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what kinda old games you like to play


ya know whats funny i actually have a rly obsolete spectrometer that looks almost exactly like that has a blue screen output tho that i swiped out of a university dumpster once. actually turns on too. not that i have any fucking reason to use it outside of plugging random instruments into it

tell you those unis throw all kindsa neat shit out every once in a while. that shit had to be like $10k minimum brand new


also been thinkin about runnin thru the old dark forces/jedi knight games
apparently some dude did a sourceport of the first dark forces, which is p ebin
getting DOSbox to actually run the game at not 1000% speed, and/or not randomly garbling the audio is often more trouble than its worth



uni boys are gettin p. cute these days


you should check to see if it has any stuff in it


File: 1687357402010.jpg (116.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Caesar 3 Games.jpg)

I've been playing a lot of old strategy/city sim stuff. Found out about the Caesar 3 source port, had the game as a kid but somehow completely erased it from my memory until seeing it again now.
Also wtf happened to all the threads? Did we get spammed or something?


>did we get spammed
yes, /h/ /v/ and /sp/ all wiped by an autistic sperg that has been near daily spamming the site for over a year


pedocel/dickslapper/whatever gayboi name he calls himself went on a particularly autistic rampage and dudman was too sleepy to enable a new thread limit to stop him before he wiped out a couple borts


all the late 90s early 2000s RTS shit
RA2 and Tib Sun are fucking kino


File: 1688429263608.png (75.86 KB, 230x234, 115:117, ClipboardImage.png)

13 yo me wanted to fuck her so bad


>implying you wouldnt still fuck her


yah but 13 year old me could cum twenty times in a day


File: 1689380972721.png (216.88 KB, 474x355, 474:355, ClipboardImage.png)

can you imagine?
>Friday evening
>parents just went out to a friends party
>won't be back until early, early morning.
>money is on the table, get yourself a pizza
>you open the box to the new game you just got
>Red Alert 2 by Westwood
>wtf this install menu is sick
>start soviet campaign
>Lt Zofia mission briefing
>at first professional
>as missions go on she becomes flirtatious
>too bad its just a game
>knock at door
>its Lt Zofia coming to visit her commander
>tfw 6 hours of your passionate and experienced Lt taking your virginity





found a kewl zombie mod for morrowind. replaces almost all the NPCs with corprus beasts, the guards and ordinators become rly buff corprus beasts. then sometimes theres elemental mage ones too and if you kill em theyll drop books you can learn new spells from since almost all merchants are ded. the mod author even made it so you can still actually beat the game doin the whole "back path" way w the ghetto-rigged fake wraithguard, albeit without the help of azura, since its basically a "what if" scenario of if the nerevarine died/failed
it was a bit ez so i combined it with a mod that gives all 6th house mobs so basically every enemy buffed stats and HP regen and now its rly rly scawwwy

its p neat since it makes you play the game totally backasswards. lik youre literally safer being in the middle of fuckall in the ashlands than going anywhere near a town. and most of the usual ways of getting OP are removed from the game entirely.


File: 1690348915828.png (594.78 KB, 784x785, 784:785, ClipboardImage.png)

i like boomer shooters


what even counts as boomer shooter? pre-cod4? pre-two weapon limit that every fucking fps has nowadays?
thats one thing i rally miss is having a whole arsenal of retarded bullshit to play with i think i got more hours out of turok and turok 2 just fucking around with the weapons than actually trying to progress through either game
fuckin hated some of turok 2's levels though tbh they seemed to lack a certain "flow" that most of the first turok's levels had. i did eventually complete the game but i never bothered trying to 100% it i just used cheats to get the nuke and the bladed discus thing meanwhile with the first turok i got all the chronoscepter pieces without feeling like i was constantly double backing and looking at the same shit over and over. except for the catacombs, fuck the catacombs


i would classify it as the early fps of the 90s, where everything is or seemed like a derivative of doom


imo boomer shooter is
>dark forces
and other contemporaries generally characterized by their
>very fast gameplay
>lack of realism
>focus on multiplayer DM
>lack of any real story/narrative
half-life, while being very similar to quake and UT99, was the END of the boomer shooter era thx to muh cinematic storytelling and gordon moving like a slow cunt and wheezing like a bitch if i try to tell him to step on it


makes sense. now that i think about it i guess half life really was comparatively slow af which is kinda funny because half life movement is still at least twice as fast as all the sluggish shit released nowadays.
i wonder if theres any comparison videos about this. im sure there are but im not gonna look


>half life movement is still at least twice as fast as all the sluggish shit released nowadays.
yea but you had sprint, and gordon got tired
p revolutionary
compare that to doomguy strafe running errywhere like SANIC or the floaty acrobatics of quake and UT

and it makes sense, it was the 3D revolution
everyone thought they wanted realism
where the gfx fell short, they could make up for it in game design, which was kinda the genius of HL1. like its still ridiculous the dudes a physicist but it seemed so much more believable with the "particle physics at the govt black-site gone wrong" because of how they told the story in-engine, and how they gimped gordon.
its funny cuz typing that out its not like its much more believable than "hell invades spacemoon so marine invades hell solo to kill ALL demons", but u kno wat i mean


>yea but you had sprint, and gordon got tired
nah i mean even gordons walking speed is much faster like i tried to play one of the newer cawadoodies with a fren (one of the ones where they give you jetpacks or whatever that lets you jump high af) and i couldnt get over how fuckin slow the ground movement was like even when sprinting it felt like my character was some special ed gimp making all the movements like he was running fast but not really going much faster than a jog. even the jetjumping was sluggish and floaty
i get what youre saying about hl in comparison to doom though


I go back to BLOPS2 or Skyrim when Im feelin nostalgic


File: 1691237570238-0.png (160.75 KB, 1081x811, 1081:811, DF sunset ayasofya.png)

File: 1691237570238-1.png (136.74 KB, 1019x757, 1019:757, DF grab mode.png)

rn its daggerfall
the unity sourceport that is
i played the shareware DOSbox version quite a bit back when i couldnt run MW or oblivion on my old computers, but man with the sourceport and only a couple mods its kinda nuts what you can do with it now

best role-playing game in the series bar none. esp due to the way the world interacts with or without you and how reputations spill over to enemies/allies of the ppl you work for/fuck over. can lead to some intradasting emergent storytelling. for ex showing up to a kingdom youve never even been to, going to an inn to rest, then the guards come in and arrest you for "criminal conspiracy" because youve fucked over the dark brotherhood a LOT, and that kingdom is allied w the temple of arkay who secretly trades souls/soulgems/is allied w DB. or school of julianos upcharging you like 10x to get your disease cured b4 u turn into a wereboar, simply because youre a mages guild toady and theyre in direct competition.

but its prolly the best action game in the series too. imo the diceroll combat gives it a lot more depth than the later titles, and yet it never seems as egregious as morrowind can sometimes be at early lvls, even WITH the admittedly oblique "click then swing to slash" mechanic tbh it wouldve sucked in MW but its p novel in DF, if not a pain in the wrist after a while.
very cool how magic/enchantments actually scale with you too. in MW spells were honestly kinda just shittier versions of enchantments due to how lvling enchant skill increased the charges you had. meanwhile wizards fire is p much a decent fireball the whole game in DF, AND it gets cheaper as you skill up.
oh yea and the main quest/plot is interesting, which is unheard of in the later titles. ted did a fucking bang-up job with all the layers of political intrigue goin on. the main quests kinda draw you in gradually as you begin to understand the major players and their motives until it just gets lik "wtf is the king of worms srsly the only dude in the illiac being straight with me?" kinda

also also, possibly the most under-rated dolly-dress-up game in all of vidya lik wtf the paperdoll is ridiculous i had totally forgotten
finna make a low INT bimbo character, max out a line of credit at the bank, then just go kingdom to kingdom buying expensive clothes

all in all rly rly rly cool fucking game
its the little DOS game that absolutely could not, but indignantly tried anyway, and now, kinda can
my one complaint is that the sourceports a unity project made by a lone redditor and so its as hilariously un-optimized as youd expect tbf it is in beta. doubt itll get much better tho. you need a decent/newer computer if u wanna mod it out lik crazy. i dont. most of those gfx mods are for zoomies w pixelitis
idgi the pixel art is gr8, and every ass and pair of tits in the entire illiac bay is fat af
wouldnt change a thing

play daggerfall ya poser


what mods you add?


File: 1691344812366.png (440.39 KB, 1361x763, 1361:763, DF modlist.png)

just a couple
most importantly imo tho is
>quest pack 1
doubles the quest variety for all factions/guilds. unless youre rly familiar w basegame, youll never know the diff. i think some actually were cut/unfinished quests they re-implemented. its cool since a lot add skill checks and other neat stuff. it has a few dependencies like "actions" to allow for skill checks/special triggers. im sure i dont need to hand-hold how the nexus and mod dependencies work
if nothing else tho, get this quest pack its just an all around improvement

added some minor gameplay ones, mostly for thief builds cuz "thief running around in plate mail" and "le sneaky knight" always felt retarded in vanilla
>roleplay realism-items
adds leather and chain armor variants and some light variants of flails/axes for low STR rogue-ish chars
theres some other mods in this "set" i havent tried. seemed kinda tedious so i didnt bother
adds a guild. basically mage guild for high INT non-mages. fun quests and gud guild services
>skullduggery-a thief overhaul
massive overhaul to how stealth and thieves guild work. actually have to sneak in order to lvl sneak. can wake ppl up breaking into houses and stores if you suck/wear heavy armor/run thru the door. guards can arrest you from farther away if they have line of sight. guild sells skill boosting items like rope that boost climb skill etc
dont bother if you dont intend to be a rogue somewhat

this last group is basically just for the outside/overworld. if youre just gonna fast travel like how it was in vanilla ie open map. click. simulate days passed. ur there they hardly matter. only for if you wanna have a reason to explore like an autist
>travel options
combines old mod "tedious travel" waaaaaayyyy too autistic. also broken in new unity ver with vanilla. fasttravel by inns/ship is vanilla, but now if you choose to camp out it goes to time compression where you can zoom thru overworld on horseback. unless you have a gud computer, dont go past like 30x, youll fall thru the floor/outrun the distant terrain being loaded ime
>basic roads
adds roads that connect major towns. also a "snap to road" button that you can use to instantly go into the above time compression mode, but without specific destination. i think it also gives you a speed buff/bonus to avoid encounters? idk rly but its hand in hand w travel options
>world of daggerfall
adds random shit to overworld. old ruins, orc strongholds, stuff to explore. also makes some dungeon called like "yeomsly castle" or whatever actually be a castle and not some hole in the ground like vanilla. has dependencies like "daggerfall enhanced textures" and "location loader"
>mountains and hills
at least i think it does. i lik to cast climb spell, scale cliffs, wait till sunset/rise, get on horse, cast jump spell, then jump off cliffs and cast slowfall/levitate and slowly FLAOT and look around
>enhanced sky
i kinda like the old skyboxes but it starts to get disorienting with terrain turned up to 3 or 4 cells in unity. way better sunsets tho the vanilla ones looked like satan
>warm ashes
quest packs to add random encounters. i think SIGIL is better as it adds some friendly ones too and not just LOL I SPAM MONSTARS @ U like warm ashes. i manually deleted the "overworld" and "siege" parts of the warm ashes. the overworld ones crashed into the more interesting SIGIL ones so group of friendly soul merchants get spawnkilled by a group of centaurs etc. the sieges ones just made my game run poorly constantly spawning mobs

get questpack 1 and tbh turn on smaller dungeons. doesnt effect MQ dungeons and makes em feel way more epic which is how it shouldve been imo. nice lil vanilla+ set-up
rest is just me fucking around


File: 1691504777681.png (225.12 KB, 512x256, 2:1, q9n4v7.png)

who makes a sourceport on the most niggercattle fucking eng–
>lone redditor
I shoulda guessed
anyway I sympathize with your sentiment, daggerfall's definitely overlooked but I've gotta contest this
>main quest/plot is interesting, which is unheard of in the later titles
MW's MQ is brilliant and has the added distinction of being summed by the best quote of any game
<each event is preceded by prophecy, but without the hero there is no event
even more amazing because I can't think of another game that takes this now obvious postmodern approach to subverting monomyth
I'll also go to bat for a lot of the quests in the MQ of oblivion. the story in it was less than the sum of its parts but some of those parts were really cool
and more generally how unique is the setting? I've always seen MW as the high watermark of the series in large part because the setting is both so unique and so well realized. what I've seen of daggerfall's setting looks a lot like the generic dungeons and dragons of oblivion
are there any mods that just upscale the pixels like with the new AI hotness or something that doesn't turn it into pic related?
good rule of thumb is if your character moves fast enough that dodging attacks is better than hiding behind cover it's probably a boomer shooter


I tried to play DF recently but found it hard to get into, any tips for shitters like me?


well the first two turoks definitely fit that rule
plus there wasnt usually much of anything to hide behind in them anyway


i like MWs main plot. its simple, but its developed in a way thats very fuckin interesting. and the fantastic world-building only adds to it obv
also the way the 6th house is introduced and how unrelentingly spoopy they are is rly rly rly cool

but you just dont know what youre talking about. the "generic" its not royal court/fantasy setting has a lot of potential for intrigue and ted leaned into that as far as he reasonably could with just text.
saw some thing where he was talking about after arena, everyone liked the game, but thought the plot was boring.
so he got butthurt by that and decided to write "the most absurd story he could wrap his head around"
and i think he did a p gud job at that. if you arent paying attention and playing like a double-agent, you are the one that gets betrayed. every noble in the bay tries to use you to get one over on everyone else, usually without you knowing it. you prolly wont even rly understand whats happening the first time. just a lot of stuff you wont notice. like how the book "the war of betony" is COMPLETELY different depending on which province youre in as its post-war propaganda
ffs even the emperor himself is bullshitting you. your main objective, itself, is a ruse

basically the difference is that in later games you can outline the basic plot in a sentence or so. even rather complex ones like morrowind, can be boiled down.
it would take 45mins for me to outline the plot of DF and itd still be a lot to take in and itd look like that always sunny meme w charlie losing his mind in the mailroom. theres just too many major players and too many motives that only become clear once you begin to zoom out and look at all the other pieces and their relation to one another.

idk its just rly gud. its what youd expect in a book, not a videogame, and certainly not a dungeon crawler from the 90s. most TES games i kinda just make a character and fuck around. maybe do a MQ eventually, then fuck around some more. in DF i go do some seemingly menial task for queen aubk-i and end up reading these burnt remains of a letter since mynisera was trying to hide it about lysandus doing a genociderino on the orcs. i think "woah, maybe i SHOULD go talk to gortwog, king of the orcs, and figure out wtf is even happening. also he has that letter im supposed to find. why does he have that?".
thats never rly happened to me in TES. even MW it was just kinda like yeaaa i guess i gotta go fulfill this prophecy or ash slaves are gonna keep annoying me every time i try to sleep. but dagoths patient/immortal, hell wait for me.
DFs plot presents itself just enough for you to stop and go "wait… WHAT?", until the end where youre second-guessing every menial request to return a cloak, and asking yourself "do i rly wanna let ANY of these duplicitous cunts activate numidium?"
i feel like the generic-ness of the setting almost mirrors the way the narrative wolf-in-sheeps-clothings you. literally nothing is what it appears to be

>are there any mods that just upscale the pixels like with the new AI hotness or something that doesn't turn it into pic related?
theres a ton of gfx mods tbh. DREAM seems to be the most popular, but it runs like ass. and the AI upscale ones kinda look like those art-gore memes where old renaissance paintings get smiley faces drawn on them.
idk gfx dont mean much to me imo esp not in a DOS game
the best one ive seen is the "hand-painted models" but even those look kinda fuckin derpy imo. biggest issue is you end up with a game w like 6 different artsyles, which imo is far more dissonant to look at than just "bad" gfx


play as an altmer. immunity to paralysis is OP and the only gud racial bonus rly
answer the questions in the beginning to get the ebony dagger as a gift from the emperor (some early-game enemies like imps and harpys, and later daedra, cant be hit without gud quality weapons)

primary skills:
>long blade
>critical strike (increases chance to hit)
major skills:
>mysticism (for mark/recall)
minor skills:
>blah blah just fill out the rest with stuff you wanna not be terrible at, you can pay for training later
>dont underestimate ettiquette its actually rly useful if ur PER isnt like 35. it can pacify guards, half of the human mobs, vampires, liches etc

this set-up will make you a demon with long blades (most common weapon) and youll lvl up very naturally just by dungeon-delving. dont forget to boost up the HP-per lvl in the corner to at least 15 if u wanna not be a noodle. make sure your STR and END are at least 50 at start so you dont get minus to hit and minus to HP per lvl. long blade is AGI skill so lvl that up ASAP, which will also give you a bonus to hit, as well as a bonus to dodge

if you wanna be a mage, EVER, take increased magery at the char creation. 3x will give you 300SP at 100 INT. if you dont, your max will be 50SP, which is functionally useless. prolly wont even be able to recall
then just take some random disadvantages so that your difficulty dagger is around/under the halfway mark. i recommend banning useless shit like leather/chain armor, shield-types you dont wanna use, even darkness-powered magery isnt bad since its always dark in dungeons
diseases are brutal in DF. always have either a quick recall near a temple, a potion w you, or a spell.

first thing you wanna do is join the mages guild and go create some very simple, cheap, spammable healing spells, and BUY RECALL. this way you can lvl resto quick, and lvl mysticism, and save yourself having to backtrack dungeons/walk back to quest-givers
cheap spells can stay useful for longer than youd think since magic scales in DF, and lvling, unlike later games, ONLY makes you stronger. this is the game the skill/lvl-up system was designed for after all
you can rank up later if you wanna be able to buy magic items and enchant you DO, just keep in mind they wont promote you if you dont lvl at least two schools of magic (w my advice you should naturally)

then go join a temple. dibellas as good as any as they have very early potion sellers and have long blade, resto, dodging and a couple others that line up w above skills. also mad tits and hung beefcakes who heal ur diseases for free. but look it up, they all have different advantages/disadvantages

your first big purchase should be a wagon. period.
wagons come with a slow horse, but its better than nothing and it gives you 10x the inv space
next buy a horse
then idgaf
rest is just basic old CRPG shit
>save early
>save often
have one save before you accept quests, one for when you get to dungeons, THEN your quicksaves. always remember to set an anchor for you to recall back to (they dont stay like in MW). i usually do it right in front of the quest-giver. dont bite off more than you can chew. if you fail a lotta quests in one kingdom, theyll hate you. and if your regional rep gets too low, youll get harassed by guards constantly. if this happens just move on to a new kingdom for a few years till they forget about you


oh yea
do the "smaller dungeons" option in the unity start-up
biggest issue imo w DF was the 90s dungeon-crawlers paradise doesnt translate well to the modern gaymer.
but it also just kinda ruins any kind of difficulty curve the game could have
when every dungeon is exactly as massive as the rest it blurs together.
the smaller dungeons mode is still far more labyrinthian than anything youd see nowadays ie youll still get lost for an hour or so sometimes and it just makes side-quests feel more like sidequests, and the MQ feels more the MQ


Thanks bro, will give it a shot sometime. Didn't they nerf the Altmer + paralysis immunity thing in DF unity though?


>Didn't they nerf the Altmer + paralysis immunity thing in DF unity though?
yea that was the old meta
you can do that in the DOS version because immunity took precedence before critical weakness
if you do that in unity you will get para-haxed to shit the whole game. first at the start by spoders, then basically every enemy in the late-game. para is brutal and altmer neednt worry at all
redguards another good one for melee builds too if you think elves are gay

rly you dont need to be that meta with DF. youll get used to its quirks, undoubtedly prolly make like 3 chars before you rly get into it anyways, so dont stress on it too much. frankly the more RPing/gimped builds are the most fun imo and its TES so theres like a dozen separate ways to get ridiculously OP later on

one last thing i forgot is to set reflexes very end of char creation to "very high"
im not rly sure if it was just a thing cuz 90s computers were slow af, but anything under that leads to the game running dreadfully slow by modern gaymer standards


File: 1691750677658.png (340.61 KB, 750x2880, 25:96, losing is fun!.png)

DF sounds like the other DF


.>we're talking about the DF that doesnt have trannies


troons took over dorf? when?


the dev went full cuck and added tranny dwarves like 3 or 4 years ago and subsequently told everyone on their forum that arguing about it is verboten. just look up "dwarf fortress trannies" and youll get all the details but its not really anything you havent heard before from a dev that kowtows to the shemale agenda at this point
its still a p intricate game obviously and maybe you can mod that shit out but fuck handing over any money for it


File: 1692022759090.gif (1.41 MB, 300x223, 300:223, 1382297104362.gif)

>the dev went full cuck and added tranny dwarves like 3 or 4 years ago
lol seriously? I seen that on 4chin /v/ a while ago and thought it was a troll


afaik you can disable it in the settings


yeh it was real
still ghey and dumb regardless trannies should be ignored entirely


File: 1692083151472.png (121.12 KB, 997x508, 997:508, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm surprised by the amount of mods available for Daggerfall Unity, you can actually get it to feel pretty close to the modern day Bethesda gameplay. It even has the loot menu from fucking Fallout 4.


yah the elders scrolls fanbase can get rally autistic with mods


yea you can get rly lost in the sauce for sure. i wouldnt recc doin too many big mods on a first run, but thats how zoomers do everything so whatev idc tbh
but hey whatever its not like most zoomers wouldve ever played DF on DOSbox and frankly it kinda sucked on it, and now they might, so thats kinda cool. its too cool a game to just get ignored by ppl as the black sheep of the series

but thats prolly the only actual advantage of it being a unity project. makes it piss ez to mod. and since its a 3D engine unlike DFs faux pas 2.5D, that includes shit that downright couldnt have happened without the source port, like 3D models and stuff
personally, i think all the 3D model mods for mobs/NPCs look weird, and alot of them look just downright goofy. the 3D skeletons, for ex, are absolutely childish looking, whereas the vanilla ones were the shit nightmares are made of


File: 1692800899563.jpg (548.47 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 5-1566049965-1984043380.jpg)

Yeah I always try to keep the vanilla feel as much as possible with these games personally. I'm a massive morrowfag so I don't really have a problem with the diceroll combat and other janky shit. Just found it surprising that there's this much interest in Daggerfall, I thought most people would just see it as some obscure boomer game. And yeah I don't like the graphics mods. I've seen a lot of people using the DREAM texture pack but imo the mix of 4k textures with 2D sprites just looks weird and jarring. And from what I can tell from the 3D model mods they unironically just stole them from the Unity store lmao


File: 1692825168119.jpg (602.35 KB, 2100x1548, 175:129, Uniracers box art.jpg)

Is a unicycle a athlete?


makes me think of iggy's reckin balls for some reason. i wonder if that game holds up at all, i remember it being hard af


freud was right


>I thought most people would just see it as some obscure boomer game
i mean they kinda do.
if it werent for the fact that its literally an elder scrolls game its hard to imagine it being any more popular today than any of the old ultima games.
it CERTAINLY wouldnt have gotten a source port

>the mix of 4k textures with 2D sprites just looks weird and jarring

this is my main gripe and why id recc avoiding the texture packs. the hi-res ones also make the game run MUCH worse.
the only one i have is "daggerfall expanded textures" and thats solely for mod dependencies just adds like kingdom specific flags and some other small shit for "world of daggerfall" mod, but it fits with the vanilla style/resolution so idc


about what?
that everyone and everythings just a motherfucker?
nah heem was just on way too much blow
also prolly ether cuz muh 1800s doctors


projecting his mommy incest fetish onto the entire fucking planet was pretty based tbh


>ywn go back in time and fuck freud's momma in front of him


File: 1694809170349.jpg (45.88 KB, 700x394, 350:197, maxresdefault10-700x394.jpg)

this one


lel whats this from? made me think of that grezzo doom wad


File: 1695824476362.jpg (120.71 KB, 768x672, 8:7, 1695316117574.jpg)

Not really old but some anon from 4chan /v/ recently released a 2hu fangame based on classic MegaTen gameplay and I'm honestly enjoying it more than I did SMT5


I didn't know the game was made by a 4chan /v/ anon.


>cuckchanner made it
>from /v/
>not /jp/
Holy shit what dream is this? Can I get a download link? I don't want to touch that shithole.


The game is Artificial Dream in Arcadia, you can get it on Steam or just find a pirate link


File: 1696955292738.gif (1.61 MB, 315x250, 63:50, star explorers.gif)

speaking of not-retro indieshits anyone tried this yet?
star explorers
looks fucking cool tbh


/v/ made a couple gud SMW hacks


kinda looks like Daggerfall but in space


lol thats how i found it
was lookin for daggerfall, but in space


ethnic cleansing


For example?


i don't remember ethnic cleansing looking like that. unless im thinking of some other game


File: 1705524555665.jpeg (651.67 KB, 1696x2631, 1696:2631, moot point.jpeg)

/v/orld 1 is p gud. bit lackluster since its mostly vanilla sprites but some fun levels without ever feeling too retarded hard. except the end

/v/orld 2 is rly rly rly fucking gud
bit hard in some spots obv its a bunch of diff anons making levels separately but its never full-on kaizo autism. excellent custom sprites, music, and a bunch of rly fancy ASM shenanigans and custom bosses. its got a good sense of humor about itself, similar to clover (/v/s pkmn hack), but imo, is less cringe than that sometimes gets
still a fucking memehack (picrel), but tbh it stomps any SMW hacks ive ever played

they also made a 3rd one too but imma try finish the 2nd one first

they can be annoying to find the actual patches for them since smwcentral is run by fags who literally cant even. i think the first one was allowed up but 2 and 3 were rejected. too saucy for a buncha thinskinned trannys i guess
try smwdb.me instead, theyre way better as an archive of smw hacks imo


I liked that hack but there are a few levels that I remember being somewhat kaizo tier (that Dagoth Ur one comes to mind), also seemed pretty buggy, like a few times I paused the game and then died immediately after unpausing for no fucking reason. I liked all the oldfag memes tho.


File: 1714966808704.png (3.34 KB, 600x600, 1:1, pg_16145_2014-09-26-180259.png)

>mfw gayming pc died and now im stuck on hardware that barely runs quake 2 let alone anything newer
a shame doom multiplayer is such an unplayable shithole


just get 16bit an shieet


>doom multiplayer
all you need is h-doom tbh


lol just get something cheap if you don't care about modern shit, my PC is a 10 year old Dell and it runs everything I want it to


fr even if i had a modern pc id prolly just put moar mods on 10-20yo games anyways
some new stalger mods id prolly try too i guess. my computer cant into the new open x-ray ones


yea well wut about crisis


i dont want my sis to cry she sends me cookies sometimes


tell your cunt sister to send me sum cookies bitch

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