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Fukcing .xyz and fucking .net is fucking down fucking again%!
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I don't really know about that board. I guess I'm just saying in general. I posted there a few months ago to call attention to some spam we were getting. Everything's fine with the site, but some things slip through the cracks. So I'm just bringing it up when other people do it too.


File: 1624584554318-0.jpeg (113.5 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, kljhk.jpeg)

File: 1624584554318-1.mp4 (1.69 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Gary recites poetry.mp4)

Anyway, let's brighten the mood of the thread a lil bit tbh. Here's a little video I just found. Hope you enjoy it fam


Oldie but a goodie, thank you.


ass so big way bigger than my speaka-rs


File: 1624922290695-0.png (184.56 KB, 544x712, 68:89, spammer1.png)

File: 1624922290695-1.png (208.68 KB, 514x734, 257:367, spammer2.png)

I feel I must bring this up to the users of this board. After all of your comments were made, we received an abnormal amount of spam from the board you mentioned. And not only this, but the website also received an unusual and utterly bizarre type of posts originating from the /test/ board which make a somewhat subtle reference to the post the Hungarian user made.

Gathering all of this information, I do believe that the board spammer actively patrols this section of the internet as well. It also seems like it's may be the same bloke who spammed Endchan years ago. It appears he never left


ya it gud. T. Hanks

based comment right here tbh



That mom song is also great, I think I understood the most lyrics in that one.


Yes, I remember that scene. The song was good, but the scene was disturbing to say the least. That blak wymen being humpeds on stage will be ingrained in my mind forever. But, maybe we can show it to SlovBerg to see if he'll enjoy it tbh

ngl I was glad I watched that movie along with "Brazil"(the movie). Both are very similar to one another. Both have naive characters with extreme personalities. Both are set in dystopic environment. Both of them end with a musical number. Both main protagonists in the movies live in a world propped up by their own fantasies. It's a lil bit eerie how much each movies share with each other tbh


I have to ask. Is there a reason you don't post on end/kc? Something we did, or didn't?


File: 1625769440989.png (22.88 KB, 300x250, 6:5, sippis.png)

It's all good fam. just taking a lil break from posting in general. I'm on here for now because it's a lil slower. Planning on making 100+ to 300+ posts on end/kc/ eventually so I need some time and rest to finish it all up. Serious Discussions takes a lot of assburger energy to start up tbh. I also still have around 1GB worth of music that I want to upload, so that's another thing in queue. I'll always keep posting on end/kc/ as long as I can.

I also wanted to make this into a /kc/ meta board to discuss what to add or subtract to the board (more css options, kohlzine article drafts for review around here, thread drafts for review before posting, etc,) idk if it's a good idea or not. Do we have something similar end/kc/? I haven't checked. Raly raly busy lately


>Your IP is blocked due to it being from a known spammer

GAWD do I hate the people who spam the site. Making shit worse for everyone here. Can't even post anymore. Anyway around it? I miss my kc

> just a regular user. Not part of anything stupid or anyone spamming the site


File: 1626400087432.jpg (16.91 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 3c7.jpg)

Along with all of the things I have planned from this post >>1024 I have a lots more in store for postings on end/kc/. This is the current queue I have planned for my upcoming threads and posts. Will be doing all of this this in the span of a 5-10 month basis when I get the chance

1) Spurdo thread with: 50-75 images with around 25-30 posts

2) 4 Kohlzine articles about: Why you should pay game companies, the rise and fall of VoC, A thorough analysis of Finnish Mythology and A brief look at Van Halen's musical career and legacy

3) 50 new music posts, with lots of music I think you'll raly raly like Hungaryfren

4) Over 150 new posts about polandballcomics

5) A "Create your own Spede" thread

6) A 3rd new BerndScramble for Africa/Risk type thread with more dedicated thread follow up and users. Not just acting random, but having a more structured thread

7) My actual experience with Irish people. Follow up on an old thread I made about Irish people in general

8) Over a dozen new game reviews from recent games I've played

9) Reviewing the clusterfuck that is the Kingdom Hearts lore. An update on an old post I made

It's a raly raly lot of new content which I'm glad to create and share although it looks like 500 to over 1000 new posts by me though r8 my board contributings and assburgers fam!


File: 1626418883730.jpg (38.33 KB, 621x414, 3:2, walk-the-walk.jpg)

Great plans I wish to see realized.
I'm not sure about others would participate. Posting really sat down. Sometimes days go by and I'm the sole poster. Or other posts are just too insubstantial.
Just start posting.

>just a regular user. Not part of anything stupid or anyone spamming the site
Only you know and can know if you are or not. A spammer could say the same. On the other hand spammers uses proxies and vpns, tor, not one has an IP a user would have who posts from home. If you use VPN that gives more than one IPs.


>Great plans I wish to see realized.
T. Hanks. I raly likes putting effort into my posts so I wanna make sure it's all good. But on second though, you're probably right. We would need some more people tht make constant post in order to get that to happen again.

>Posting really sat down. Sometimes days go by and I'm the sole poster. Or other posts are just too insubstantial.

It happens sometimes tbh. Boards have peaks and pits when it comes to pph. Depends on the time, people, environment, sports cup going on, etc

>Full metal jacket

gud movie. Should make a review about it soon

>Just start posting.



>It happens sometimes tbh.
True. But it feels different now. Oh well.


>>Just start posting.
Wasn't meant to pressure you. I don't have expectations, and can't have either, this isn't that genre.



It has it's faults, but at least it's better than kohl


The posts in this board aren't showing up for some reason. Need a little look into


Do you mind telling us the age of the women you just posted patch/spacechan mod?


Any way to get an answer from this? The site could get in trouble due to that idiot


File: 1630037695733.png (22.88 KB, 300x250, 6:5, sippis.png)

tbh it's still happening. Ya gotta fix that mod.

Anyway, updating this

# 3 is ongoing right now. Will be making an excel list to make my lil job easier

# 7 is done

Guess I should make # 9 soon and update my TV/film post about "The Truman Show". Been going in and out due to a recent birthday I was in, so lil busy. Will be posting again soon Hungarybernd. If you see this post
No need to fret. Will still posting content on End/kc/ fam


>Any way to get an answer from this? The site could get in trouble due to that idiot

He probablies posted that virus link himself so we won't ever get an answer from that lame brain


Also leaving this "gansta" song itt for now


There were some links. The video itself is legal (18+).

I'm reading.
Happy bday. To you or your relative/friend.
Noone posted for days but me. Today exchanged couple of words with Rusbernd, was very refreshing experience.
Well, it really is my blog.
I've also couple of ideas, and inspiration what to post. One is a longer work.


File: 1630095790354.jpg (257.66 KB, 750x450, 5:3, ramba.jpg)

wtf you wierdos are still alive kotdamn


File: 1630128439658.jpg (23.97 KB, 520x335, 104:67, dalai_lama_pointing.jpg)

Btw you don't need to dump whole dumps on one sitting. For example #3 is basically 1 post for 50 days. In that particular case that would be even better because large amount of music can go very well unlistened, but if just one song or a couple at least I can listen them one (or couple) at a time.
If I were you I might pick some songs to fit particular days in some way.
Or the Polanball comics. That could go for a while as well.
The content you listed above can be paced over months.
Anyway the most important thing is that you feel yourself comfy.

No U


File: 1640346696711.jpg (323.8 KB, 1280x900, 64:45, xmas-invite.jpg)

Merry Christmas, Bernd, for those too hang out here sometimes.
Gonna have this Xmas Special stream on the 26th, all day essentially.


File: 1642016379748.jpg (74.89 KB, 933x784, 933:784, chattt.jpg)

>Endchan is getting DDoSed again



I know End has telegram, discord and IRC, but they should really make a new twitter for daily site news.

I really don't know why DDoS attacks keep happening on imageboards. I won't stop going if it's down for a few hours. I'll just go outside and wait for it.

I won't go to any altchans or whatever if that's what the attackers want.


It's up, fren.


It's down again. What a bumpy ride.


Another DDoS going on. Error page not showing up


It seems just some backend error.


>I really don't know why DDoS attacks keep happening on imageboards
Extreme pettiness, nobody who does that shit expects to drive many people away they just want to mildly inconvenience people for a couple of hours.


Some people have nothing interesting going on in their lives, so they just have to stir shit up wherever they go.




File: 1653448183579.jpg (145.76 KB, 1508x892, 377:223, 564168464.jpg)

>Endchan is down again









god damnit i have the memory of a chickpea


endchan sucks monkey dick and is for faggots


No need to be so butthurt p*docel. We're still not going to your dead boards with no community

And you don't need to schizo samefag post so much either
Seek psychiatric help, gay bitch


End is down, will be down for a bit.


Also come and watch movies, chat maybe.


This gonna be a bit more longer.


File: 1662505273390.png (54.89 KB, 500x257, 500:257, Oekaki.png)

[funky clavinet vamp]
uh wooooooah-ODILLY DOO-DOO-WOP


What happened to bernd.group?
Also endchan is getting flooded/ddosed


End is down. Seems like hardware issues.


Watch movies here:

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