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games with a similiar vibe and gameplay?
i feel like that era of games is dead :(


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There's a lot of other old CRPGs with similar gameplay (never played it but I've heard Underrail is pretty close) but I've never found anything with an atmosphere like FO1, even the other games in the series don't come close.


living through the peak of civilization isn't fun once your over the top ;_;


i hope they dont keep raping the franchise….


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imo the franchise is actually pretty likely to get a decent game right now. It's been 8 years since FO4 and people will be asking for a new one, but with Todd being busy with Starfield and TES VI (NEVER EVER) I could see Microsoft getting tired of waiting and handing the series over to someone who actually cares about the source material like what happened with NV. Chances are that this is just some elaborate cope though.


Ive been considering Underrail. I've been in the mood to play a grimdark rpg shooteroo. I heard some positive stuff about Wasteland 3 but Deep Silver is behind it and they are very sus. I also heard good things about Weird West.

I dont know why some small dev hasnt come around and made a classic Fallout clone. Just take the interesting factions of FNV and put it in classic Fallout gameplay and you would have a gold mine.


thats cope
beth is choking, and they know it, and TES6 will be in like 10yrs. so you prolly are right its the next one to come. doubt itll be gud tho

FO is their other golden goose perhaps bronze after 76 so i rly doubt theyd just shit it off to some 3rd party as of right now.
the only reason they did that with obsidian was to cash in on how unexpectedly well FO3 did while focusing their own studios on skyrim


>I dont know why some small dev hasnt come around and made a classic Fallout clone. Just take the interesting factions of FNV and put it in classic Fallout gameplay and you would have a gold mine.
i dont think most small devs have a clue how to write fucking anything other than computer code. certainly not a compelling story, or characters, or factions.
and they certainly dont have the cash on hand to hire real writers, if those are even a thing anymore

that reminds me i wish someone wouldve bullied harlan ellison into writing for more vidya before he died. i know he wouldve kicked and moaned the whole time about having to make concessions for gameplay, and prolly just wouldve been a general headache to even deal with at all, but his style of writing influenced a LOT of vidya devs/writers and it wouldve been neat to see it come full circle. plus that one i have no mouth P&C is p gud tbh

are there any decent sci-fi writers left at all anymore?


oh yea idk if anyone gives a shit but its a fallout thred so whatev
tim cain started a youtube channel a few months ago and has just been dumping all his notes/stories he still has from FO1s development
prolly somethin interesting if you like fallout a lot

def explains a lot about the dramatic shift in tone between 1, being dark af, and 2 bein all corny and 90s pop-culture references


i certainly give a shit that sounds like a gud watch thanks


funny you mention that ya i've been watching his vids daily
they're pretty good with the expection that he's a FAG
other than that its pretty interesting


and leonards a jew who made fuckin gr8 art
say what you want about the guy, fallout str8 up wouldnt have happened without him and his team of miscreant nerds that stayed late after work for pizza. dude accidentally built a perfect team

frankly i wish more devs would dump all their stories about game development. its kinda invaluable. at the very least, their exp could help modern game devs from sucking so much ass


it is kinda crazy when you see how even back then, in the niche CRPG genre, AAA game development was still a literal cock and ball torture smash your face against a concrete wall nightmare
its a wonder they even let as many gud games come out as they did, what with how completely out-of-touch with their consumers they were


no mention of ATOM rpg?
cum on step it up


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check out underrail
not as attractive as FO but suppposedly packed with content


this one been around for a while?
i think bernd tried to shill me on this game a while back but i forgot what it was called


i think so
i've never played it tho


game really is something else
dat intro

has there ever been a vidya villain even as close to as cool as the master?

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