bro didn't make it past basic survival instincts.


what the fuck is this nigger saying? something about 30 bitches?


he couldnt even make it past basic english


File: 1716126579932.png (68.02 KB, 1480x833, 1480:833, ClipboardImage.png)

he didnt fly so good


File: 1716130157180.jpg (54.59 KB, 781x548, 781:548, 1715996887519220.jpg)

wtf I just came across this
did ubisoft really make an assassins creed game set in japan but made the main character a nigger?


we wuz samurais n shit nika


yah niggers managed to wewuz grorious nippon because some nigger slave was given to some nip samurai lord as a gift because the nip was like "wtf is this burnt lookin sumbitch i want him to be my jester butler" which somehow in the groid mind translates to "hewuz sam or eye n shieeeet" which obviously means whyboi cuckold vidya devs at ubisoft needed to project their black dick worship onto japan via their shittiest most formulaic series


jews murdered iran president

ww3 now


>one of the vid comments
<The story begins when he uses a fake 20 Yen.
fucking lelmao


Do Jews fear the nigger samurai?


The world lost a future doctor or scientist or astronaut.
What a tragic event perpetrated by white supremacy.


File: 1716146672067.jpg (5.99 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 3nlfk4.jpg)


File: 1716149416704.jpg (689.29 KB, 800x1455, 160:291, JulesBrunetAlone.jpg)

>yah niggers managed to wewuz grorious nippon because some nigger slave was given to some nip samurai lord as a gift because the nip was like "wtf is this burnt lookin sumbitch i want him to be my jester butler"
supposedly that actually did happen tho
so at least it has any grounding in reality whatsoever, unlike most times w this wewuz shit

i like the one with that french guy better. jules brunet. way cooler story. way more important/interesting time period too. right after the last shogunate was kil
>be frog
>in colonialist era
>sent to japan to teach em how2guns
>shogun gets overthrown by emperor meiji
>all frogs get orders to go home
>resign from french military
>stay behind and get involved in local politics instead
>help organize and command a separatist army against sitting emperor meiji cuz lol vive le resistance #JustFrenchThings
>now a literal war criminal in imperial japan
>sneak up to hokkaido
>escape back to france
>emperor still VARY mad
>ask for him back
>frog govt says "non merci"
>get promoted for doing one of the most french things imaginable


haha my bro cried so bad when that nigger died


you should have given him a free helicopter ride


>get promoted for doing one of the most french things imaginable
Talk about failing upwards.


File: 1716162970037.mp4 (4.83 MB, 1046x590, 523:295, 5_6186135761155263914.mp4)

haha diber


>if you are a republican then I will vote for a democrat
He is so close yet so far from the truth, somebody should tell him that the kikes control both parties.


File: 1716166288786.jpg (67.06 KB, 774x960, 129:160, IMG_20240519_173527_870.jpg)

had to pass with votes from both sides so how you gonna pretend lik it aint both sides


espn8 has belt sander racing on right now
this is breaking news


Scott Adams pilled.


thats fuckin funny idk how i havent heard of this guy before


>this is actually a thing
lel carpentry best spart


yah his actions were supposedly an inspiration for the script of last samurai. so i guess indirectly youve prolly heard of him

but idk i guess its cuz modern media wants to pretend nogs were literally everywhere doin literally everything
>woah did you know there were slaves?
>and japan had one?
>and some warlord bought one?
<wooow so stunning and brave
<*everyone claps*
tbf to yasuke the name nobunaga gave him, he was supposedly rly close w nobunaga, which is actually p cool. and it was prolly a damn gud time as opposed to plantation work. and clearly he wasnt a total dummy, as its documented that nobunaga taught him to read/speak moon

meanwhile, some random frog goes AWOL due to his loyalty to the shogun and cuz the meiji motto at the time was "expel the barbarians" and strands himself on the far side of the planet; which is already crazy enough, then organizes and helps lead a foreign revolution, loses, somehow escapes without being beheaded, and lives to tell the tale. and he fought so honorabru that he was actually later pardoned by the emperor due to some of his naval commanders serving under him during the shogunate and vouching for him
>b-but teh negro h-had 2 swords
yah and so did literally every samurai ever
and they actually used them outside of just being a court spectacle


lmao finns proposed a law to make immigration from russia banned
ruskie immigrants bad
niggers arriving directly to helsinki good


i cant recall how the finns are doing on the nigger thing, are they bringin em in big time?


finns are just still just butthurt about the soviets invading them and yet the majority of them are commie retards, "COMMUNISM WASNT REAL SOCIALISM" or some such cope

but yeah northern yuros see a black person and just instinctual want to get down on their hands and knees and kiss their feet but show them a russian guy and all of a sudden they know what racism is, goofy ahh people


they raly dont like each other tho
their whole involvement in WWII was due to gommies fucking around with their shit. they even joined the reich briefly just so they could kil MOAR pinkos


File: 1716299125680.webm (2.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, i think you should kill y….webm)

uhhhhhh dilbert man, you better be careful


helsinki bout to be hellstinky if they import too many niggers


Their current PM is famous for twerking at a night club on uppers and explaining how public officials at raves are a good thing. Unless she got voted out this last election.


oh yeah i forgot about that one shit


Scamma is gone. Heard she got aids


yeah that bitch is peak millennial wombman, 38 years old and twerking and doing coke in a club with child at home, if im not mistaken

i know so so many women of the exact same age range that still act like they are 16 in cheer squad at high school, BITCH YOU AINT THE STUDENT, YOU THE TEACHER


File: 1716327816899.webm (4.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5_6226509991335956483.webm)

so cool windosoft wow




these guys just constantly dream up the dumbest most orwellian ways to use this tech
literally a glorified fucking search engine. prolly slows your computer to crawl, and utterly abhorrant to anyone with even a passing interest in any sort of privacy


lik who tf is into that?
you can just use search engines. even the dumbest retard can do that. hell, theyre addicted to it ffs. their whole life is just "lemme google dat"

but how tf/in what scenario would it ever be better to get random ai gibberish?
its already lik 2 pages of targeted ads
now itll be that plus proc-gen nonsense?


>everything is stored locally
man, malware authors are going to have a field day with that one. a literal data mine sitting right on your computer ripe for the taking.
honestly with as badly as most people treat their computers, it'd be safer on microsoft's servers.


>you can just use search engines.
you ever try using one for the past 10 years?
they are completely worthless unless you are searching for left wing propaganda.


yeah, okay…listen up GHOST


glownigs already been doing this for years
vidrel is about a nsa/gchq op against russian malware researchers (including exploiting a hardware backdoor included in apple's ARM processors)
skip to 43:00, he describes how they exploited local machine learning in iphones to decide what data to exfil from targeted devices
coming soon in a greatly expanded form to a laptop near you


>"It's local"
<"How can I prove it's local only?"
>[Sweats Profusely]


Reminder that if you aren't using Kagi you are the product.
Reminder that there are no search engines that are unbiased any more. Your best options are Yandex for anything that doesn't fit the American narrative and Brave AI for legal/mundane functions.


They worked great until 2016 if you knew how to use advanced search. It was an artform and it's been lost to algorithmic leftism.


Anytime the glownigs are involved in a "hack" I have to question if they actually did any hacking or if they just regulated that the company give them the keys to the city and then said they "hacked" it. You ever been to those open sessions that the NSA does? They're talking about exploits that were patched 15 years ago lmao


New chinky flu just dropped in strailia


doesnt matter
there could be a genuine death plague with 100% fatality and no ones gonna care ever again
society cried wolf


im sure they got some talented guys man
plus they got all the fun tools

>They're talking about exploits that were patched 15 years ago lmao

well yea theyre not ever gonna tell you what theyre working on NOW. thatd just be fucking stupid


>They aren't going to tell you what they are working on
Anon that's the entire point of those stupid talk-summit things. Obviously not the details but trying to find ways to address current issues they are dealing with.


Wha wha whaaaaaaat?


Gotta make use of those ~~concentration camps~~ "quarantine bungalows" they built and keep the Strayans from revolting somehow.


File: 1716395911217.mp4 (4.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, VyRwdgAYHvwK-uC0.mp4)

Women, am I right?


>quarantine bungalow
They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.


im suspending your spartchan account until further notice


total opposite how ur supposed to do it
<blah blah
>well maybe u should just fix it?
>and ur just screaming
>imma go skate
then ill just go skate and bring ice cream home later. bitches love ice cream.
works every time, most of the time
so simple

its funny cuz us dudes are supposed to be the hot-headed fly off the handle types when compared to women. but ime, most of us will just pop a gasket, then walk it back almost immediately, cuz we know we fucked up.
chicks need at least several hrs to cool down, even if the problem is a total non-issue


>Catholic Kansas City man gives speech at Catholic college to a group of Catholic individuals expressing his sincere Catholic beliefs
<Kansas City violates his human rights with a public official doxxing him
<"We apologized for the comment so this is fine"
>Kansas City AG tells the mayor to fuck right off with trying to downplay it, they violated his human fucking rights
<"Waaaaaah, why are you holding us accountable? Why can't we discriminate against Christians!?"
I am quickly reaching the point where I will turn my cheek the other way so I can't see it when the more violent sorts start lynching these motherfuckers for much more minute shit than a doxx.


In other news, two pro-life women who were arrested for protesting in front of an abortion clinic were denied necessary medical care, in one of the cases it could be considered attempted murder since the one woman was diabetic and denied insulin. I found this fairly ironic, saddening, and entirely unsurprising.


tbf you shouldnt be doin shit like that if youre raly diabetic. you should just assume cops are gonna fuck with you if youre doin irl demonstrations/protests, regardless what side youre on in regards to literally anything

theyll fuckin throw you in the back of the paddywagon for an hr when its lik 100 out, before theyve even figured out if you did anything yet. fucking pigs
holy fuck i hat pigs


he's a bit of a lolcow and says a lot of retarded shit on xwitter but everything else he says about big corps is right
read the dilbert principle sometime it's rly gud


Nick Rekieta, his wife, and his side-chick got caught in a drug bust and pulled a gun on the undercover cop while intoxicated. Their five children are currently in the custody of family members while they are booked.


Also I guess he fapped on camera while high as a kite. And he's a quickshot (<20s).


did anything serious come from this?


another spigga bites the dust
RIP CR 🙏 🪦 😌


folklore of video games


lel cr died like a bitch


budys you need to watch cspan it's the funniest shit i've ever seen
i asked a while back about news sources with little/no bias and this is the absolute best one plus more
>pro-pali protestors annoying the fuck out of blinken during his testimonies
>ted "el rato" cruz grilling blinken for not sucking as much jew cock as he does
>blinken desperately trying to prove he does, indeed, love jewish sperm
>dup going in/out of court every day seething at the judge
>assistant to the assistant of the secretary of state who looks and acts exactly like Vir from B5 panicking when reporters ask him probing questions
>psycho boomers from both sides calling in with their unfiltered opinions on freeze peach on college campuses
im vary tempted to call in and give a shoutout to duddr


I’ve got a good story about cspan
>2012 erectionb owl time
>my buddy and I on a significant dose of 2C-I
>flipping channels, see cspan call in about the erectionb owl
>call the number
>lady answers, my buddy in the next room shouts, “lol you’re on d00d I hear your voice coming out of the tv and the room wtfffffff!”
>lady asks my opinion
>I proceeded to calmly explain to her how our masters don’t care about us, or her, or any of da plebs
>continue to confidently explain how the trilateral commission, wb, imf, wto, et: al are significant players in our daily lives and control much more than people think
>all the while the floor is eating the wall
>we say good day to each other and hang up
> 5 minutes later kooks were calling in talking about Illuminati, Jews, etc and cspan started screening the calls
In the end easily 11/10 experience. I insist you call in, it’s all live usually. I wish we had the foresight to record it tbh


File: 1716556065286.jpg (135.46 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 85288059-13455369-image-a-….jpg)

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye


cspan still does live call ins? damn nice, good on em
lel i swear i heard that, if not live then someone clipped smth similar.
droppin nwo nukes back then was so fun. always a horde of tinfoilers just waiting for the activation codeword on every call in show and it always turned to nephilim


i miss back when you could search for cool shit like insecure security cameras with the right advanced stuff. could find open printers and fax machines that way too. quite a bit of my music collection is from finding ftp servers that way.
most of that shit is gone or a lot more difficult to pull off now.


>lel i swear i heard that, if not live then someone clipped smth similar.
it used to be more common in the 90's, their call-in stuff was practically like public access television for quite a while. they got better at screening callers unfortunately.


cspans always been a target for pranks


>search for cool shit like insecure security cameras with the right advanced stuff
iirc it was literally just typing in a url
they were completely unsecure and just hooked str8 to the internet
i remember kc went fucking buckwild with that shit. that was the first place i saw it.
then /b/ found it and started terrorizing that one times square giftshop cardstand


insecam.com is still around, forget the other site but i'd be surprised if it was totally ded


lol wait isnt that that lawtube guy?
tf was he selling? blow?


lmao thats a wild fucking clip
lik holy shit go sleep that shit off, dude is annihilated

schedule 1 charge so hes prolly shootin speedballs or somethin
lik heem nodding off, but also tryna crank it, and also looks like 1000yrs old


holy fuck
kiwifags sayin heem got popped w a fucking OUNCE of blow
goddamn bro. now THATS a lawyer-sized habit.
youre supposed to just split lik an 8ball with ur buddy


hes prolly gonna get distribution charges too
theres no way thats all for "personal use"


File: 1716582249152-0.png (129.78 KB, 995x1258, 995:1258, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716582249152-1.png (138.79 KB, 987x1264, 987:1264, ClipboardImage.png)

lel yo dis nigga fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkked
absolutely never gettin his kids back
idk p much anything about the guy but if hes got ANY priors whatsoever, hes gonna get smacked directly in the dick with the book. the WHOLE book. thats a lotta blow, and 4 kids there living in your drug den where you got loose fuckin ARs and mags and shit just layin around


young dude has a serious pokerface


holy FUCK why do ppl from da souf talk so fucking sloooooooowwwwwwwwwwww?


lel yeah thats a common thing but theres also a shitload of boomhauer tier linguistical masters usually meth heads everywhere theres like no in between


it's comfy and better than jewish hastiness


those guys i can deal with
mofo took lik 2 mins to even start to get on the topic
ill wait for the tl;dw


File: 1716591304537.mp4 (11.66 MB, 1920x1054, 960:527, never go full DSP.mp4)

>be washed up lawtuber
>get arrested while away from home
>dumbass wife and """"""live-in nanny"""""" are at home (also w warrants)
>cops show up
>they tell teenage daughter to go to the door and refuse to let cops in
>bishes b so bafflingly stupid they dont even flush the fucking drugs in the meantime
>they actually have a warrant tho
>cops do cop thangs
>bust down door
>4 kids, a wife, and a gf living in a crackhouse
>26gs of blow
>a scale
>some K
>AR loaded under the bed
>spent .22 casing in bedroom cuz lol cocaine
>erryone gets booked
>crackhead wife unironically tries to get drugs smuggled into jail
>erryone gets arraigned
>facing 25yrs
>decides to represent himself, his wife, and his side-piece
lmao not rly the time to be tryin to prove to everyone you actually have your BAR bruh

i honestly wish i knew more about the guy prior, just for the contrast. i only remember seeing his clips get posted during rittenhouse.
this is some mindboggling lvls of self-destruction. actual celebrities dont go this hard. nigga has a half milly youtube subs and thinks hes fuckin scarface.
guess thats just what happens when you do ALL the cocaine, then go full DSP and crank it live on stream by accident. nowhere to go but down from there


i havent been paying attention to "The Sektur" for a minute but i saw all this shit popping off yesterday

its pretty funny, the guy went from pulling streams where he was making 100k in donations to being in some weird polycule relationship wearing balldos and getting addicted to coke/meth

not to mention this bozo has like 5 children and he was arrested along with his wife leaving the kids in some "next of kin" care WOAH BUDDY

he even managed to give joshua connor moonbeampie a big fat DUB lmao


>go full DSP
Not possible, because at least DSP didn't get caught.
>that nose


Well technically, DSP has been caught but he just weasels his way out of it every single time. DSP is immortal, eternal, and inevitable. His haters can only watch as they mald, cope and seethe.


File: 1716600279965.mp4 (41.79 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nick Rekieta - Dear John.mp4)

rip rackets


looks like if aaron rodgers did crack instead of ayahuasca


now what in the god damn how tf soes that shit even work without hurting your balls a lot?


ask risotto
he puts it on while drexel is giving his wife the chocolate loving


its p hard to bring a genuine retard down tbh its not like anyone expects much of him to begin with
long as he doesnt go molesting kids or full on raping some chick hes prolly never gonna be stopped


Because fightin' words are real in the South and thinking before you choose your words could save your life one day, /sp/ro.


>i honestly wish i knew more about the guy prior, just for the contrast.
He WAS a good lawtuber a while back. Unlike most lawtubers who work their way into the youtube platform or just do it as an autism hobby, Rekeita was sort of just a friend-of-a-friend who happened to be on a lawtuber's stream one time and made some spicy comments. This blew up so he decided to try out the streamer thing and made mad dosh. This ultimately peaked during the Rittenhouse case because he was known as one of the lawyers who was flagrantly alcoholic on stream, but who could hold his liquor and talk shit while shitfaced. After Rittenhouse he was trying to dramatube for a while which isolated him from the other lawtubers. Shortly after Rittenhouse he got gangstalked by trannies who tried to get him disbarred. The tranny did a bunch of illegal shit though so he got his ass sued into oblivion but not before trashing Rekeita's reputation at the time.

Shortly after that because the tranny fucked up his youtube account he went primarily to Rumble where it was easier for trolls to have access to him, and the alcoholism started spiraling out of control when he basically started doing "I'll drink even more to prove I'm not an alcoholic and can quit at any time" stunts. A little while later and you are here.

The moral of the story is that unless you come into internet fame organically you're gonna have a bad time.


This all started when he donned the sonichu pendant, damn it…
If he doesn't get the book thrown at him, this could be a redemption arc honestly, but Rekeita's gotta want it, because otherwise he's gonna turn into an addict who's kids hate him.


File: 1716627561562.mp4 (10.64 MB, 542x960, 271:480, 2_5368558723130214554.mp4)


File: 1716629574485.png (582.52 KB, 605x549, 605:549, 3260e44ab4b51aae5e7f88b755….png)

klaus schwab "stepped down" as ceo of the wef


File: 1716630910865.mp4 (5.32 MB, 854x720, 427:360, VID_20240525_055434_105.mp4)

whorb enters auscunt bar for the first time in 74


ya but his fam is still in a shit ton of big positions so its raly meaningless


what if theyre lik rothschilds and theyre a bunch of retards?


highly likely


appreciate the backstory, honestly. i dont normally follow innernet ppl/drama, but this rly is somethin else.

i think youre putting too much on the innernet fame/infamy tho. that obv wont help anyone, but the real question is when did he start doin that much coke.
lik idk if you understand. srs ride-or-die cokeheads rarely have more than a couple grams or so on em. having more just isnt possible, it goes up the nose ASAP. then, while high they rip apart the couches/house, smash the kiddos piggy bank, start convincing each other to liquidate/pawn their irl assets/retirement funds, or go take out personal loans, take out a second mortgage on ur house, or the classic junkie-ism: "bro lets just go bombthreat a rural pharmacy i kno a guy who knows a guy who did it and blah blah…"

that drug is fucking gnarly to gnarth degree. having a literal zip (an oz) and selling blow to pay for your own blow habit while you presumably still have ur real job AND an internet side thang is rockstar lvl of coke addiction. lik to put it in perspective, a gram of gud blow is ez enough to kill someone without a p decent habit. dudes walkin around w 2.2gs in a vial, so thats presumably his daily. for "partying" its prolly twice that. thats lik where you start to HAVE to drink 20+ drinks a night to even go to bed for a few hrs. hell thats prolly what the K was for in the first place: just to try to maybe catch some zs

the guy is so spun out rn hes technically, at a chemical lvl, p much sober and sitting in a cell. but hes so spun he literally thinks he can handle this. lik he thinks he can just lawyer his way out by representing himself as if thats ever worked for anyone. and a lawyer should know that. hell be lucky if his brain ever works again, even if he never touches another drug or drink

drugs r bad mmmkay


>guy went from pulling streams where he was making 100k in donations to being in some weird polycule relationship wearing balldos and getting addicted to coke/meth
youre looking at it too "straight"
thats #JustCrackheadThangs
at that point everything is transactional
>oh youll front me if i let you plow my wife?
>fuckin deal bro shes passed out upstairs have at it
and the side-piece, that shits just sad. from what i read it was his friends ex-wife. and now shes the stay-at-home cracknanny for tony montana
dude stole his friends wife to turn her into a crackwhore sexslave. fucked

the balldo shit is funny tho.
drinking that much to take the edge off means cranking it is out of the question. itd be like tryin to jerk overcooked pasta


>lehhhht aaahhhhp


File: 1716640255786.jpg (77.97 KB, 1026x920, 513:460, 1618104735192.jpg)

Now Norway does a similar thing
I guess Russians out, niggers in is going to be the current thing


russians are the niggers of eastern europe


BREAKING: China warns United States to end all visits to Taiwan and adhere to the One-China policy, or be ready to face the consequences.


uh huh and how many times have they done this kind of dick waving? china wont and probably cant do shit theyve got just as many domestic problems as everyone else that matters
would be p funny if they did and succeeded tho, amerigay is already looking like pussy shit these days and burgers openly advertising the trannies and gays in their ranks these past several years doesnt help. chinks taking taiwan would probably finally topple the house of cards


they missed their chance when pelosi flew there last year and everyone was begging the bugmen to shoot her down


>amerigay is already looking like pussy shit these days
and thats p much just what it is
>arrrooohhh china numbah #1
or on the flip
<reports say that china makes threatening statements about murrican ufkrfkytgky
and then neither side changes/does anything so they can say it again later and point and kinda both be half right
coldwar geopolitical dickwaving 101: constantly antagonize each other, constantly do nothing directly. its all sneaky shit and side-bets at best


and realistically, the "consequences" would be trade related
thats the best weapon they have, and its also the weakest point in the house of cards of the west


"last chinese warning"


that goes for the chinks too tho they cannot sustain their population without outside food imports most of which they get from western cunts
im sure thats a big part of why theyve been colonizing the shit out of apefrica lately if they can establish a shitload of farms in lands they outright own/control there then they can fuck with westerners to their hearts content


oh yeah, lmao
i forgot he put on the sonichu medallion

- Ethan Oliver Ralph circa 2024 possible late 2023


File: 1716663940398.mp4 (4.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, gaza pier.mp4)



>that goes for the chinks too
everyones in a spot and just frontin that theyre not

>why theyve been colonizing the shit out of apefrica

worked for yurop. idk why the joke about them not being able to farm still goes around. they def do and its prolly the only reason a lotta foodstuff is affordable in yurop at all


med shure is purty innit?


lmfao dude everything PDAWS is fucking hilariously incompetent
like on the ship side of it: LCUs are technically ocean going and capable of a crossing, but when they were initially made they had a heavy lift mothership that would pick multiple at a time to move faster/safer/more comfortably until they get to the operating area
now of course that ship is gone, so they just did the crossing tied at the hip to the bigger LSV that was mobilized
the LCUS are also in the middle of receiving a major upgrade package. some insider info– but there was supposed to be a 4th LCU in that group, but it had a major engineering casualty (engine threw a rod and a bunch of piping burst that resulted in flooding)


what the chinks? they can farm the issue is the amount of arable farmland in china is too limited for their population. chinkland has a shitload of mountains and valleys not to mention the gobi desert up north apparently keeps slowly expanding southward it kinda limits where what and how much you can produce
or are you talking about the africans because yah some of them can farm just not the ones in zimbabwe and south africa lol they got too dependent on yt doing it for them and either never learned or forgot how to farm


wait ofc youre talking about africans my reading comprehension needs work


what is this?


how big are the tides in the med anyways?
lik you can tell from the sand where theyre standing thats just after high tide. so how tf are they ever gonna get that shit out? its just gonna sink in further as the tides go back and forth over it, and anything big enough to try and yank it out wouldnt wanna get anywhere near that close. and digging is basically a non-option


File: 1716672275238.png (287.12 KB, 860x573, 860:573, karst souf china.png)

lol yah i prolly couldve been clearer

youre right tho that food will always be a problem for china. wayyyyy too many humans, not nearly enough useful land. vast swathes of the cunt are lik shitty fucking rugged mts, or desert, or even worse, bajillion year-old karst topography which is completely useless for basically anything looks rad tho. the water hardly has enough time to make the ground wet before it just falls underground. and then lik half the actually gud land has been industrialized and totally fucking trashed, so itll never be gud for anything whatsoever. its no wonder theyve always been such imperialist cunts. the definition of too big for their britches


They're going to discover what actual niggers look like if they keep asking America to defend them.


>then lik half the actually gud land has been industrialized and totally fucking trashed, so itll never be gud for anything whatsoever
gotta admit that solid red water in your rivers is p rad looking though lel


Isn't the Great Green Wall showing pretty big success? Most of the time I assume it's a scam, but what I've seen of the Great green Wall suggests it's been pretty effective (monoculture issues aside) at terraforming the Western deserts for the bugmen.


who knows w how their media works. could just be bullshit to make chayna numbah #1.
tbh tho idk too much on the green wall specifically.

i just think that making massive changes to the environment is prolly fuckin stupid.
for ex, if saudi arabias attempts at cloudseeding are any indication, its p clear that altering the environment at such a magnitude and rate is totally fucking irresponsible at best. its not shit humans are meant to be fucking with. the earth is raly gud at maintaining its equilibrium over time. so you start pushing shit around lik that and making dramatic changes to the environment, you may very well be setting yourself up for some cataclysmic retaliation as the environment decides to push right back at ya over the next couple decades, or possibly even centuries.

specifically, in regards to china, what ive heard is that their attempts at cloudseeding have been successful, but mostly in the sense of poaching rain from surrounding areas and causing droughts in other places. primarily india, a place that china has no love for. how convenient.
imo thats the real use case for tech lik that: using it offensively. its not technically an act of war/aggression, but it certainly has the potential to kill/displace a whooooole lotta ppl


The US Army terraformed the South so that about 72 trillion dollars worth of real estate/productivity doesn't get flooded by the Mississippi river. Pretty much everything South-East of Charlotte would be flooded every summer without it.


South-East of the Mississippi from Charlotte on down*


>primarily india, a place that china has no love for. how convenient
i also have no love for india. how convenient indeed. those street shitting faggots have ruined every airport lounge the entire world over
>imo thats the real use case for tech lik that
1000% guarantee the US gov has been using it to fuck opposition govts for probly at least the past 70 years on the DL


i'd rather have street shitters doing the needful than bugmen ruling the world


well its not lik the tech couldnt be used for gud
its just that for the most part, i dont think it will be
even in the best of circumstances, its humans punching well above their weight. when/if the earth decides to punch back, itll prolly hurt


honestly, same
theyre so much less arrogant as a whole
china is 1.5 billion well i guess 750M, cuz grils of smol pp hotheads
its lik if a napoleon complex was an entire race of ppl


File: 1716684028206.jpg (213.94 KB, 891x891, 1:1, e1rfn6kmat931.jpg)

mommy dommy's gonna fix it all soon


to lazy to drunk 4 to rip or archive fuk yu blody
>sf full bird gettin cased at his home by chechens working for utilities co
>shots em
>murikwa's weap accuracy drops to 10% in hoholand due to jamming


File: 1716685113198-0.jpg (143.85 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, afroman dup.jpg)

File: 1716685113198-1.mp4 (3.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, dup lp.mp4)

lel drumpf went to lolbert con with afroman


File: 1716685923477.jpg (50.91 KB, 680x424, 85:53, 73aaf31af1205068f6ba851da2….jpg)

>i dont jail my opponents
what a grifter this faggot in 2016 ran on cleaning out the cabal and arresting clinton tier criminals.
what now qtards?


Jailing someone for violating the law =! jailing someone for being your opponent.


dup has gone full blown rothbard


tbh idk why he wouldnt be goin to lik most of these 3rd party cons if hes allowed to
all the redumblicans gonna vote for him by default, so no need to campaign for them. and he knows as well as anyone that his W in 2016 was entirely due to ppl outside the red vs blue shit favoring him. its the obvious move

sick zoot too afroman
used to know a guy by the name of seth RICH who had a raly similar thang goin


i was gonna run for prez
but then i got high
i was gonna btfo bidup too
but then i got high
now im shakin hands with dup
and i know why
because i got high
because i got high
because i got high


will you help me repair my door goes hard as fuck tbh


>sick zoot too
ngl i wish i had the spare income for a stupid gaudy zoot suit id wear it at family gatherings and frens birthdays


I know Republicans haven't given a shit about Libertarians in a decade so they probably aren't aware the Libertarians purged anyone with a brain back in 2016 when they elected Gary again. Surprised nobody tried to stab him. Little l philosophical ones either went red or ran for the hills during his last presidency. The people in the big L party are just slightly less degenerate Democrats who like money.


File: 1716693231920.jpg (852.62 KB, 766x3231, 766:3231, Libertarians.jpg)

nah lolbertarian party is full of fuckin psychos, gary johnson was the only one with any brain cells
like look at the highlights from the 2016 libertarian candidate debate, it's all these fukn whackjobs that look like the ancient aliens guy talking about how they're going to ban the government if they get elected, meanwhile the crowd boo'd gary when he said he was ok with keeping driver's licenses


File: 1716695712583.mp4 (3.04 MB, 576x562, 288:281, 0a7dcf5c9065b8c08dc652adb0….mp4)



holy shit you can hear the crowd fukn HATEShim
and lolbertarians only have themselves to blame for only getting 3% like they have fukns tons of billionaires that support their cause would could REALLY get the word out to maybe some non-pathetic numbers (like how Perot was getting 20 something percent at his peak) but they're too busy arguing over McNukes and McHighways to ever do that lmao


they're not really fucking nuts, modern america is so fucked it makes it seem like it.
ya sure– TOASTER LICENSE guy seems nuts. but is he really?
live in california, 12% of the population is illegal. they're all driving fucking cars, no license, no insurance, no nothing. government does fuck all about it. so what the fuck is the point of all of it again?


Stable Diffusion 3 was supposed to be released for free 2 weeks after they made it available on their site, it's been available on their site for 5 weeks now


File: 1716701032044.jpg (203.66 KB, 1876x863, 1876:863, full blown tranny.jpg)

billionaires are demonic crazy


>you can hear the crowd fukn HATEShim
sounds p mixed tbh
just rowdy cuz lolberts


>Gary Johnson more sane than Austin Peterson
Nah man, Austin was where it was at. McAfee was a wild dude and I had respecc even if he was a degenerate, but "bake the cake" Johnson was more of a statist then than Trump is now.


Gotta give the man credit for knowing how to WWE a crowd. He was even nice and gave them a whole 3% instead of 1.5%.

I don't mind the Mises Caucus guys because they're focusing on local erections where they have a chance of winning for treasurer or DA or some shit, but the party as a whole are a bunch of faggots. There's been a civil war in the big L party since last year because the LNC folks HATE the Mises Caucus for not being degenerates. They've gone as far as to change the rules for local LNC headquarters and funding because the libertines kept getting voted out by Mises caucus locally.


>fight climate change
idk why the fuck they even call it that, the climate changes CONSTANTLY whether we have influence on it or not.
changing it to that instead of "global warming" kinda outed the whole thing as a scam to most normalfags (the ones who paid attention in elementary school science class anyway).
billionares know that they could just pay off the government to bypass all rationing anyway just like they did in ww2.


File: 1716732836802-0.png (205.5 KB, 1938x832, 969:416, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716732836802-1.mp4 (600.3 KB, 480x270, 16:9, britun.mp4)

>He added: 'Being British is about more than just the queue you join at passport control.'
el eeh el


File: 1716732986791.jpeg (39.46 KB, 386x500, 193:250, 1668104492633.jpeg)

schizo take: climate change is real but the tech needed to fix it already exists (and is being suppressed ofc), so it's not worth caring about anyway as richfags obv want to let the world burn so that they can grift off of it


*subscribes to your soundcloud*


File: 1716735063362.jpg (152.75 KB, 1346x1056, 673:528, 1398551422559.jpg)

So mutts will die for Israel while Brits will die for India?


mutts have the freedumb to volunteer for it at least
also bump against poop pedophile



the only way you'll stop "climate change" is by full blown star trek style weather control which doesn't exist. cloud seeding alone isn't going to do it.

also, in b4 HAARP + russian woodpecker


File: 1716742254333.png (247.39 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1627445953395.png)

not a bad idea actually, as long as it is just the national guard to shoot all the sand nigger terrorist migrants. kids these days lack discipline due to retarded parents and shitty schooling and the military will give it to them in the ass


oh yea im sure everyone will be thrilled


if its nasty girls it'll be for bong insurrectionists (fascists who dont use ebonics online)
at least that HR meeting'll make em do pushups. is engerlund basic training as cucked as usgay's is now?


That's not even a schizo take, it's reality. Nuclear energy produces so little pollution that the amounts it does produce are negligible for the next 8,000 years.


i wrote a persuasive essay on why nuclear is the only scalable technology to solve the so called 'climate crisis', and how its really pretty clean way of doing it.
ofc i think 90% of the climate bahhhing (mainly the warming part of it) is retarded shit. im just more interested in it from an air pollution / toxic chemical production perspective
latest generation of reactors its even more practical.


problem is you need people to run those plants and people can be real fukn retards when designing plants and safety features (fukushima) or when trying to impress daddy government with your experimental safety features (chernobyl) and then oops your "clean" power just shat uranium across a 30km radius where nothing will ever be normal for a thousand thousand years


gen 4 reactors are failsafe in a smart sorta way, in the sense that if shit goes wrong they just fizzle out and not go HOT AS FUCK EXPLOSIVE MIX OF HYDROGEN IN THE REACTOR CORE sorta way


i member bein on a plane and we were landing nearby a nuke plant and the rando i was stuck next to started pissing and moaning
>omggg look at all that pollution so terrible referring to the water vapor from the cooling tower
at first i didnt even register wtf he was talking about cuz im not retarded
then i realized it and tried to explain how thats literally just water
couldnt wrap his head around it
>well ummmm it must be sooooper radioactive
nope. just water.

funny how all it took was some fag in a leather puppy suit and suddenly these same retards are all totally on board w it

those kinds of reactors w positive temperature coefficients are ancient history
hell they were p much ancient history when chernobyl happened
just dont build em on major fault lines lik the nips
problems werent


one of the many benefits of promoting and importing double digit iq's is that it gives saint bill gates(M$BUH) excuse to shoot literal missiles of dirt in the air
retards ruin any and everything good


All this talk about nuclear energy is definitely no reason for the FBI agent assigned to monitor sportschan to be concerned
please carry this discussion on


i eat feds for breakfast


File: 1716762759005.jpg (465.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Cybersquad.jpg)

Ok, thanks for letting me know. Wasn't sure if my superiors wanted to know about this.


heem clicked all that shit nigger


Eh, as the others said that was mostly an issue with older generation stuff. In Chernobyl's case we just found out what runaway chemical reaction caused the explosion back in 2019 (and funnily enough the modern reactors are naturally fool-proofed from it because of dumping/cleaning procedures that have been in place since the 00s). In the case of Fukushima TEPCO basically shat the bed, but the fallout has been negligible. Before people complain about radioactive fish please note that China releases 30x as much nuclear radiation into the ocean daily (before accounting for non-nuclear chemical waste) as was released during Fukushima's peak due to improper filtering procedures at Chinese NPPs.

Yeah you need people who aren't absolutely retarded fr fr but daily lubing the motors and cleaning the filters is the sort of thing you have to do at basically any kind of processing facility working with dangerous chemicals/materials. Even on the oil rig you gotta lube the drill and surrounding equipment at least 4x/day and those guys follow safety standards a lot more loosely than a power plant full of eggheads.


Mixing chlorine pool tabs and isopropyl alcohol in a 2 liter bottle creates a toxic chemical bomb that causes burns and sets off every car alarm in a block radius, in case any anons want to experiment in minecraft.

A pipe bomb works under the principles of the material pressure failure point being lower than the expansion/threading pressure point to cause fragmentation, and can be caused quite easily with cannon fuses or electrical fuses to a pressure-expanding material such as gunpowder inside of it.


File: 1716763379902.mp4 (251.99 KB, 640x360, 16:9, korn.mp4)

prob scoping that norwood cure ad, happens to the best of >us


nah heem wanted to know more about that new law that left insurance companies FURIOUS




File: 1716832228901.mp4 (1.75 MB, 922x720, 461:360, plane.mp4)

buy NagarJuna Cement, Sirs


File: 1716835230224.jpg (145.28 KB, 933x664, 933:664, 882791.jpg)



pretty weird just having her body there like that


i feel bad for them but this picture is incredibly funny


steal it for sportschan


hope they put a rebbit ayy funko in the casket


That's some damn fine cement.


Buddhist traditions. In Shinto they'd cover it up for the 77 days or mourning but in Japanese Buddhism they don't think the soul has left the body for 100 days or some shit so the dog is still alive, just sleeping.


jet fuel can't melt NagarJuna Cement


sir that is a raccoon


File: 1716865477032.mp4 (2.42 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_5075821947032437576 (1).mp4)


File: 1716877401880-0.jpg (547.43 KB, 1280x1193, 1280:1193, IMG_20240527_230004_018.jpg)

File: 1716877401880-1.jpg (476.23 KB, 1156x1280, 289:320, IMG_20240527_230217_187.jpg)

File: 1716877401880-2.jpg (212.96 KB, 824x960, 103:120, IMG_20240527_231908_177.jpg)

File: 1716877401880-3.jpg (205.45 KB, 682x1023, 2:3, IMG_20240528_004742_924.jpg)

File: 1716877401880-4.jpg (91.67 KB, 942x1280, 471:640, IMG_20240528_002832_930.jpg)

leftist thangs i thought was kinda ok


File: 1716877834185.jpeg (38.57 KB, 554x554, 1:1, images.jpeg)

dead coon storage


they pay less than the average citizen for small bullets, thats pretty insane.


thought that pinko tom tomorrow had finally jumped for a sec


File: 1716919401600.png (575.46 KB, 512x672, 16:21, h dubs.png)

4th pic looked lik h dubs tbh


File: 1716946096271.mp4 (7.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, brass faggot.mp4)

them setting up another pearl nine elebun harbor or is murikwa that weak?
legit cant tell anymore


Both. they're dumb enough to hope a statistical anomaly does the hard work for them so they don't have to plan another false flag.


oh ya, blogpost
some mid tier navy brass queef was on da amtrak. i know bc he wore the hat and would not shut up about it
anyway boomer queef was trying to redpill some feminist whorb about wahmen bein in the kitchen. kept citing this study about bitches bein happier following men (based) then would go off on a diatribe about his church using a.i. date matching and how he got setup with a 23 year old despite him bein 60 then fake laugh about how he was such a gud guy for not hitting it
the shiny zogemon were beyond retarded when i was in but it was foundationally alarming to see what it is now first hand and how even the "trad" ones think


smart. sun tzu needs to make a sequel already, lazy nip


boomers here shit like this and they cream in their pants thinking about defending america patrioticaly and our super sexy constitution defender soldiers being under attack


So the tl;dr of today's coverage 25 minutes in is that it was church members ratting him out because of child neglect and he was acting like an ass.


File: 1716967958596.png (1.49 MB, 1534x2250, 767:1125, 982437586.png)

*laughs in jimmy saville* pedos can do whatever they want in britbongistan


He sent dick pics to an undercover cop posing as a teen boy. The guy is nasty, but he's got pedophilia charges on his record for life (already 70) so I'd say the judge is right in saying the damage to his reputation is sufficient in this one instance.


File: 1716975274925.gif (565.79 KB, 162x227, 162:227, 1656453140397.gif)


>shiny zogemon


File: 1716978491966.png (561.25 KB, 770x1144, 35:52, tcq you btfo the pedos on ….png)

this is a known feel


youre right he wont be getting any more work
but fuck exceptions. guy just gets to retire? fuck that


gotta laugh how theyre acting lik enemy intelligence existing and doin intel is some new thang
hell even """allied""" intelligence does that
mossad and cia are always playing footsie w each other


no, it's not sufficient, pedocel. if there are no consequences for trying the fags will never stop trying. dude should see the inside of a prison to send a message that this isn't ok. also this the-shame-is-enough-punishment-because-he-is-famous statement is total bullshit and probably one of the reasons why the elite think they're above the law


joose really do get away with anything


>dude should see the inside of a prison to send a message
lik this isnt just some shit you pick up in your 60s/70s. hes been doing this shit for decades, and cuz hes an esteemed conductor, hes gotten away with it. i DOUBT this was the first time someone tried to report him, but brit elites are all in on it too, so he walks


wouldnt even be sure he doesnt get work any more tbh. old fuck is prob banking on it being legal before the stem cells run out
dude should be out of pop for bein stupid enough to think anyone wants to see his nasty spotted bird


maek the new bread


is that richard hammond


the classical world is viciously hierarchical and extremely competitive. and he was a p well known conductor.
theyre not gonna wanna put someone like him on their program because of the trouble it would cause, and lots of other ppl are gonna be gunning for his spot
nah hes prolly out for gud
the problem is he just gets to fucking retire now. bet he wont retire his deviancy tho.

its lik that other guy said, its savile all over again
tons of ppl knew and tried to call him out on it. they blacklisted them, and jimmy kept his job and career for decades till he died.
as bad as the US has it in regards to weird chomos embedded in govt and media, brits have it a loooooot worse. this guy getting """"""publicly humiliated"""""" is actually more than youd expect from them


nah its johnny
its why he was blacklisted from most british media for yrs


File: 1716997498480.mp4 (17.08 MB, 720x1256, 90:157, 1_5091639461180081326.MP4)



File: 1717002741009.png (1.69 MB, 1024x897, 1024:897, (((Memorial))).png)

>big burly gymbro dudebrah who could probably crush whoever the limpdicked fags behind the camera are
>feigning fear anyways cuz jew
lmao fuckn pathetic
>starts freaking out the moment he sees the camera
double lmao
like ya it'll get people's attention or not cuz most people hate israel now and know the whole "jew strike you cry pain" shtik, good opsec kikes vary smart but heem don't even look jewish


I get the impression this isn't the first time this guy has reacted this way and the camera was just a "look, see this yid was lying last time" kinda deal.


i was just skating this in skate 3
fun spot, way better in-game. cant believe no one at EA noticed or made them take it out


honestly the people who protest for palestine are so fucking cringe they actively make me root for the zionists but on the condition that they take the protestors to palestine and then do the genocideorino to them as well

just hearing their voice i can seem them, the BKLYN hipster with multicolored hair, clothes bought with dads credit card and a college degree in "intersectionality", yuck


member when i said enemy of my enemy can get you in some weird spots?
dumb game. dont play it


i know
its also probably a desired effect from zionists at some level to rally up the horse cock baby fucker ancom crowd to make their opposition look as goofy as possible


>its also probably a desired effect from zionists
it 100% is
those dudes own media corporations
if they wanted to just black it out, they would. they dont because its useful


File: 1717024451413.png (570.54 KB, 616x615, 616:615, 0695cade79283e3f5f7be08967….png)

>A violent pro-Hamas demonstration involving hundreds of people outside the Israeli embassy in Mexico City, overnight. The aggressors tried to break through fences, threw grenades of various kinds and Molotov cocktails, and attempted to set the embassy on fire.
la raza sisters rise up


Are the beaners waking up?


The world is so clown that they seem normal compared to the shit the yids have been doing around these parts.


Why are Brazilians so fucking retarded ?
Literal subhuman tier people.

I advocate for the total nuclear obliteration of Brazilian and the pogroming of any ex-patriot huemonkeys.


>jury instructions for one of the trump lawfare cases
>if they happened they'd be misdeameanors, UNLESS they were committed to cover up another crime
>no, he doesn't need to be convicted of that crime to up these other ones to felonies
>no, the jury doesn't even need to agree what crime that was, only that A crime (a buffet list of crimes has been offered) was being covered up
they really werent kidding about the JEWdicial system, huh?
at least >we get to see the curtain be fully pulled back and the mask fall all the way to the floor


File: 1717039445646-0.mp4 (110.09 KB, 620x360, 31:18, FAQing Monkey Kusa.mp4)

File: 1717039445646-1.webm (359.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hello monkeys.webm)

They're violating so many federal laws and judicial rules right now in that trial that I can't tell if SCOTUS is giving Merchan enough rope to hang himself and his daughter while waiting for the conviction, or if they're secretly in on it. The crime itself is well past the statute of limitations and the federal DoJ refused to prosecute it as a felony, so New York is literally making shit up as they go and are too stupid to realize that they've de facto made it illegal to do business in NYC since if you pay a lawyer to handle shit for you (as all businesses do), then you are on the hook if that attorney decides to do shit behind your back and you pay your bills like a responsible business owner.

Look no further than the Trump shenanigans to understand why due process exists in first world countries, fucking monkey. The majority of case law (especially when it comes to legal rights) is decided by cases around people who have no business getting out of jail time because of technicalities. Personally he should get prison time for being a homosexual and disrupting public morals, but unfortunately we don't prosecute degenerates for that any more. If we follow the actual case, if they were to hold the faggot conductor to that standard then the same standard could be applied to saying nigger online.


scotus is fucking faggots and wont do shit.

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