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so uhhhh
they decided to just turn it into a BF4 clone?
the fuck?
retards claim it was because of engine limitations when they should have just kept a similiar map size and not try and make ridiculous high tier units like the fucking mammoth mk ii
or make it a set piece or something
they really are retarded at game design– when they copied the original CNC mode for ren X it just 'worked'
instead for this they wanted to make the maps to scale for actual cnc maps or something then it turns out infantry are completely broken when its a walking sim
so their solution was to turn it into BF4….


idk nothin about like any of the games ur talkin bout tbh but ive always felt those FPSs that go for the whole "MASSIVE REALISTIC MAP" yim are always boring af. sure it may be technically impressive, but even if youre netcode supports having a ton of people, it still always feels empty af

gimme a nice tightly designed boomershooter dm map any day over that


download renegade x, its free bud
its a really nice fan made remake oc westwoods C&C Renegade from the early 2000s


anyone wanna play some weekend?


Would anyone like to play this upcoming weekned?


the one or two other guys on here that might but tbh this bort is so low pop and slow that organizing multiplayer prolly wont work too well
unless youre putting out invites on other sites too that might gain some traction as long as dramatic dumbasses dont successfully start some gay bort drama


no just here and i played with another guy here forever ago, we did it for a few weekends in a row it was EPIC


We used to have a Quake 3 server running here a long time ago too when the site was less ded, I kinda miss it tbh


i can put it back up if you want.
i was running it off my raspberry pi


Might be worth a try on a weekend or something I guess. But like >>7262
said we'd probably have to advertise on some other alt-chans since there's like 3 people on this board


even then if its only like two people playing its prolly fine sometimes small scale stuff is fun in its own way so either way works


>advertise on other boards
but i just want to play with you guys 😊


well post some links for anything >we need to set it up and i'll see if i ever have time


it is now the weekend
it is now the time that little ol' wagecuck me has time to play
yet there has been nothing posted
i go play with dingaling instead then check later


nice, get any good WHACKIN material?
i dont think i'll post anything this weekend. maybe next?


all the hwackin' material is up thar in my bone dome aka my brain aka my top dick that thar porno is unnecessary when u got imagernayshin


Yes but how am I going to imagine extreme gape bukakke piss orgy???


1. sit down
2. think
3. after thunkin' donsome fappin'
4. ???
5. enjoy cumlightenment


just saying next time maybe actually have something set up beforehand when you wanna play because idk about the other 2 or 3 guys that sometimes look at this board but personally i only check it a couple times during the weekend and then go do other shit during the week but if theres something you wanna play and youve already got the setup going it makes it way easier to coordinate games that way on extra slow borts like this


how bout RA2, you play that?


i'll play whatever if im actually around to catch a gamenight and theres a download link available
it could be some dumb gay shit (of which i have no example readily at hand) and id still join the multiplayer to see whats up


ok cool. i'll get download links for the cracks, modern patches etc so we can just join via standard multiplayer menu etc


sounds good to me


>monday shaping up like it will be a 80 hour week
will keep you posted


kill your boss and become the boss and lower your hours and increase your pay


if you ever have the opportunity to hire someonew with a disability, just
when federal law talks about 'reasonable accomodation' what they really mean is that person will work at 25% of the capacity of a normal human, and you can't do shit about it

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