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based game


quick rundown?


This is nothing new
Japanese VNs have done these before
Game with brother and sister doing some satanic shit like cannibalism, has an ending where they fuck and Twatterfags got pissed off


>Japanese VNs have done these before
Didn't the Japs ban incest stuff outside of porn? I remember there being a lot of controversy around Oreimo which lead to the VN making up some bullshit that they weren't actually related


i thought twatter trannies loved that kind of sick shit


>twatter trannies
>approving of any kind of straight sex


Game creator has been doxed by soyjak niggers apparently


File: 1701281840764.png (1.56 MB, 811x1622, 1:2, 1644356225010.png)

>anything remotely sexual and/or generally morally questionable in vidya still causes this level of autistic shitflinging
Seems like we really went full circle with freedom of expression. I miss the 2000s/early 2010s era when you could put whatever edgy shit you wanted in a vidya game and nobody cared.


it was her publisher they dockseded
sharty faggots really are more incompetent than redditors
the fuck are they gonna do if they get her info anyway? its not like anything ever happens with this gay shit
you can still mostly post what you want as long as youre not apologetic in the slightest about it. literally every time these fags go on a tirade and someone says lol deal w/it they stop in their tracks and cry because any power thry have comes exclusively from getting idiots to kowtow

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