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important update from EMPRESS


bitch shut up and pirate the games


I'll never understand findom fags lmao
Seems like the piracy scene has been kinda fucked recently with Denuvo and all. Makes me glad that I rarely ever play new games anyway


i thought denuvo had already been figured out by pirates awhile ago has it just been updated or something?
i dont keep up with this shit anymore cause like you i dont really fuck with new shit very much




From what I'm aware Denuvo is crackable but only 1 or 2 guys know how to do it, resulting in a lot of autistic drama and circlejerking like in OP's pic.


afaik the way its currently cracked isnt difficult its just very time consuming cause denuvo embeds itself into the game in a lot of places so you have to get them all out
its also why denuvo games have performance penalties cuz like half the instructions u run are drm
thats not to say there probably isnt an automated way to do it if your some kinda jimmy neutron whiz kid or smthn


>a couple of fags with specialized knowledge hold it over everyone elses heads and stir shit up
many such cases
if i was good at computer i would dedicate all of my time to sharing their secret knowledge out of spite


theres some nerd faggotry but u also need to keep ur methods seekrit so they stay working longer
i member a few years ago (maybe 5+ by now) there was a big scene spergout cuz someone leaked the tools for cracking denuvo
ofc denuvo reverse engineered them and upgraded theyre future drm so the tools stopped working
i think that was about when the scene started really dying for real


its the same thing with streaming services for movies/tv btw
there are certain exploits that let you pull raw video from certain devices
when tools get leaked devices/software are patched (or netflix/whomever kills support and wont send them high-res content)


tho with streaming can't u just rip the video through hdmi capture cards?
i see how it might take a while but still


isnt there spyware coded into official streaming platforms that detects that kind of shit?


Ackshually, ripping streaming platforms is p ez provided you know what you're doing, there's literally software on github that you can use RIGHT NOW to rip video directly from streaming servers (provided you have basic tech knowledge on how the web works and can spoof a web browser in some cases).
You are right about some streaming services not providing hi-res content for less-secure encryption, although I think that might just be netflix.
Anyway check this out: https://archive.ph/0YBfk

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