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I'm traveling to America for the first time today. How do I stay alive and maybe even enjoy my time there.


>How do I stay alive
haha whatever you do dont come visit me


well the first thing you want to do is go to a dive bar in a random part of the city, then start critizing America. you'll have a fun time real quick.


>how do I stay alive
Don’t go near niggers or rednecks and you should be fine
>maybe even enjoy my time there
That depends on you and what you like to do. Most likely you should listen to this guy though >>1632881


come to oklahoma


no one from overseas knows that oklahoma exists
most people in the us dont either


>How do I stay alive
Stay away from black/feathernigger areas and keep your bearings in poor areas.
>Maybe enjoy my time
Hiking, camping, and shooting are all good pass-times. You can get a rental as a foreigner at most gun ranges if you buy ammo from the range. If you're into the artsy fartsy stuff then a lot of the downtown areas will have museums and shiiiet, the science ones are usually interactive and pretty fun. Some of them like the one in Salt Lake even have laser light shows.


gud we like it that way
go to texas where you queers belong


Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down your mom!


Y'all can't even nigger-rig shit right without the fire department having to show up. Even when there's no power involved.


u kno why oklahoma so windy?
cuz kansas blows and texas sucks


our state wasn't burnin to the fukn ground last year budy


File: 1720239334062.jpg (27.16 KB, 260x320, 13:16, business CR.jpg)

Got it, thanks. Always wanted to shoot a gun, sounds fun. I want to know about American cuisine. All I know is burgers and fast food. Around my hotel there is chick fil a and five guys. Might try it out.

I'll only be in Oregon, a town near Portland. I have been told that it is a decent place, aside from the homeless.
Guess that I should mention that this is a business trip for 2 weeks.


File: 1720239615398.mp4 (759.12 KB, 240x240, 1:1, lmao.mp4)

>I'll only be in Oregon, a town near Portland. I have been told that it is a decent place, aside from the homeless.
u gonna get ventilated with an AIDS-tipped knife by a hobo on fentanyl


go to baltimore and stay there


ok fine real advice
chick-fil-a is good, cheap fast food. waffle fries are excellent, make sure you ask for chik-fil-a sauce. five guys is also really good but WAY overpriced (as in $15+ for a single burger) and you will feel like a fat fuck afterwards. if you really want to eat there, make sure you order a small fry since a small is still a paper bag with two full scoops of fries.
portland (and all of oregon, really) is a libshit state so you'll have to drive out into the sticks to find a good gun range. don't know their exact laws but most places require you to sign a waiver and leave your ID with them when you're shooting, then you pick it up when your done. not sure how they treat foreigners, make sure to call and ask. check reviews on yelp and other sites, see if there's a good one in the city if you don't have a rental car or don't want to drive too far.
although i would HIGHLY recommend driving up and down the pacific coast if possible, i've always wanted to see the pacific northwest and it looks beautiful from all the pics i've seen. go innawoods and get lost on some backroads, it's beautiful either way.


Thanks for the advice. I think a co-worker there knows a gun range but I'll check out if it is suitable. Outdoors stuff seem to be popular in Oregon so I was wondering where to go. The pacific coast looks cool, I'll try to go there if I can.


File: 1720250912890.jpg (225.13 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ball pit of steel.jpg)

avoid the cities (blacks) and farms (illegal spics) and you'll be fine. only exception to the farm thing is the amish, they are pretty cool and generally don't mind foreigners as long as you are white. no matter where you go avoid parking lots at night though, unless you are looking to get into a knife fight over $20 with a homeless bum.
small towns can be either really boring or fun depending on what you are into. almost every small town has a bar or two with sparts on the jewish brainwashing box.

local racism tracks are pretty fun on weekends (usually saturday nights) if you get really bored. might have to deal with a few drunk rednecks but thats a part of the fun. minor league basedball games are fairly safe and fun, not many blacks go to those.


>A town near Portland
Ew. Oregon's a pretty trashy state, basically Washington but poorer and more heroin-filled. Anyways there's the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Tabor which has good hiking trails nearby. There's the Portland zoo as well. Really Portland is only known for a couple of its historical sights and gardens so unless that's your thang there ain't much to do there.


Neat. Thanks.

Columbia River Gorge was on my list. I like gardens, pretty comfy walking around them.


Jacksonville is a must see


Flying with my boss who has access to the lounge at the airport. It's awesome, there's a buffet, booze, comfy seats.


What's there to see


>poortland oregay
im sorry your bosses sent you to the gayest place on the west coast outside of san francisco




absolutely avoid any public transport. idgaf how safe whatever part of the city youre in looks buses and trens are like big metal mosquitoes transporting nasty varuses everywhere you will see piss stained angry bums and they will try to start shit, especially if they sniff out youre a foreigner


5 guys is solid fastfood tbh
i thought they all got shut down during memeflu tho


File: 1720286998291.png (296.14 KB, 1700x616, 425:154, Burger Rage.png)

no just for that one anon


its no joke tho
the small fry alone is enough to eat for a whole day. free peanuts is based and the burgers are solid af


lol @ erryone acting like heem goin to da hood
niggas on business trip in fucking oregon. lik bruh. worst hell see is a bunch of junkies if he goes to portland. oh the horror. im sure he has gypsies or whatever wherever tf heem from. theyre literally the exact same thing

as for being american and getting shot™, its massively overblown. most of the ppl who get shot anywhere are drug dealers. the most likely scenario for any normal person ever to be shot is by the cops, so just dont go in lik ur playing GTA and ur fine


especially after dark
if you see a thuggish nigger animal walking ahead, cross the street
if you see a group of them, leave the area
you know you're in the bad areas when the streets become littered with cigarallo wrappers, fast food, and used condoms
also the corner stores have iron bars and flashing lights


could always learn to cook yourself, its not hard.


does public transport even exist?


sorta this tbh
SR1 and whatever it turns into in oregon is one of the following:
>faggot SF or portland
>rural roadtrip tourist trap 'quirky small town' hell
i'm sure you'll have fun or whatever, but i fucking hate that fake shit

also this– portland is as third world, if not worse, regarding homeless
they WILL let them rob you, and there WONT be any repercussions


also if some rando walks up to you on the street for a handshake/fistbump/hi-five just fucking RUN away
my dad and his friend had that happen to him in a shady part of vegas and he managed to duck out of it real quick, then a brick slammed a stop sign a foot away from his head
he's glad the mob go control of vegas to clean up street trash like them


nigger you do realize you can be walking around an upper crust business district in portland and get assaulted right? ofc you dont because youve either never been there or the last time you were it was prolly before 2016. seattle is the same way, nice fancy looking areas absolutely polluted with insane bums and niggers gtfo of my face with that shit


why would i want to eat myself


spreh you can get got in every city in the entire world if youre walking around lik a clueless retard.
its not gonna fucking happen tho cuz dudes not gonna be taking a stroll down fucking skid row. heem gonna be hiking in the mts and enjoyin da earf

poortland is a shithole and its still babby ez mode compared to every single rustbelt shithole in the cunt. and even those are mostly overblown in how dangerous they are ime. detroit? not even that bad, its mostly just fucking empty. leaveland? its lik half yuppie now. buffalel? just stay west of main. etcetera
the only thing poortland has in abundance is dopefiends, and dopefiends are lik the most emaciated non-threatening drug addicts ever. just dont show em ur wallet. not hard. lik i said: theyre literally the same thing as gypsies, which hes prolly already familiar with


dont listen to this moron hes trying to get you fucked up in a bad way


im sure the guy knows better than to just go wandering aimlessly after dark, in a major US city hes never been to, and start consorting with random bums. i mean cmon.

its the same thing as literally any major city in the world. if you leave your ass hanging out, someones gonna try and fuck it. so just dont be retarded. let your racism guide you ie dont walk headlong into a wild pack of urban youths


yah yah im not reading that this argument is just:
>dont use public shit and avoid bums and niggers
>yah dude theres bums and niggers but just lik avoid em these guys r silly


File: 1720304238002.gif (1.31 MB, 476x348, 119:87, WHAT.gif)


looking all scared and jumpy and like youre lost is hands-down the worst thing you can do in any rough area, in any cunt ive ever been to. it makes you the target. the lowest hanging fruit.

trying to scare the guy shitless isnt gonna help. just use common fucking sense and youll almost never end up in the situation in the first place


im about to truk & pullr past pdx ill honk as a nice hello :)


hes not gonna be jumpy and scared hes a spartman not a fucking faggot but if hes yuropeen then he may not know just how fucked public transport is here lik even the worst shit in yurup is leagues better than the average burger city transportation system and especially some shithole like poortland's so its better to just not take buses or trens at all


go tubing or rafting in i think the clakamas river its raly fun


stay away from the college, that place is sketchy and theres nothing to do. go hang out on the columbia river or see if there's any shows. theres raly not much to do in that town if its the same as it used to be other than get high and drunk, so doing outdoors stuff is a much more enjoyable way to spend your time.
take a short train (amtrak) ride to seattle if you got a weekend for a fun lil change of pace, you could go to that pike place market or maybe catch a Mariners basedball mlb american pastime game, the stadium is practically next door to the train station


worse yet, he might think niggers are just poor misunderstood and oppressed
in which case i RALLY encourage him to enter da hood and be frendly with the niggers


i was thankin
i bet ya a lotta grils are actually secretly racis af, lik wayyyyy more than pol i mean lik at a fundamental lvl, but theyre just scared even more of saying it and being ostracized over it.
lik you think about it and MOST of them literally never even consider dating one. and i know if i was a gril id hate nothing more than getting talked to lik some porno slut just cuz i was unlucky enough to have to momentarily exist near some smelly ass ape who came up and started smacking his lips at me. that "sup bby u wan sum fug??" game theyre always spitting at white grils is the trashest of the trash and idk if ive literally ever seen it work on anything but the loosest of whorbs
thats why they all end up banging fat white chicks and/or sitting around bitching about how dem yt whorbs is so racis an shieet lik shiiiiieeeettt

most grils are actually racist af


ya and dating site stats show that the White woman is the least likely of either sex of any race to miscegenate
thats why they gotta propagandize it so hard, cuz dem yt wimmen iz rayciss n sheit


File: 1720320679847.jpg (2.28 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240706_173447.jpg)

OP here, landed in Seattle waiting for my flight to Portland. wtf is going on in this thread, I've been and stayed in literal 3rd world Asian shitholes and they were a whole lot safer and better than whatever the hell you guys are warning me about. I've encountered homeless beggars and gypsies but mostly stayed away from them and no one got aggressive or anything so I've been fine. I haven't encountered druggies or black people but I know to stay away from them and I have enough sense to not walk at night alone.

Side note, it's about 8PM here and still bright as day wtf, when does it get dark.


>when does it get dark

Just wait till you get to Portland, it will be real dark real quick.


the further south you go the earlier the sun will set


also "daylight saving time"


remember to do da needful at all tiems


go to a roller derby game


>it will be real dark real quick.
I hope you're not alluding to anything…

yup budy


well if you just do basic shit like >we've warned you about you'll be fine just dont be stupid
>it's about 8PM here and still bright as day wtf, when does it get dark
is that considered late? thats normal in the summer here even for places like tegas and sometimes the canada border states won't get dark until after like 9 you must be from somewhere on the equator or some shit


Looking lost will. Looking lost and asking for help actually throws the thugs off-guard and then they feel bad about wanting to rob you.
Just don't have a mug-worthy face and be cordial. And avoid homeless/niggers.


Maybe but you can't beat Indian cooking even if her pussy smells like garlic poo


>i am the only one that remembers that daylight saving time is only in america


This is the brightest part of the year, it don't get dark until /late/ this time of year. It gets darker faster the further south you go because there's less earth tilt towards the sun. Around here it's bright until about 8, 8:30 and I'm further south.


kinda your fault for being that far west in the first place.
literally everyone here knows the whole west coast is a shithole.
protip: its not just commiefornia


>Looking lost and asking for help actually throws the thugs off-guard and then they feel bad about wanting to rob you.
wtf would the feelings of a nigger from 5 seconds ago have to do with the nigger currently robbing you????


>literal 3rd world Asian shitholes
yes, but did those places have NIGGERS?


nuh uh i remembered that literally right before i scrolled past your post


File: 1720323346611.png (132.36 KB, 484x252, 121:63, ClipboardImage.png)

i never forgot it in the first place


I'm saying when you ask a thug for help it puts them in a bind because they stop knowing whether to rob you or help you. The human element is a powerful anti-crime element.


Luckily no.

Well damn. Maybe I should get a new job.


i not only remembered i membered


That's nuts, they'll probably pretend to help you and escort you to some hood to rob you more discretely.


You might be surprised. Americans are pretty nice at the end of the day. even if a nigger shoots you, there's a chance that another nigger might help you.


>approaching a black for any reason
thats stupid and a good way to get robbed
are you one of the five or a visitor?
pls tell me ur librejp


are you insane? tourists and other foreigners are prime mugging targets. thats not even specific to america even the safest countries on the planet have this issue its just easier to rob someone who isnt from the neighborhood because no ones gonna give a shit as long as you dont murder them and even then its a tossup
>The human element


yea its fucking hilarious, anon is delusional
as if the nigger animal that robs, rapes, murders passed out people, elderly, and children will suddenly decide to spare u because actually they a gud boy


I've met a bunchof Americans that came to my work place to visit. They were all nice and offered to show me around if I come to Portland, so I'll be banking on that. All were white people though.

Hmmm, I drop in and out of /sp/ so I'm more of a part timer. That being said, I have left my mark on /sp/ but chose to distance myself from it because I don't want to be an identityfag. Not from /librejp/ but 日本語勉強したからほとんどわかるよ。


>Maybe I should get a new job
nah dont let amerigay's issues ruin a good thing theres still plenty to like just dont be retarded. which hopefully you arent otherwise your bosses are wasting money sending you around the world
>They were all nice and offered to show me around if I come to Portland, so I'll be banking on that. All were white people though.
oh youre prolly fine then just stick with them i thought you were being sent there with no real connections


Don't relax around niggers and beaners, go to cities or towns that are 100% white.


anyway if you're wondering why this thread has gone off the rails, the fatigue has been unreal ever since the saint floyd riots
everyone here is suffering through a seeming malicious enforcement of laws
basically, with how shitty things are the last thing id want is a spee frendly foreigner getting enriched by the local wildlife


File: 1720324832127.jpeg (4.79 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images-1.jpeg)

Oh shit I realized that I can finally say this!

>mfw an american was fat near me


boy you havent seen fat until youve come to bama they yell
because the tide comes in every time the fatties roll into the water


oh man you have no idea
go to a walmart budy


nice example of selective enforcement im talkin bout straight from monkey central
from yesterday, to boot


File: 1720337378925.png (9.74 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

A lot of bullshit happened like flight delays and faulty registrations, now my flight to portland is tomorrow morning, spending the night in Seattle airport


least its not JFK
i had to do that at JFK. fuck that airport. id rather go outside and take my chances sleeping on the street in queens at that point

if you stomp your feet rly hard and whine they might give you a shitty motel


now THIS guy is ACTUALLY tryna get u fucked up in a bad way

thats the dumbest fucking shit i ever heard
no dude. violent criminals are looking for the low hanging fruit. you purposefully act lik that, then x gon give it to ya


Finally reached my hotel so I'll chill for the day. Maybe roam around a bit and eat some fast food.


>5 guys
Y’all making a nigga HONGRY


stop being a whore


Burgerville is the premium Oregon fast food burger
Try it at least once

i lik crik


Also there is some of the most scenic outdoor things in this area

Rent a car and visit Mt Hood and the Oregon Coast.
Portland is a hellhole but everything outside the city is largely the opposite of what you will experience there.


this is not wrong


sirs you need to calm your tits


File: 1720408221758-0.jpg (3.34 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240707_151923.jpg)

File: 1720408221758-1.jpg (4.06 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240707_163407.jpg)

I ate there. I liked it.

I only have 2 weekends, i guess that is doable. Btw i am in hillsboro. I went walking around all day. Almost nobody on sidewalk. Was pretty comfy, despite the sweltering heat. Mostly whites too, i think i saw more criket monkrs than chimps and even then the number was low.

Also went to a sports bar. MLB was on but I barely watch baseball so I didn't get much and no one was there to talk to so I ended up getting drunk alone, watching the other burgers interact in their natural environment. Imageboard terminology, I felt like a newfag so I ended uo lurking more than posting.


you need to get in at least one irrational argument with another indian
I suggest Intel campus


portland has lots of strip clubs
sir please do the needful


oh i heard about that. I know people that come here and just hit the casinos and gentleman's club, as they put it.


if u have an accent you can talk to just about anyone and they'll (most likely) be friendly, especially at a bar
tell them ur dirty foreigner and don't know where anything is and they'll gladly tell you the best spots in town


this is true
if youre at a bar practically anywhere in flyover murrica, most ppl are stoked to see some random cunt whos from the far side of the world


Alright, I'll do that the next time. It was like 4PM, no ome sat next to me, the few people there were in their own groups, the bartender looked busy and I was nervous so I ended up keeping to myself.


it depends on the bar i guess. lik if its a super townie divebar thang then they might tell you to fuck off. but you can tell its that kinda bar the moment you walk in cuz all the bargoyles will be giving you death stares

despite its rep, most ppl in murrica are super friendly. at least outside of major cities


sir this is boss
do the needful and report to sportschan

t. boss


sir please provide the ticket number or i cannot help you
t. humble cognizant employee Rajesh Ramajan Uttampachandriyaraman doing the needful


File: 1720498811069.jpg (3.44 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240708_181635.jpg)

helo boss very very sorry for slow update

I work from Monday to Friday so there won't be much to say. After work I ate at chick-fil-a. Had a spicy chicken burger set with waffle fries and chick-fil-a sauce. It was good. Though before i made an order, the cashier asked for my name first and that threw me off. First time I had to give my name at a fast food joint, I don't even know why, my name wasn't even on the bill, what was the point? The cashier sounded southern. It think Southern accents are endearing so it was nice to hear it in person.


>supporting literal religo-facist company


based and chic fil a pilled
but the pres went pro nigger hard a few years ago and i still have a hard time giving em money after that


you got the good combo, did you get a regular spicy or a deluxe spicy? deluxe is raly gud
also try one of their shakes next time, they might have the peach one cuz it's summer


Good combo, I usually go with the spicy deluxe/spicy chicken just the sammich and eat two sammiches while skipping the fries/drank.
>I don't know why she asked my name
If you had left the immediate vicinity or they got overly busy she would have called out your name when the food was ready.


The pres didn't go pro-nigger he gave the company to his son who is anti-Christian (and also pro-nigger).


>gave his company to his son
so the new pres? i mean ya cathy old as hell hes probably ded by now. dont you remember the "shine a niggers shoes if your White" thing after the floydocaust?


chik fil a's get retarded busy thats why they ask for a name instead of shouting order numbers. its just way easier because people more easily ignore numbers being yelled but if you scream their names they usually immediately stop whatever they're doing and look


File: 1720537129349.gif (144.92 KB, 452x750, 226:375, d9qjvml-9f566f08-f05c-402c….gif)

>visiting America thread becomes fast food discussion
I can see you're settling in well budy


he is doing well
now he will go to the golden arches


fuck micks


watch ur mouth budy


go literally anywhere else
micks is literal bugfood


Why did you choose to go here?


File: 1720566748401.jpg (6.53 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240707_114048.jpg)

Huh I see. The drive thru was packed, I was worried that I wouldn't get my order quick but inside was fine and had no problem. I asked the cashier and even he suggested the double spicy burger but I went with a regular one, figured they'd taste similar.

Huh, didn't know that. I just heard that the food is good and went with this guy >>1632912

Seattle airport is close to Portland airport. My boss chose it. Either Seattle or San Francisco airport, which is a 2hr flight to Portland.


you dodged a bullet
bay area is such a shithole lol


>Either Seattle or San Francisco airport
lel good on your boss san francisco is prolly genuinely the worst city in the usa rn outside of maybe chicago. though i havent been to chicago in a few years maybe it improved slightly?


getting your back window smashed in and stuff stolen in gridlock traffic is a cherished area past time you just dont understand


I used to visit the Beaverton and Hillsboro area at least once a month for years. You are lucky to be there and not downtown portland.

t. ravelbro


>I just heard that the food is good
it is that, i wont deny it. luv me sum chicfila


File: 1720612442522.jpeg (1.42 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_1201.jpeg)

Found op


for lik petty crime bay areas prolly worse
chicago is where you go to get shot


File: 1720619536724.jpg (84.04 KB, 585x720, 13:16, 4a36d330a0cedf8cc5ebda1eb4….jpg)


File: 1720619638025.mp4 (521.68 KB, 720x720, 1:1, welcome.mp4)

thoughts on america so far biz-kun-bro?

second this >>1633243 and other dude sayin travel up the 1 for a bit if you have time, about 3 hours one way tho. coast is purty and the forests getting there are cool
if you go west til big water (make sure and throw apples and car batteries, it's a tradition here) then leisurely stroll north you're gonna see cool shit


File: 1720619686979.jpg (314.32 KB, 888x901, 888:901, thunk dina.jpg)

is crime tourism an spart?


File: 1720656413886.jpg (3.99 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240707_173614.jpg)


I grew up with a lot of American media so I guess I'm kind of a westaboo. I'm aware of a lot of slang and the culture which is why I fit in mostly well. People here are friendly and sure like to talk, be it a small chat with the cashier or waiter etc or even comments from random strangers make a friendly comment at me when I appeared lost or so. It's kinda nice and luckily I improved my social skills well enough to convince people that I am normal even though I'm a total autist on the inside.

I made plans this weekend with people I know here. One day will go to Mt. Hood and the other day will go to the coast, maybe even surf if the waves are good.

Sidenote: saw the tesla memetruck, sure looks weirder in person


Also, I'm trying to ignore all the poz. There were gay flags around places I've been to and the TV has the regular cuckmericals but whatever. Also the news always show headlines about Biden's cognitive decline and demands for him to leave the race and I find that funny.


>saw the tesla memetruck
they look like a giant electric razor amirite?


File: 1720657395825.jpg (3.52 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240709_175138.jpg)

One more thing. The average quantity of food is yuge. I can barely finish it and to avoid constantly feeling full i eat fewer times than normal.


That’s freedom for you pal. Love it or leave it ok? Brandum ain’t my president. Dog bless


that looks like something out of tron what the hell
would not truk and/or pullr with this piece of shit


>The average quantity of food is yuge
the fuckin truth, a lot of times if i eat out it might be 2 of my meals for the day


love it or hate is a truk, they clean nigger
boomertruk/liberal faggot comments on internet is the most unholy alliance and its nauseating


>i eat fewer times than normal
gud a lot of american food is full of sugar even a lot of the stuff that doesnt taste that sweet. its tasty but god damn the portions are ludicrous, though if you do what youre doing you can prolly make a single "meal" last the whole day depending on where you got it from


>boomertruk/liberal faggot comments on internet
idk what youre talking about but if it aligns with whatever that is idc that thing is retarded looking
>they clean nigger
oh yeah how fuckin far does it go and how long does it take to charge? fix those issues and maybe it wont be as gay


File: 1720661301849.png (233.75 KB, 500x333, 500:333, ClipboardImage.png)

>but if it aligns with whatever that is idc
its comments filled with emojis, snark, and 'thats not a REAAALL truck' from retards who drive some lifted extended cab short bed piece of shit like this


>he bought into the yim
cant even take em through a car wash without em getting totaled. teslas are gayer than CAFE truks and i bet you drive a nu shitbox that you have to justify lel


everyones kind of an autist here, just a matter of whether or not they realize it
the state officially funds agitprop via taxes since 2013 smith-mundt. big diff in poz from home?

hell yeah budy enjoy the coast. if you hit north astoria is cool as hell, cave from the goonies movie is kinda neat. if you end up north rockaway beach is my favorite. can take an old school train ride and the old oregon smokehouse has crazy gud food


File: 1720663457793.png (3.63 MB, 1600x1062, 800:531, ClipboardImage.png)

i drive a 94 caprice police package and im just not retarded.
cybrtruck is just a rally fast electric truck with stainless panels, moderately innovative electrical/controls system, and made in america levels of quality control
hyperbolic niggers like you claiming the sky is falling every quarter re: tesla are fucking retarded but wtver– keep pushing 1600% return higher


lel who talmbout stocks, you ARKKbro?
tesla price gon keep pushing but their cars are dog turds
literally cant take them through a car wash but go on about stainless and innovative
only worthwhile innovation in consumer products for years is the third rack in dishwashers


File: 1720665598941.gif (717.49 KB, 200x189, 200:189, OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUU.gif)

>third rack in dishwashers
the what now?
u sayin ive been using two racks when i could have TRES?


Do you know why Mexicans sneak across the boarder in pairs? the sign says no ‘’tres’’spassing


had same reaction, good good always goes unannounced for sum reason
kitchenaid stainless is game changer and no smert app bs


>its comments filled with emojis, snark, and 'thats not a REAAALL truck' from retards
idgaf about any of that stop trying to lump me in with whatever social media hell you hang out in. and the tesla truk is also a shortbed anyway. can the thing even go off road or tow any noteworthy weight? if not then its not a fuckin truck its an ugly el camino. actually even el caminos could do some limited off roading


lel fuck ARKK got out of that shit before it bellied up
>their cars are dog turds
by what fucking metric?
what journoniggers and musk deranged fags say on the internet??
teslas aren't any worse build quality and reliability wise than any of the big 3 within VERY recent memory, and they're a hell of a lot safer
ffs GM EVs were just burning peoples fucking homes down
>can the thing even go off road or tow any noteworthy weight?
can THAT abomination i posted even do that?
the point is trukfags are almost as obnoxious, gay, and retarded as HARLEY DAVIDSON niggers, or boomer firearm M14 afficianados
nobody gives a fuck, 99% of trucks on the roads don't meet your own metrics. the point is what fags like you complain about the cybertruck are applicable to the majority of large glamor trucks floating around– but at least the cybertruck actually has some interesting stuff in it


File: 1720673819163.png (471.39 KB, 682x532, 341:266, ClipboardImage.png)

great now pier 39 has a random nigress statue


>jogging clothes
niggers steal shit and kill people naked? strange


that is so dumb. people get memorialized because they did memorable things


nigger you are going way off about some shit i never even brought up i literally said it was ugly shit and now youre here crying about other truks that i dont like either and being a fag about it at me wtf is your problem? did you buy one of these ugly pieces of shit and get buyers remorse or something?


uhm that needs to be challenged because i have a nigger fetish mmkay?


cybertruk's ugly and thats the end of it queer your autistic hangups about other dumb assholes like you on twatter or wherever the hell you come from has nothing to do with me
dont care about useless "innovative" shit in something that is as worthless as a jacked up suburb-mobile
god damn you made me mad as fuck


How long until a homeless dope fiend fucks it or jacks off on it?


i calmed down continue faggoting at me im over it


File: 1720706279944.jpg (187.08 KB, 2560x1439, 2560:1439, tesla-steering-wheel-scale….jpg)

comparing em to recent big 3 is my point. then add in nu shit lik this and people are beta testing for spork holder uppers
explain your musk boner without mentioning the leftoids or fags in your head or imma ~~rawr~~ at you and get you wet in front of company


To be fair depending on the place I can get away with like 1 meal and some snacks if I eat out and I've been a burger since birth. Home meals tend to be smaller. To also be fair, American food legitimately has less nutrition per cubic measurement of food because of how it's grown. At least with staples like corn and wheat (do NOT eat the conventional burger wheat).

>They clean
You know how electricity is produced, right?


File: 1720708702678.jpg (33.01 KB, 780x748, 195:187, hunger.jpg)

i'm not a fat fuck by any means but i could probably eat two or 2.5 of those burritos he posted, i'll feel like a fat bastard afterwards cuz mexican is nothing but carbs and fat but i totally would. like chipotle-sized burritos, now those are real fukn good but i hate buying from big corps, there's a local taco place opening near my soon that i might check out
problem is all fast food places are nothing but carbs and fat, i wish there was a place that served protein as its main dish with like minimal carbs or fat on the side, but at that point it would just be a place of fried meat which you could easily do yourself
fug now i'm hungry


i know about the corn but whats up with the wheat? i remember being able to eat wheat when i was a kid and be just fine but nowadays it legit feels like im eating poison


its the monsanto pesticides and genetically modified trash getting into the food supply



been all ogre alleged shithole countries in eastern yurop
nothing but whites and zero crime

america is a nigger infested shithole country


yeah okay Sally hand over your purse


pretty accurate
most of eastern europe is more religious than the so called "bible belt" US too.


File: 1720753303747.jpg (1.56 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Welcome to the wheat field….jpg)

>but whats up with the wheat?
The short and sweet (and inaccurate) answer is >>1633945
The more nuance answer is >>1633973

History Lesson: You know how they taught you about how the industrial UK added chalk and shit to their bread? Well, the chalk actually wasn't a big issue. The bread tasted like shit if you added too much and the chalk actually aided digestion and mixed with the alum that the bakers were adding to chemically leaven the bread, so it worked out. It was the copper sulfate pesticides that the farmers were spreading on their crops back then that was causing problems because the miller was lazy and didn't wash the wheat like he was supposed to.

Skip history: Fast forward to today and you have a similar issue in America that Great Britain had. The glyphosates are (mostly) harmless when you use them as an insecticide because wheat has to go through a washing process as part of its drying process to make the kernels more edible. As a child this is what they did with the glyphosate pesticides and it wasn't a big deal because the trace amounts may cause some people to have an upset stomach but it was a small amount.

The issue is that since about 2008-2012 roughly, after washing the wheat, these triple bakas respray the wheat with more fucking glyphosates (as a desiccant to dry it faster) which reintroduces all of the problems that they just washed away. This was compounded with the fact that a lot of processing facilities got bought out around 2012-2016 by companies who don't fucking wash the wheat they buy for use in flours and processed goods because they get green credits for not "wasting water." End result is that you can tolerate the poison as a kid (sort of) but become sensitive to it as an adult.

Solution: Buy organic wheat or buy wheat from Europe (except Ukraine who does the same shit with pesticides which is why activists are so asshurt about Ukrainian wheat entering the European market). Eat more of other grains.

Extra blackpill: Of course this is all additionally compounded by chemical fertilizers. Nitrogen fertilizers are the reason we can have a world population of greater than 3 billion, however it also results in food that is like 40% less nutritious because the fertilizer causes hypergrowth in the cellulose building blocks. GMOs could solve this actual global malnutrition problem (it's not a hunger problem, it's a malnutrition problem, that's why poor people the world over are getting FAT), but instead they are using the GMO technology to make crops more Glyphosate resistant so they can spray more of it to deal with the insects which are also becoming glyphosate resistant (return of locusts by 2050 if this isn't solved), but the genes that increase glyphosate resistance also increase cellulose production further making the food even less fucking nutritious. Europe gets away with the fact that they are a colder climate, which is why they panic the most about global warming since global warming unlocks more resources (a warmer climate is good for mankind, only net positives until about 2080 at our current rate), but also brings the pests (that require pesticides to prevent famine) over to those countries putting them in the same boat as everyone else.

tl;dr- We're living through the plot of The Outer Worlds where Monsanto & Oil Companies are both the only thing holding society together via food production, and also slowly killing us by ruining the food we eat to keep up with global demand.

Unrelated but related, I've not had time to cook lately and the factor keto meals are exactly what you're looking for. They come out to like $4-$8 per meal depending on how many you buy. Tastes good (much better than TV dinners), it's like 60/30/10 protein/fat/carbs, and if you eat a banana or drink milk with them it's enough carbs to stay outta ketosis.


ive only ever been to the czech republic but despite a lot of it being rundown and a lot of the transport there looking like it was made before the 80s it was a p nice trip. only time i ever felt uneasy was when i was crossing through the red light district in prague and that was only because there were suspicious straight out of africa niggers trying to lure me into various clubs.
no i wasnt going there to to fuck a prostitute i was going to hooters. yah theres a fuckin hooters in prague i happened to spot it on google maps while i was there and i thought maybe it was some kinda knockoff but no its an actual hooters


>go to Prague
>eat at hooters
Son, I am disappoint.


File: 1720759703172.jpg (4.25 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240710_185234.jpg)

>All this autism since my last post
Damn I forgot about monsanto and pesticides, I gotta be careful
Ate chinese food yesterday, was good. No real update but tomorrow I'll be going out for drinks with co-workers at a bar. Hope it's fun.


you'll get that in most capitol cities, the smaller ones not so much


i do the leangains diet which is not quite keto (you still eat enough carbs mostly in the form of a small amount of fruit or vegetables to keep your intestines happy) but more focused on intermittent fasting, there's an 8 hour window each day where you can eat whatever you want (ideally 60% protein but that's really hard to do, I can usually get about 50% though) and then nothing for the other 16 hours. it would probably be working better for me if i could actually stay to it but after about 3-4 days into it all i can think about is BREAD and i eat a hugeass burrito or something covered in cheese and throw everything off. been doing good for about a week though so maybe this time it will work.


fug i need to make dumpllings sometime
but i'd prolly fuck it up


With that attitude you will.


Man, I miss being able to eat out. Overnight shifts suck. Everything is closed when I get off in the morning.


>Put spoonful of food inside wrappers you can buy in the refrigerated Asian section of the supermarket (usually next to the tofu) if too lazy to make your own dough
>Fry/boil/steam until cooked through
It's hard to fuck them up unless you undercook them or forget them on the stovetop, especially if you steam them. Use a fork to crease them and a small potato scooper/ice cream scooper if you suck at knowing when there's too much filling.


There is nothing wrong with bread if you work hard enough to justify it. I know it's expensive but you can get bread that consists of wheat gluten/wheat starch so that it's low-carb still. Mission makes a good carb-balance tortilla too for wraps and quesadillas that uses gluten/starch combo instead of flour.

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