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Fukcing .xyz and fucking .net is fucking down fucking again%!
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Bunker is online.


File: 1581619355048.jpg (116.67 KB, 676x1000, 169:250, Avenue5.jpg)

This show is hilarious.
The chief problem with it that as they pile up the absurdity the question arise if they will be able to maintain the humor (and maybe the plausibility) without become too over the top and turn into unfunny.


Are we going to move to the server or stay here?


When the main site will be up we go back to /kc/ there. Until then we stay. I read and post (little) on the bunker tho.


It a lil slow though. Maybe I'll post a little
Do u have an ETA pls?
>lel can I have more details on this?

There was a thread on /operate/ about it. I'll link it here or in end/kc/ when End is back online


File: 1581662350801.jpg (35.71 KB, 435x435, 1:1, 90c.jpg)


>Do u have an ETA pls?
Sorry still no. I'm really hoping it's just a couple of days, I believe the downtime really hurts Endchan itself, dissipates the userbase.


Anyone else notice kohlchan is full of kikes and kike lovers? It doesn't feel kc tier, at times it's fucking reddit tier.
Look at this fucking vid posted, https://kohlchan.net/int/res/5931125.html, not one comment on the fact the video is full of jews. There is more I can't be bothered to document, just feels like a shill chamber, not comfy at all.


dud, didn't you see the kohlcash thing?
kohl is gay


You still lurk on that pedo chamber? If jewishness bothers you more than pedos than you are part of the problem.


To me, they are synonymous. Although, that weird oriental obsession with cuteness or perverted weirdness of hentai comics etc. I wouldn't exactly say is pedo. Definitely not serious discussion. While I would easily say someone who posts naked kids and says they fuck kids is definately mentally ill and probably in need of castration for the safety of others.
Frankly I never bothered until endchan went down and I only really go for the corona threads.

yeah, i don't post there and it's definitely not worth burning out my CPU for. Sad kohlcash gate couldn't have happened whilst end/kc was up.


File: 1581705142087.png (90.88 KB, 686x526, 343:263, worry bear in a suit.png)

>Endchan counts only the unique IP addresses of its visitors, which are only a handful
>the site is still below the performance rate of 8chan before its closure.
So why worry about it?


>Sorry still no. I'm really hoping it's just a couple of days
Oh well. Guess I'll wait

> I believe the downtime really hurts Endchan itself, dissipates the userbase.

Ya it rally does. RIP to the people that get impatient leave

Also, I was going to post that article around here. It mentions other chans in passing only but mostly dogs on us. Literal smear article


lol, that site's always been compromised.


File: 1581709676356.png (465.29 KB, 1451x4178, 1451:4178, openDemocracy-about.png)

You mean why openDemocracy gives a crap about Endchan?

That's what these Soros sponsored gittegylets (see definition: >>737) do. Smear shit.
Just look at this shit.
>we seek to educate citizens to challenge power and encourage democratic debate across the world.
They should support imageboards because right now on the interned they are the only places that really are platforms of freedom of speech, privacy, decentralization, etc etc. But instead they are demonizing us because they desperately searching for hidden nests of oppression so they can inflate it out of proportion and this way justify their own existence and rationalize why did it worth to spend their sponsors money on them.
They seek to educate people but instead they give them false impressions on things they themselves don't understand. The author of this article successfully washed together the whole chan with a couple of selected boards to fit her own narrative. And now if we would say, that hey, we are for freedom of speech, she (and readers educated on her article) can reply: "freedom of speech? but those nazis censoring posts that criticize nazism!"
It is really twisted.
Besides she either didn't recognize the reference to the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, which makes her an illiterate ox, or on purpose took it out of context to paint Endchan into something sinister which hides at the end of the universe in a dark corner, which makes her malevolent.

Ofc, these types of comments: >>729 aren't help us really. Kikes this or kikes that. Not that I mind it's his business whom he hates, just easy to point out such posts and generalize it that if we tolerate them sure we are the same. As good liberal ofc, the author of that article that is, she can't stand that people really allowed to speak their mind - or even think something she disagrees with - she would ban everything she doesn't like, but she knows better, she demonizes instead. Make everyone untouchable, socially unacceptable. Old trick, the salami tactics is.


Being semantic, I never expressed any hatred, just find it odd not one person cared to mention the race of those in the video. If it was full of chinamen I'm sure that would have been at some point even mentioned, even by someone who just wanted to point it out because they hate them.


>the salami tactics is
also, please elaborate


You anti-semantic!

Salami tactics: eradicating the opposition by slicing them up and slowly eating them by slices from one end. Think of something unacceptable, accuse a guy with that. The others will disassociate themselves away from him, and the guy - left alone - will be unable to make resistance and can be cleared away comfortably.
I'm not sure if I'm explaining this properly, so here's an example. During WWII Hungary got occupied by the Red Army. After the war the Soviet Union wanted a Stalinist leadership here. The problem was the communists were a minor party, and the Stalinist section of them was even smaller. They however as occupiers had a large say what happens and it was mandatory - despite any results of the consequent elections - to get the communist into the government, to form a coalition with them. All the other parties were greatly democratic. From the previous Horthy system no prominent parties were allowed to be reformed or compete in the elections (the membership was in prison or in gulags anyway). But the communists had a good boogeyman, the "fascists". So they just pointed onto the guys on the rightmost end of the political palette, and accused them being fascists. Instead of keeping a united front, everyone disassociated themselves from them. They got gulaged. Then came the next "most right", got accused to be fascists. Disassociation, gulag. Then the next in line. Then the next and the next. Christian democrats, peasant party, social-democrats, everyone. The remnants of them, who didn't get gulaged, got incorporated into the communist party. But apparently the commies were full of fascists, the Stalinist wing had to take over the control and they continued to salami the rest. Ironically one of the victim was the minister of interior, who was one of the chief director of the salamization of the opposition.


>You mean why openDemocracy gives a crap about Endchan?
Yes, it's such a tiny site with no influence. But I guess they're greedy and are going for any target they can find, are picking low-hanging fruit or have nothing else to attack.


i'm sure it's easy for them to find plenty of selfconfident mindless puppets to do the little work needed to copypaste and rehash the same rubbish they always spout
so it costs them nothing and you know they need to pretend that they are actually doing something and if they didn't constatnly find new targets they could end up becoming one themselves lol


Pretty spoopy
gommunism, not even once

I looked at the site. It's pretty much pushing the same agendas you would see in the guardian or metro. Pretty bad and choppy journalistic articles throughout it


>dud, didn't you see the kohlcash thing?

lololo what is this? Did kohl end up doing the same thing 4ch does and charging users for posting?


You must mine coin for them if you wish to post, in the browser. Great way to burn out your CPU.


They are desperately trying to create an enemy to show up. They get hundreds of thousands pounds a year from their donators and the best they can come up with literally three guys posting as a hobby on a site that runs on no money. Because /pol/ on End is about this big. The rest of the posters is a couple of trolls and spammers with proxies, who gets banned on daily basis.

>It's pretty much pushing the same agendas you would see in the guardian or metro
There's a chance The Guardian and Metro is getting their stuff from openDemocracy.


Some more info. What's going on with Kohl (and niggertits)?


after that onion sperg spammed for days in the morning, they came up with an excellent idea; you need to do "computing" to post from proxy/onion now
then, after kohlchan rollout, i lurked a bit and saw his spam deleted in seconds
in the browser, it requires webassembly but you can download a python script
in other words, big fucking gay
subscribe also like


Tax on proxies and Torposters? Sounds good. Until I need to use one of them. Anyway I expect to make banning a little more effective and ban evasion less numerous. On the other hand who are addicted won't care.
Good to see you, dude, btw. You were missed. Strictly in a heterosexual way.


maybe, you are confusing me
i am an onion , i posted a bit in the music threada
me opinion on kohlcash is that this kinda gay should not be allowed; either you ban it or you don't, implementing this fuckery is like a spit in the face, no other board did something similar to this as far as i know


Oh, the King Crimson guy. I thought you're eSwitzinibernd. Schade.
Anyway thanks for the info.
No I don't any other chan uses it. Although 4chan was mentioned above as related. Or was that for the Google Captcha?


last time i tried to access 4sanser from tor, you need to solve captcha to just see the site
you can't post from tor on 4 as far as i know, even proxies are banned if not all, then a lot of them. however, you still can post from a proxy if you buy a 4pass, innit?


>buying 4pass
Sounds like a good idea.


right? as i've read,the ban on proxy and such is because of 4pass, they want 'people' to buy it. also you can lift a permaban by buying a 4pass, and that was the idea: banned 'people' will buy a 4pass to get unbanned so to only get banned again, because it only works once
kinda liek dat


File: 1581775820480.png (1.09 MB, 1092x1023, 364:341, xylophong.png)

Nice scam.

Anyway Endchan is up again.


it is so slow


It is sometimes but I posted there today couple of times with no problems. I'm guessing we might be getting few hiccups but everything should get back to normal very soon.


>You must mine coin for them if you wish to post, in the browser. Great way to burn out your CPU.

How can kohl burners put up with cuck this? ffs


File: 1581826371024.png (156.97 KB, 729x614, 729:614, shit.png)

Back again to answer this

See pic rel. Don't go to 8kums


>charging users for posting?
The script calculates garbage. There is no other use to this other than being able to post anonymously on Kohlchan.

It's only for proxy users. Spam and ban evasion was getting out of control for quite a while and this more or less solved the problem. Tor, proxies and many VPNs were completely banned on old KC unless you begged for a Komturcode on IRC. You think that would be better?




Then why do you complain about it?


Ok. It's more clear now.


Maybe I should make a thread on Kohl, that End is back online. I'm just tired as hell.


.net is down but .org is working.


Power outage.


Down again


Site is down again



And again. Sad day for Berndkind.


>o dilly dilly


i may need to check on the other KCs as well


File: 1618728496796.png (1.53 KB, 19x19, 1:1, col-hat4.png)

Made the hat. Now I have to compile the new css (besides yours two other balls got hats), then tell Dudder to change the css of the board.


Whoah, that's a pretty cool hat man! it may not really show, but i appreciate this little detail more than what you would believe.

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