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File: 1708354425462-0.png (185.13 KB, 256x357, 256:357, NHL hockey gen.png)

File: 1708354425462-1.png (174.93 KB, 600x727, 600:727, NHL source leaked.png)


actually based news
source code for NHL hockey 92 on genny leaked
PC sourceport inevitable

its a bummer its not 94 but im sure some autist can hax one-timers in
itll be cool to see what can be done with it
imagine if you could do full team online matches
so sick




File: 1708358393937-0.png (139.05 KB, 853x1256, 853:1256, 1.png)

File: 1708358393937-1.png (79.94 KB, 860x743, 860:743, 2.png)

File: 1708358393937-2.png (95.2 KB, 903x967, 903:967, 3.png)

File: 1708358393937-3.png (54.67 KB, 664x440, 83:55, 4.png)

very cool
also has some of the design/planning docs in there too in the DOCUMENT folder
they should go back to writing games in assembler to gatekeep all the normalniggers and women and save the industry


so how do they actually find this crap?
it said on the archive page that it cant be compiled since they dont have EAs devkit

is it like all those nintendo leaks where they just found one of those dev carts that had it on it and dumped it?


yea prolly an old dev kept it as a souvenir and found it while moving or sum shit idk decided to launder it through one of these archiving groups so he wont take any heat if some lawyer had a bad day and wants to ruin some random faggots life
thx for reading my fanfic


very interesting

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