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is this gayme gud?
someone tell me pls


i really enjoyed the fuck out of larians previous two games divinity1 and divinity 2 were pretty fucking amazing
a more action oriented classic isometric crpg

but both those games were total disasters on release and had to release "definitive" editions with all the bugs squashed and balanced, so i dont know, waiting for to see some people with worthwhile vidya taste talk about it

kind of wish it actually continued the whole throne of baal storyline from the first two games


no, only oldheads with no life play it


old. headS??


it's cool because you can do stuff in conversation
>changing clothes
>shorty comes up and initiates conversation
>discussing the nature of man while staring at braveheart's junk
>hot wife abducted by goblin priest
>come up on them conversing with her
>thats my wife
>sneak party members behind
>interrupt conversation with daggers


makes sense why they wouldnt
lik obv its BG, so all the old BGoomers were gonna play it anyways

but if you wanna make a game thats accessible outside the 30/40-somethings who played the first two, making a direct sequel to a 30yo game that itself was a direct sequel to a slightly older game would be raly dumb.
besides its not like you were gonna be moving your old character saves off some 30yo HDD


I doubt nostalgia was the primary seller for Baldurs Gate. No triple AYYYYYYY games studio is going to make a game to cater to a niche audience of people who played the originals. Most game sales today come from the social media influencer hivemind/hype train shit. I would bet the vast majority of people that played the game never even heard of first two games and just bought it because they saw it on Twitch/Youtube. Two good examples of this are Fallout 3 and the Witcher 3.


maybe they saw it here first?


Sportschan app is #1 on Google Play. All the Gen A get their best skibidibi toilets from Sportschan/


>fallout 3
fallout 3 came out in 2008 that was way before streamerfaggots were widespread and had armies of children with stolen credit cards. also twitch didnt even exist yet and youtube wouldnt start being turned into the advertiser and "child friendly" piece of shit it is now for another couple of years, fallout 3 was mostly advertised through "classic" (idk how else to call it) pre-soymonster internet personality methods


actually iirc fallout 3 advertising was almost entirely through shit like g4 or gamestop promotions
or did you mean fallout 4 and i just autismed a bit for no reason?


i was, at that time, still buying games in store at BestBuy
i probly would have seen ads in store, read the box etc
dont remember talking to anyone bout it, so nobody in my immedite friends group must have played it


yah it was advertised pretty heavily anywhere that sold vidger gaems but as far as comparing it to current day advertising goes this was only like a year (if even that) after smartphones became a thing and nowhere near as many people had them so in regards to reaching out to the general population in-store displays and magazine ads were way more effective because being online at the time was still limited to a comparatively small portion of the population instead of fucking every idiot having ready easy and fast access to it 24/7. it was certainly towards the end of such advertising methods being the primary way that companies advertised their games though it was only a couple years later when poors started getting access to cheaper smartphones then the poos got widely available internet and suddenly you could just sponsor a few idiots with stupid haircuts to shill something instead of shelling out millions to advertise irl and get much better returns

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