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really this thread dies with op because killer bean will be the final good game ever made.
regardless, post about new games.


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Just saw that they're putting Mai in SF6, and as the old adage goes "Mai, buy", so I bought it for half off which is nice. At a cool 7mbps I'll have it downloaded by tomorrow hopefully.


yo what the fuck that genuinely looks fun as hell. i also vaguely recall seeing this character in some shitpost videos from a few years back whoever makes this is p funny


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The boss looks like a tranny in the new MGS 3 remake. She looked better in MGS3 pachinko game. The remake uses Unreal 5, for some reason i feel that characters models in unreal look rather generic.


honestly she was always pretty masculine, first pic looks like fucking David Bowie lol


yah normally the tranny treatment is egregious but in this case im p sure kojimbo specifically wanted her to look like manwoman snake


File: 1718159615812.jpeg (291.63 KB, 800x1927, 800:1927, today-i-learned-that-davi….jpeg)

It looks a bit off but yeah, i'm not mad about it.
>david bowie
That's everyone in MGS


I'm trying out the Goblin Cleanup demo and it's a lot of fun if you like that kind of thing, despite the [Unity] and [Co-Op/Multiplayer] tags. You can play it singleplayer.


bloodstained got dlc outta nowhere
it's classic mode and they left the dogshit CV1/2 movement with committed jumping in tho


just one dude made a movie called killer bean over a decade ago and i guess some yimmers found it and started having fun. watched it in the past year and enjoyed it. worth a watch with a couple brews with the boys or smth. havent looked into it but i can only assume hes got control over the game too


i forgot how fuckin funny that movie is. my favorite part is how every scene that comes off kinda serious is immediately turned hilarious because of ragdolling


>they left the dogshit CV1/2 movement with committed jumping in


File: 1718643455179.jpg (70.06 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1665588183329657.jpg)

>goblin maid grills
I will now buy your game


File: 1718730122032.webm (33.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Metroid Prime 4 Beyond Tr….webm)

budys im excited


until AI driven complete open world VR games where i can rape samus become a thing i'm not going to be excited about a vidya


it only took like 8 years lol, I'm surprised they didn't just keep it as a release game for their new console


nah thats what the next star fox game is being held back for. the system will then fail like the wii u and niptendo will hold the series back again forbthe next failure


is there a nu nonetendo console announced?


yes, a switch 2 was announced

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