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its a tampa kinda day
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I'm traveling to America for the first time today. How do I stay alive and maybe even enjoy my time there.
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thoughts on america so far biz-kun-bro?

second this >>1633243 and other dude sayin travel up the 1 for a bit if you have time, about 3 hours one way tho. coast is purty and the forests getting there are cool
if you go west til big water (make sure and throw apples and car batteries, it's a tradition here) then leisurely stroll north you're gonna see cool shit


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is crime tourism an spart?


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I grew up with a lot of American media so I guess I'm kind of a westaboo. I'm aware of a lot of slang and the culture which is why I fit in mostly well. People here are friendly and sure like to talk, be it a small chat with the cashier or waiter etc or even comments from random strangers make a friendly comment at me when I appeared lost or so. It's kinda nice and luckily I improved my social skills well enough to convince people that I am normal even though I'm a total autist on the inside.

I made plans this weekend with people I know here. One day will go to Mt. Hood and the other day will go to the coast, maybe even surf if the waves are good.

Sidenote: saw the tesla memetruck, sure looks weirder in person


Also, I'm trying to ignore all the poz. There were gay flags around places I've been to and the TV has the regular cuckmericals but whatever. Also the news always show headlines about Biden's cognitive decline and demands for him to leave the race and I find that funny.


>saw the tesla memetruck
they look like a giant electric razor amirite?


File: 1720657395825.jpg (3.52 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240709_175138.jpg)

One more thing. The average quantity of food is yuge. I can barely finish it and to avoid constantly feeling full i eat fewer times than normal.


That’s freedom for you pal. Love it or leave it ok? Brandum ain’t my president. Dog bless


that looks like something out of tron what the hell
would not truk and/or pullr with this piece of shit


>The average quantity of food is yuge
the fuckin truth, a lot of times if i eat out it might be 2 of my meals for the day


love it or hate is a truk, they clean nigger
boomertruk/liberal faggot comments on internet is the most unholy alliance and its nauseating


>i eat fewer times than normal
gud a lot of american food is full of sugar even a lot of the stuff that doesnt taste that sweet. its tasty but god damn the portions are ludicrous, though if you do what youre doing you can prolly make a single "meal" last the whole day depending on where you got it from


>boomertruk/liberal faggot comments on internet
idk what youre talking about but if it aligns with whatever that is idc that thing is retarded looking
>they clean nigger
oh yeah how fuckin far does it go and how long does it take to charge? fix those issues and maybe it wont be as gay


File: 1720661301849.png (233.75 KB, 500x333, 500:333, ClipboardImage.png)

>but if it aligns with whatever that is idc
its comments filled with emojis, snark, and 'thats not a REAAALL truck' from retards who drive some lifted extended cab short bed piece of shit like this


>he bought into the yim
cant even take em through a car wash without em getting totaled. teslas are gayer than CAFE truks and i bet you drive a nu shitbox that you have to justify lel


everyones kind of an autist here, just a matter of whether or not they realize it
the state officially funds agitprop via taxes since 2013 smith-mundt. big diff in poz from home?

hell yeah budy enjoy the coast. if you hit north astoria is cool as hell, cave from the goonies movie is kinda neat. if you end up north rockaway beach is my favorite. can take an old school train ride and the old oregon smokehouse has crazy gud food


File: 1720663457793.png (3.63 MB, 1600x1062, 800:531, ClipboardImage.png)

i drive a 94 caprice police package and im just not retarded.
cybrtruck is just a rally fast electric truck with stainless panels, moderately innovative electrical/controls system, and made in america levels of quality control
hyperbolic niggers like you claiming the sky is falling every quarter re: tesla are fucking retarded but wtver– keep pushing 1600% return higher


lel who talmbout stocks, you ARKKbro?
tesla price gon keep pushing but their cars are dog turds
literally cant take them through a car wash but go on about stainless and innovative
only worthwhile innovation in consumer products for years is the third rack in dishwashers


File: 1720665598941.gif (717.49 KB, 200x189, 200:189, OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUU.gif)

>third rack in dishwashers
the what now?
u sayin ive been using two racks when i could have TRES?


Do you know why Mexicans sneak across the boarder in pairs? the sign says no ‘’tres’’spassing


had same reaction, good good always goes unannounced for sum reason
kitchenaid stainless is game changer and no smert app bs


>its comments filled with emojis, snark, and 'thats not a REAAALL truck' from retards
idgaf about any of that stop trying to lump me in with whatever social media hell you hang out in. and the tesla truk is also a shortbed anyway. can the thing even go off road or tow any noteworthy weight? if not then its not a fuckin truck its an ugly el camino. actually even el caminos could do some limited off roading


lel fuck ARKK got out of that shit before it bellied up
>their cars are dog turds
by what fucking metric?
what journoniggers and musk deranged fags say on the internet??
teslas aren't any worse build quality and reliability wise than any of the big 3 within VERY recent memory, and they're a hell of a lot safer
ffs GM EVs were just burning peoples fucking homes down
>can the thing even go off road or tow any noteworthy weight?
can THAT abomination i posted even do that?
the point is trukfags are almost as obnoxious, gay, and retarded as HARLEY DAVIDSON niggers, or boomer firearm M14 afficianados
nobody gives a fuck, 99% of trucks on the roads don't meet your own metrics. the point is what fags like you complain about the cybertruck are applicable to the majority of large glamor trucks floating around– but at least the cybertruck actually has some interesting stuff in it


File: 1720673819163.png (471.39 KB, 682x532, 341:266, ClipboardImage.png)

great now pier 39 has a random nigress statue


>jogging clothes
niggers steal shit and kill people naked? strange


that is so dumb. people get memorialized because they did memorable things


nigger you are going way off about some shit i never even brought up i literally said it was ugly shit and now youre here crying about other truks that i dont like either and being a fag about it at me wtf is your problem? did you buy one of these ugly pieces of shit and get buyers remorse or something?


uhm that needs to be challenged because i have a nigger fetish mmkay?


cybertruk's ugly and thats the end of it queer your autistic hangups about other dumb assholes like you on twatter or wherever the hell you come from has nothing to do with me
dont care about useless "innovative" shit in something that is as worthless as a jacked up suburb-mobile
god damn you made me mad as fuck


How long until a homeless dope fiend fucks it or jacks off on it?


i calmed down continue faggoting at me im over it


File: 1720706279944.jpg (187.08 KB, 2560x1439, 2560:1439, tesla-steering-wheel-scale….jpg)

comparing em to recent big 3 is my point. then add in nu shit lik this and people are beta testing for spork holder uppers
explain your musk boner without mentioning the leftoids or fags in your head or imma ~~rawr~~ at you and get you wet in front of company


To be fair depending on the place I can get away with like 1 meal and some snacks if I eat out and I've been a burger since birth. Home meals tend to be smaller. To also be fair, American food legitimately has less nutrition per cubic measurement of food because of how it's grown. At least with staples like corn and wheat (do NOT eat the conventional burger wheat).

>They clean
You know how electricity is produced, right?


File: 1720708702678.jpg (33.01 KB, 780x748, 195:187, hunger.jpg)

i'm not a fat fuck by any means but i could probably eat two or 2.5 of those burritos he posted, i'll feel like a fat bastard afterwards cuz mexican is nothing but carbs and fat but i totally would. like chipotle-sized burritos, now those are real fukn good but i hate buying from big corps, there's a local taco place opening near my soon that i might check out
problem is all fast food places are nothing but carbs and fat, i wish there was a place that served protein as its main dish with like minimal carbs or fat on the side, but at that point it would just be a place of fried meat which you could easily do yourself
fug now i'm hungry


i know about the corn but whats up with the wheat? i remember being able to eat wheat when i was a kid and be just fine but nowadays it legit feels like im eating poison


its the monsanto pesticides and genetically modified trash getting into the food supply



been all ogre alleged shithole countries in eastern yurop
nothing but whites and zero crime

america is a nigger infested shithole country


yeah okay Sally hand over your purse


pretty accurate
most of eastern europe is more religious than the so called "bible belt" US too.


File: 1720753303747.jpg (1.56 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Welcome to the wheat field….jpg)

>but whats up with the wheat?
The short and sweet (and inaccurate) answer is >>1633945
The more nuance answer is >>1633973

History Lesson: You know how they taught you about how the industrial UK added chalk and shit to their bread? Well, the chalk actually wasn't a big issue. The bread tasted like shit if you added too much and the chalk actually aided digestion and mixed with the alum that the bakers were adding to chemically leaven the bread, so it worked out. It was the copper sulfate pesticides that the farmers were spreading on their crops back then that was causing problems because the miller was lazy and didn't wash the wheat like he was supposed to.

Skip history: Fast forward to today and you have a similar issue in America that Great Britain had. The glyphosates are (mostly) harmless when you use them as an insecticide because wheat has to go through a washing process as part of its drying process to make the kernels more edible. As a child this is what they did with the glyphosate pesticides and it wasn't a big deal because the trace amounts may cause some people to have an upset stomach but it was a small amount.

The issue is that since about 2008-2012 roughly, after washing the wheat, these triple bakas respray the wheat with more fucking glyphosates (as a desiccant to dry it faster) which reintroduces all of the problems that they just washed away. This was compounded with the fact that a lot of processing facilities got bought out around 2012-2016 by companies who don't fucking wash the wheat they buy for use in flours and processed goods because they get green credits for not "wasting water." End result is that you can tolerate the poison as a kid (sort of) but become sensitive to it as an adult.

Solution: Buy organic wheat or buy wheat from Europe (except Ukraine who does the same shit with pesticides which is why activists are so asshurt about Ukrainian wheat entering the European market). Eat more of other grains.

Extra blackpill: Of course this is all additionally compounded by chemical fertilizers. Nitrogen fertilizers are the reason we can have a world population of greater than 3 billion, however it also results in food that is like 40% less nutritious because the fertilizer causes hypergrowth in the cellulose building blocks. GMOs could solve this actual global malnutrition problem (it's not a hunger problem, it's a malnutrition problem, that's why poor people the world over are getting FAT), but instead they are using the GMO technology to make crops more Glyphosate resistant so they can spray more of it to deal with the insects which are also becoming glyphosate resistant (return of locusts by 2050 if this isn't solved), but the genes that increase glyphosate resistance also increase cellulose production further making the food even less fucking nutritious. Europe gets away with the fact that they are a colder climate, which is why they panic the most about global warming since global warming unlocks more resources (a warmer climate is good for mankind, only net positives until about 2080 at our current rate), but also brings the pests (that require pesticides to prevent famine) over to those countries putting them in the same boat as everyone else.

tl;dr- We're living through the plot of The Outer Worlds where Monsanto & Oil Companies are both the only thing holding society together via food production, and also slowly killing us by ruining the food we eat to keep up with global demand.

Unrelated but related, I've not had time to cook lately and the factor keto meals are exactly what you're looking for. They come out to like $4-$8 per meal depending on how many you buy. Tastes good (much better than TV dinners), it's like 60/30/10 protein/fat/carbs, and if you eat a banana or drink milk with them it's enough carbs to stay outta ketosis.


ive only ever been to the czech republic but despite a lot of it being rundown and a lot of the transport there looking like it was made before the 80s it was a p nice trip. only time i ever felt uneasy was when i was crossing through the red light district in prague and that was only because there were suspicious straight out of africa niggers trying to lure me into various clubs.
no i wasnt going there to to fuck a prostitute i was going to hooters. yah theres a fuckin hooters in prague i happened to spot it on google maps while i was there and i thought maybe it was some kinda knockoff but no its an actual hooters


>go to Prague
>eat at hooters
Son, I am disappoint.


File: 1720759703172.jpg (4.25 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240710_185234.jpg)

>All this autism since my last post
Damn I forgot about monsanto and pesticides, I gotta be careful
Ate chinese food yesterday, was good. No real update but tomorrow I'll be going out for drinks with co-workers at a bar. Hope it's fun.


you'll get that in most capitol cities, the smaller ones not so much


i do the leangains diet which is not quite keto (you still eat enough carbs mostly in the form of a small amount of fruit or vegetables to keep your intestines happy) but more focused on intermittent fasting, there's an 8 hour window each day where you can eat whatever you want (ideally 60% protein but that's really hard to do, I can usually get about 50% though) and then nothing for the other 16 hours. it would probably be working better for me if i could actually stay to it but after about 3-4 days into it all i can think about is BREAD and i eat a hugeass burrito or something covered in cheese and throw everything off. been doing good for about a week though so maybe this time it will work.


fug i need to make dumpllings sometime
but i'd prolly fuck it up


With that attitude you will.


Man, I miss being able to eat out. Overnight shifts suck. Everything is closed when I get off in the morning.


>Put spoonful of food inside wrappers you can buy in the refrigerated Asian section of the supermarket (usually next to the tofu) if too lazy to make your own dough
>Fry/boil/steam until cooked through
It's hard to fuck them up unless you undercook them or forget them on the stovetop, especially if you steam them. Use a fork to crease them and a small potato scooper/ice cream scooper if you suck at knowing when there's too much filling.


There is nothing wrong with bread if you work hard enough to justify it. I know it's expensive but you can get bread that consists of wheat gluten/wheat starch so that it's low-carb still. Mission makes a good carb-balance tortilla too for wraps and quesadillas that uses gluten/starch combo instead of flour.

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