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why hasn't GAYMING on linux taken off yet?
windows keeps getting worse, wine/proton keep getting better, better frontends, better documentation, and gamerword cattleproof engines like Unity and UE5 are basically out of the box compatible yet we don't seem to be any closer to the tipping point
are we all just a bunch of CONSOOMERs?


yooooooooll never knooooooo the ansooooooooooor


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The market share is so small that most developers just don't bother I guess. And even out of those very few loonix users there's a good chance that most of them are NEETs running it on a 2004 Thinkpad like Stallman.


File: 1690816449700.png (867.34 KB, 1301x767, 1301:767, arc.png)

get with the TIMES you're living in the PAST Grandad!
today's Linux users are "HIP" and "WITH IT"
which they enjoy on their new GAMING PCs by Republic Of GAMERS with their RAZER mice and RAINBOW led keyboards


i deleted my windows partition years ago gaymen on loonix is basically perfect now
esp since steam deck came out devs will actually try to make their gaymes work on proton/wine on release day 1
even b4 steam deck tho with shit like lutris/dxvk you could run most games just fine if you were above 105iq


how do you play on linoox anyhow?
i remember looking into it long ago, something about wine? emulation? idk


the most cringe part of this image for me is the guy with 4chan links on his homepage. How fucking obsessed can you be lmao


There's a decent amount of native Linux games nowadays but there's also wine, source ports, emulators etc. for older stuff. Personally I've never bothered with it though because every time I tried loonix before their neckbeard open source wifi drivers never worked properly with my card for some reason.


it just werks(tm) ootb if ur using steam, just click install and it runs
like >>7226 said tho driver support is the last hurdle
amd+intel gpus work by default without any niggardry from what i understand cuz drivers have been built into the loonux kernel for like 5+ years now
i bought an amd gpu mainly cuz of gnu/linux support and never had a problem
but nvidia (more like novidya lmao) doesnt work properly cuz you still need to fuck around with proprietary drivers
and proprietary drivers suck nigger dick cuz they dont get proper support from the manufacturer or from kernel devs so they will frequently break with updates and sheeit


just install lutris
gets you like 99% of the way there
with a modern gamerword-cattle-proof distro drivers and whatever all come bundled
you can get basically everything else from your package manager


dude i hate anime so fucking much lik wtf its not even funny


biggest issue imo w linux is that compatibility w any kind of high-end audio shit is an absolute fucking nightmare, if not outright impossible to get working properly
and its too bad too since open-source DAW like reaper is actually p gud at keeping up to date, but then trying to get it to talk to your computer without introducing a fuckton of latency or some other esoteric bullshit issue is just ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh
linux audio drivers are just fucking trash. i guess it makes sense all the audiophiles go to college and lrn on gayass macshit and overpriced DAWs like logic which frankly arent much better when it comes to compatibility unless you shell out fro the new ver every year. total scam so they just stick with that as cope for wasting tens of thousands of dollars to lrn that stupid fucking program
>b-but muh hi sampling rate
stfu ur recording digitally literally who cares its always gonna sound flat if you press that to wax


File: 1691186294562.jpg (606.45 KB, 2880x1396, 720:349, horizontal-full-width.jpg_….jpg)

pipewire is rally gud even though its a redhat project
the propblems ppl have with audio on gnu/linux arent drivers i dont think, their pulseaudio/jack/alsa issues
the key to literally everything is to rely on kernel support, if your device has drivers in the kernel (or implements a general driver spec that the kernel has support for) it will work fine
if your relying on manufacturer support or distro support its not gonna work properly for hardware peripherals (unless its some super-niche device that was built exclusively for linux)
i have a midrange usb audio interface (motu m2) that works plug & play because it supports the general usb audio spec thing (i forget what its called but i researched it before i bought it)
i havent tested the midi interface, but audio input and outputs work fine with ardour
what doesnt work though is audacity, for some reason i have to disable the my audio-interface system-wide, and give audacity exclusive access for it to work
but i think thats an audacity being shit problem more than a gnu/linux issue


and by
>manufacturer support
i mean userspace drivers or out-of-tree kernel modules
if a manufacturer cares enough to write good drivers that get merged into the mainline kernel thats the best-case scenario


>i have a midrange usb audio interface (motu m2) that works plug & play because it supports the general usb audio spec thing
yea that kinda stuffs usually fine since theres nothin to em
but i remember one time my buddy got ambitious and had a buncha credit at guitar center and got this sick 32-track board w all the bells and whistles and trying to get it all to map properly was like pulling teeth. and ythen when we did get like half of it to talk to the computer, it suddenly introduced like a ton of latency into his MIDI keyboard for god knows what reason thats why i assumed it was some driver issue like it just didnt know how to handle all the shit we were telling it
our combined efforts over like two days were basically fruitless and i was just like fuck it make a partition and then it basically worked w lik no effort at all
fuckin hell

its a proprietary conspiracy mannnnn
idk audio stuff and graphic art stuff it just seems specifically designed to fuck with you unless you suck mac cock and shell out for the new logic version every year


yeh i cant rly disagree with u
gnu/linux is like 3% of the desktop os market so most hardware companies arent gonna bother writing drivers for it
chicken/egg problem
but i think a lot of companies are moving away from weird ways of interfacing with the operating system
its just cheaper+easier (and prolly results in a better functioning product) when u just build on top of a standard interface description
ur always gonna have really awful dogshit os-dependent userspace software (like needing fucking razer synapse to reprogram my mouse)
but as far as core functionality goes nowadays i usually expect things to just werk (except for stuff on the leading edge of technology like gpus)


File: 1691505672804.png (50.42 KB, 740x285, 148:57, audiophiles.png)

yeah but how many GAMERS aren't faggots like Randy? that can't be the dealbreaker for many people. admittedly jack/alsa/pulseaudio problems are like making sacrifices to appease the gods but even on the higher end can't you sidestep most audio out problems by just piping it through a good DAC? idk audio in
btw don't forget the glowies that own audacity introduced telemetry so you've gotta switch to a fork like chuck's
if it's AMD I expect it to just werk

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