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About 20 or so VPS providers closed down today. My host is not in the list, but I do not want to give them too much credit.
I have backed up the site. If it goes down, you know why.

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Fukcing .xyz and fucking .net is fucking down fucking again%!


It's back up again


It's down again. On every domain it says 500. Tor said 504 when I tried to access it via that.
Did Odili started the fixing without telling anyone? I don't think so. Twitter says nothing, he's not on Discord at the moment, I guess he's sleeping.


File: 1561008450042.png (81.14 KB, 500x564, 125:141, xflWGZ5.png)

500 is normal state of endchan, why worry?


Yeah, at least our stuff is safe no board sliding, no spam.


dilly dilly busy gibbin me dat boomer boi pucci he'll be back online soon


File: 1561011219227.jpg (23.93 KB, 268x265, 268:265, coifcat.jpg)

.org doesn't work either

Shit sucks. Hope it starts working soon

At least it was sort of working man


I was actually getting significantly less 500 errors, almost none for a while after Balrog came back and said they were gonna fix something. This is one of those times where Odili pretty much has to manually restart something to get the front end and back end communicating again afaik, and not one of the intermittent issues.


File: 1561012272224.jpg (29.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Seing Red.jpg)

Well that's somewhat good to hear

Here's to the site being *permanently!* fixed soon. I don't really like this board so much tbh.


at least the bunker is working this time


Yeah, we only need our CSS now.


They want a brand new database and a new lynx.
Basically that's it.
But today's problem ain't it, Odili didn't know about the downtime.
Also they want to "freeze" the site, make it read only and set up a board or something to chat. They want to make a new endchan in parallel with the old, then something something.


File: 1561050560698-0.jpg (85.61 KB, 746x982, 373:491, born to feel.jpg)

File: 1561050560698-1.jpg (67.65 KB, 960x915, 64:61, hopey.jpg)

Still getting a 500 error message


Well, at least Odili is trying to make the site better. Endchan's a good site at least.

What worries me is the other boards. They probably not used to the downtime and could leave the site permanently.


Yeah, those now are most of /rus/ I think.
It doesn't help keeping new users for other boards either.


/librejp/ stayed through all the downtimes, /sp/ meanwhile…


/librejp/ posts at like, 1/200th the rate of /sp/


Indy sp isnt loyal to a specific website or else
Would never have left 8gag. Communities shouldn't feel indebted to a singular site imho when they mess up enough it's time to leave


I hope endchan gets working at some point well in the future I appreciate odilis ideals for running a chan but questions his competence


File: 1561133446163.jpg (64.14 KB, 720x602, 360:301, cj chair.jpg)

He's doing his best. What more could you ask?

that 8gag b.s stunk too much tbh. Joshua is wayyy to shady for me to trust in him managing anything


>He's doing his best. What more could you ask?
a consistently working usable website. i genuinely think if a Chan owner cant provide that they should just shut down after giving their community warning and time to head to one of the many available options.

more communities should buy a url like the sportschan.org one too makes relocating really simple


.xyz is open


shutup turkroach


it's shut up* you soccer mom spawn.


using a koran as a coaster tbh
wouldn't wanna get rings on my table


I thought sub-Saharan muzzies respect Koran too.


File: 1561227409039.jpg (48.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Smiley face.jpg)

I like endchan too much to move tbh. Maybe we could help idk. I get what you're saying but it's a bunker. And he's hosting everything for free anyways. /sp/ is a very different case all together because it's just one board, its posters and it's culture in one place instead of dozens of other unique boards in one single image boards.

Not really sure what we can do since the same issues have been happening for a while. Crossing my fingers that this wouldn't happen again.

>>77 no need to be rude dude

>>76 It's down again


it was up literally 5 seconds ago and then went 500 when i clicked reply REEE


dilly said he made an auto-restart script (why all of a sudden who knows) but it hopefully shouldn't go down for extended periods of time at least for this issue.


chill out fag muslims aren't people


This. Fuckshit shitfuck. I started to write idioms for BrBernd's thread then I refreshed and it died. I'm starting to get a little frustrated.

Btw dudes, we now have the /kc/ CSS here, you can change it in the lower right corner.


All right, I'm gonna take a piss or two, maybe it will fix itself until I come back.
It's a sign that this has to be fixed permanently, they have to do what they promised to last week.


It didn't. Oh well.


Up and down and up and down and up and down again.


File: 1563724909851.png (986.71 KB, 1092x1023, 364:341, bongdan.png)

.xyz is down again. org wörks.
Not that too much traffic we had on this weekend.
Made a new BONG, the infamously butthurted Romanian shitposter of quite a few /int/ boards.


File: 1563738756633.png (33.03 KB, 510x478, 255:239, polarbears.png)

What the heck Oddiili?
Would be good if he at least made a redirect to the other urls
.net doesn't work either

>Not that too much traffic we had on this weekend.

I was going to post some OC but I've been so busy recently

fugg :DD


I assume End is getting DDoS'ed again. .org is working because it's behind cloudflare.


Holy shit I miss romania. Is he still alive on other /int/ boards?


If you mean that obnoxious Romanian who posted from different countries (or with VPNs) throughout the years and calls everyone but chiefly Hungarians a gypsy then he gets banned from everywhere all the tiem. When the ban expires or gets another IP he returns and runs amok again.
I think people wouldn't mind him if he would did that on occasion but he has that knee-jerk reaction and overly sensitive he just can't handle himself. Kek he wanted to report Kohlchan to the police for CP because he was banned (well Kohl is playing with fire too to be honest).
Will write more later I've to go.


File: 1563811945899.jpg (36.01 KB, 500x333, 500:333, albundy.jpg)

Now everything is down.


>I assume End is getting DDoS'ed again.

Can't we just be left alone?


Downchan is 500 again.


It seems moving to the new database and "new site" has been started, they took down .xyz temporarily. As of now .org is still working.


A Norwegian poltard announced his attack on a mosque on end/pol/ and streamed it on facebook. He was beaten by a 70 year old man instead and arrested.


looks like /sp/ has a screenshot of it


Yes, the same was posted on Kohl.
And one of the meta thread on /pol/ has another screenshot of it.


i save his imgur album. dilly dilly said the guy who posted on end/pol/ wasn't actually the guy. idk how he'd know that though.


Roots have access to IPs, maybe wasn't from Norway.


File: 1565525699337-0.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 42 - AUEVfck.png)

File: 1565525699337-1.jpg (201.57 KB, 1530x2040, 3:4, 43 - LYzgNQ6.jpg)

File: 1565525699337-2.jpg (441.62 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 44 - mfSPX0i.jpg)

File: 1565525699337-3.jpg (526.36 KB, 2048x1374, 1024:687, 45 - c5gcfdk.jpg)

File: 1565525699337-4.png (2.5 MB, 914x1234, 457:617, 46 - tV1pvZP.png)

was a handsome lad, seems like the only person he killed was his actual relative and his actual target or goal was completely unrealized….


he killed his adopted asian sister, so I would call it successful


how asian we talkin?


probly 'asian' as in sand nigger


Any source on this? I read an BBC article which said they found the corpse of a ~20 years old female. There was the implication that he killed her. But no exact relation was written an certainly not her origin.


born in china and adopted


i distrust you.


I mean not "explanation" but source. For example an article of a news site. And in this case not a news site which provides… ümm… "alternative" views on the events because it would feel they tailored the facts to their own liking.


found it on wikipedia budy


Yeah found an cnn article:
>The victim is the 17-year-old stepsister of the suspect, whom Oslo police identified as Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen on Monday.

But I found a more exciting detail:
>Oslo Waldorf School
Now there's the problem.


File: 1566123506947.png (43.29 KB, 898x489, 898:489, temoprary.png)

The temporary site is running nicely, tho I got a server fugged error…


I was around the temp site. Oddili told everyone about the migration beforehand but no one wants to listen judging the way people are posting.

They said that the site will be back by Monday. I'm just here waiting until it's back.

I guess. I wanted to make a post in end/kc/ but I guess I'll have to wait.


>no one wants to listen judging the way people are posting.
That was my impression as well. I also had a long tiring conversation with the Russians… in Russian… that was THE experience of the weekend.
I won't be around from tomorrow till Saturday. But you go ahead post when the old/new site is back up. I hope you guys - the few who uses end/kc - will have some conversation, discussion without me too.


this is the end…
pretty fitting motto of endchan


See you there on our board next weekend!


File: 1566161614121.jpeg (4.25 KB, 216x157, 216:157, 9984981894189196196165.jpeg)

Alright enjoy yourself man.

> I also had a long tiring conversation with the Russians… in Russian… that was THE experience of the weekend.

They're trolling or they're bydlos? Who knows?

I'll be there when it comes back. Rest of the net is either lame or compromised anyway. But I probably wont post so much in this website since someone posted kohlchan-tier content in here recently. I don't want to mention what it was.

And it has some subversive and sleazy posts trying to dupe users into installing botnet software.

Just as expected.

One thing I do wonder about everything though: why did sportschan and endchan have a server migration in roughly the same day?


>That was my impression as well. I also had a long tiring conversation with the Russians… in Russian… that was THE experience of the weekend.
What was that about?

What will we do? Should we use this board as our main base? Assuming we wont spammed by trolls?


>What will we do?
Wait until Monday(tomorrow)


Site will be up by then




File: 1566230042031.jpg (45.11 KB, 945x370, 189:74, 4807059.jpg)

End is down again. It was just up the other day. and working fine. This up and down thing is getting very tiresome.


…..they're migrating dood


when will migration finish?


maybe 20th? all the posts are done, I think, but the something messed up on the pics. I think Odili is gonna fix up the script and give it another go


Migration is almost done. They said it should take around 24 hrs. Can't wait for it to happen
Mostly has to do with the images.


why not just move here permanently? :)


I think part of it is some of the existing userbase is still ignorant of this place or reluctant for whatever reason cuz reasons even though hungary ball has said many times this is the bunker


>check endchan.org
>all the boards are gone


>Mostly has to do with the images.
tbh I went there and voted for starting it without images but sadly I'm in a minority


File: 1566415683553.jpg (85.1 KB, 604x533, 604:533, a clear choice.jpg)

endchan.net only has /b/ and migration discussion while new.endchan.net exists but is unusable. This is taking far too long.


i know you guys are set on endchan but id honestly advise your community to move somewhere else if not here im not saying endchan wasnt even good at a point but the sites unusable and its due to massive long term incompetence
if you guys are set on lynxchan even spacechan would accept your board and if i tried there are certainly other options
i just dont think endchan deserves this many chances and i hope you guys come out of this unscathed frens


>until next week

Or he could at least roll out the old site.

No one answered my last question. Why did 2 chans migrate databases in the same day?

I'm still skeptical about everything. Everything's just feels too coincidental right now.


we still need to copy many threads and posts tbh.


what was the other chan?


The thredas on /kc/ were pretty organised so it wouldn't be that hard to remake them. Did anyone save the banners though?


I should have That One banner. As for the rest they were added long before we moved to endchan and to be honest I wanted suggest to remove them at one point and replace them with something more related to our unique /kc/ board.


What is the other chan?
Also I didn't pay attention to it earlier but now I'm rather happy that odili decided to make this migration when 8ch went down and there are hordes of internet pepo looking for new home. I think he did it on purpose and I'm glad for it cause I was there on 8chan when the so called exodus from 4chan happened and I didn't like it at all.


>what was the other chan?
This one. Most people don't remember but sportschan was down on the 15th while Endchan was still up.

The site's like that due to the numerous DDos attacks that it's been getting every hour during the last few months. It got worse after the 2 exodus(es?) happened


endchan is down every single day


File: 1566502207316.jpg (22.67 KB, 312x312, 1:1, 9876543567890-9876543.jpg)

Again >>238
>The site's like that due to the numerous DDoS attacks that it's been getting every hour during the last few months. It got worse after the 2 exodus(es?) happened


>but the sites unusable and its due to massive long term incompetence

You couldn't even open 76chan a few years ago(2015 or 2017 I forgot). I remember that it gave a "debian server not set up/failed" page when as soon as you went to the homepage. It was like that for months since I was always checking to see if it was up.

You couldn't even do anything about it since noone said what happened. It just fizzled out and died.

It's only been a few days anyways.


>(2015 or 2017
you're full of shit, i arrived early 2016 and was on 76chan every single fucking day until megamilk destroyed it

>You couldn't even do anything about it since noone said what happened. It just fizzled out and died.

uh, no you stupid faggot it was getting several dozens of daily unique hits by the end of its run, but it all got lost in a fatal server side data loss


I think I know what you're talking about. That was very early on. 76chan was down for a long time after the parley era. When his server went down, I kind of gave up for a while.


This site didn't migrate databases. They upgraded the power supplies at the datacenter.


>You couldn't even do anything about it since noone said what happened. It just fizzled out and died.
>tfw the same thing happened again recently


File: 1566577080182.jpg (20.81 KB, 570x570, 1:1, cool coon.jpg)

Oh that explains it. Thanks for letting me know

History repeats itself, I suppose

>you're full of shit,
Please read >>242

Yeah man. Thanks for letting me know what happened. I was actually really bummed not being able to visit the site anymore

>When his server went down, I kind of gave up for a while.

It happens. I guess you just got demotivated. Thanks for bringing 76 back with a dedicated board though.

What made you bring sportschan back?


>It happens. I guess you just got demotivated. Thanks for bringing 76 back with a dedicated board though.
Yeah and I was really young then and didn't really have the means to keep up with it.
>What made you bring sportschan back?
I was bored one day and set up a vichan instance on one of the servers I had. Originally it was carchan.wrigel.xyz, but I posted it on end/sp/ because I had a feeling there would be some guys there who would at least be interested that I was still alive and I knew endchan was having issues even back then. /sp/ came over here and steaks set up the domain and everything and here we are


>>tfw the same thing happened again recently
Not sure if you're referring to the alpharacks incident recently, but it didn't really just fizzle out. my provider got banned by their datacenters and there was a few weeks where I wasn't sure what I was going to do


>Yeah and I was really young then and didn't really have the means to keep up with it.

It happens. I coded a few things a few years ago that I stopped being interested in.

>I was bored one day and set up a vichan instance on one of the servers I had.

Well glad it's back up. We were in mostly good terms with /sp/ in endchan so I'm happy that all of you guys got your site back.

>and I knew endchan was having issues even back then.

I'm just checking back daily to see when it'll go back online. Final migration should give us no more issues on the site. I had some posts that were in queue for /kc/ that I wanted to share. Can't do much until Odily is back.

What's your stack, if you don't mind me asking?

> my provider got banned by their datacenters and there was a few weeks where I wasn't sure what I was going to do
WHy'd you get banned? Didn't they at least give you a reason?


So here I am, I see not much changed except End's db has a trouble with images. Again. This way too much reminds me that time when Odili lost all the pictures of the site during the real migration (from one server to another).

>enjoy yourself man
Wasn't entirely unpleasant, thanks.
>They're trolling or they're bydlos? Who knows?
Can't tell, it's lost in translation.
>why did sportschan and endchan have a server migration in roughly the same day?
Not just /librejp/ set up a board here and they "copied" their existing threads (or some of them) from there to here?

We wait a little more. When we get back our board, we go back. If we didn't we stay here.
Also I'll pop in to Discord and ask what's what, and give my opinions. Can't do much.
>Assuming we wont spammed by trolls?
That one fatposter we'll deal with him somehow.

Oh, go and eat your taco, Paco.

Because we will look silly when Sportschan is gone again and we have to go back to End…
Ofc, if End is done for good, then we'll stay here. If this place remains. fingers crossed Dddudeman

Great minds are still think alike, I see… :^)

>This is taking far too long.
I concur. I hoped I come back to a fresh End instance with everything in place. Tho I knew this will go sideways. Also I kinda remember Odili mentioning problems with the images even before my holiday.

>That One banner
>replace them with something more related to our unique /kc/ board.
That would be ideal.

They planned it with Balrog since May. I have screenshots (but it's in the Discord "log" anyway). They it got stretched like dough under the rolling pin, Odili spent much time fiddling with new vps, then 8 people came and he started to hurry to be done with it asap. And now we are here.

>due to the numerous DDos attacks
Frontend guy said they were hitting the captcha API, or something liek that.

Odili said it's due the mongo error. Corrupted data was accessed and that killed the db, which gave the 500 and "server is fugged mate" errors. He wrote a script which automatically restarted the db after X seconds it was killed.

Pls, change username from Anonymous to Bernd, man. Thanks.


>What's your stack, if you don't mind me asking?
Pretty standard linux web server setup
>WHy'd you get banned? Didn't they at least give you a reason?
My whole provider got banned and went out of business because they were selling server space that didn't belong to them


Someone change Anonymous to Bernd, pls.




Lick all my balls I drew.


Oh, mine is Bernd too. Disregard my previous post. Thank, you much better now.


>Thank you, much better now.


Glad to see your back Hungary-anon

We were also getting raided by invalidchan and halfchan when you were gone. Shit sux. I was glad to hear that they were trying to fix the site permanently but everything is pretty uncertain right now.

I'm trying to get a hold of the mods, but noone seems to be there.

>Pretty standard linux web server setup

Sounds pretty good. Did you learn to code on your own or through school?

Also, thanks for this


Also, I wouldn't recommend using discord


Yeah, but what can you do? If you write on IRC they only can read it if they are logged in when you wrote that. Odili is more frequent on Discord, he has some projects going I think, Balrog prefers IRC but I think he's rarely there and only very late night (for Euros like us).


nice. I didn't know you had a dicord account. thanks for taking care of things. we should copy the threads as soon as we reach the kys'd site.


/librejp/ copied their stuff with a help of a script, also /ratanon/ did that when they arrived to End. With manual reupload, it would be tedious.
Tho I don't think we should copy stuff. We are on imageboards, and while these where we hang out are slow, and preserve stuff long, on imageboards content is inherently short lived and we shouldn't feel bad about it's disappearance.
We lived through two board slides which erased the whole board, and a migration which killed all media content. It's not that big deal.
We can make new content here or back on End. That's how chans roll.


But maybe we should copy a few threads just saying. As for migration I'm really out of the loop, idk who is migrating where. All I know end is kys (for forever?) and 8chan is kys for good.


End isn't kys just yet.
They took down the old, so stuff can be copied fast (without causing more errors) to the new site. In the interim they put there a temporary one for peeps to chat.
The copy is done. Everything is up there. But when they checked the new site if it looks as it should be they found the images aren't showing up (I assume they give blank rectangles) despite the data is there in the database. This is what I read on Discord.
Now basically everyone doing this as a hobby, Odili is no exception. He has a job (I guess) and other projects, so he froze the activation of the new site and postponed the decision with a week.
That's the sum.


Now end is down. Server is fugged error.


Maybe they're working on something.


I just noticed we're on vichan here and that explains why sometimes I don't see new replies appearing on the front page. For anyone struggling forced refresh does the trick (ctrl+f5 on my machine).


Maybe. But Odili would tell if he does something. No worthwile replies on Discord.


Yeah saw that now.

>Now basically everyone doing this as a hobby, Odili is no exception.
Yeah, that's why we really shouldn't rush or shame the dude. End is good even with its issues. Just give them some time to finish everything.

let us know what happens and when it's fixed hungaryanon, if you can

2hu bunker's kinda weird though. Sometimes even that doesn't work either.


It's a decentralized imageboard, they have a bunch in that "network" with different names I think.


File: 1566772140816.jpg (91.36 KB, 495x495, 1:1, questions.jpg)




I was withholding content expecting a quick recovery but after all this delay I'll post more stuff here. But I'll leave for the main board something I want to write about Venezuela and a 99% ready section on Wages of Destruction, giving a chronology from 1933 to 1939 and explaining Hitler's decision to go to war.


We can wait a few days. Will find stuff to post here anyway.


File: 1566885382155.jpg (32.3 KB, 385x520, 77:104, merkel_bydlo.jpg)

Jesus. This will be slow.
So what's happening:
In order to the images to show up, the boards and their contents are need to be "synced" (copy the thing from the old faulty db to the new one). There is a script running and doing it. There are 742 boards with varying amount of content.
However some records in the db causing the script (I think) crash, and every time it crashes, the process needs to be started from the beginning, and the board which causing the crash is added to the skip list.
The good news: after the restart, the already synced boards don't need recopying, and the skipped are skipped.
The bad news: the boards on the skipped list needs a different approach to copy. The circle needs to be closed on the specific files which causing the crashes. This is done by the method of exclusion. And this will take a while.
This is what I pieced together from Discord convo.


Thank you for this info. Yeah it looks like it's gonna take a while but now that I know what's going on I have hope that it will be finished eventually. Hope we're not on the list.


>Hope we're not on the list.
I've no idea. /librejp/ and /yuri/ are.


oh crap that's a big one


File: 1566920225007.png (175.53 KB, 942x575, 942:575, tits-cant-miss.png)

We can check it how it is going.
It looks liek things were saved on an earlier date. So content posted after it seems to be gone. Or I dunno. I'm breddy sure there were posts between 08-12 and 08-16
Well, you see.

Also Odili wrote the whole process is finished, but it seems bunch of images are missing. For me it seems everything is missing no matter what board I open up. Except this one.


Cool cool. Thanks for the heads up as always hungaryball.

Seems like they're almost done. Let's just be patient until it's finished


Parely of 314chan?


Endchan is back.
Not how it should be, our board had posts between the 12th and 16th and not Bogdan's was the last I'm pretty sure.


Huh they aren't missing entirely… check out the new and you'll see.


File: 1566971825361.png (107.95 KB, 337x195, 337:195, birb2.png)

>Endchan is back.

Will come back to visit this site since 76 is back I missed it

>not Bogdan's was the last I'm pretty sure.

Oh yeah. lol get ready to deal with him again hungaryball


>Oh yeah. lol get ready to deal with him again hungaryball
I don't really bothered by him.


>I'm not really bothered by him.


Good for you then. You're a better man than he is.


To be honest he sets the bar pretty low.








God fucking damn it fukcing oldtimers and their fuckgin pálinka which makes you think you dringk fucking turpentine fuck.Jesus fucking Christ.


File: 1568301634581.png (224.52 KB, 464x450, 232:225, 404.png)

is it deleted and gone?


Asked on Discord, but no Odili there.




I'm just going to post a song I'm listening to currently


>I detect a little communeezum
I should collect samples of punk music for the music thread. But it's not that easy.


In the meantime, I've been wiping my weiner on balls, which is something completely heterosexual that any sane men with good sexual health should practise.




Do you have tourette?


File: 1568309459133.png (36.16 KB, 582x455, 582:455, falklands.png)

ok cheers buddy


>they need to do way instain mother


File: 1568313063678.mp4 (1.86 MB, 408x720, 17:30, 6deb4414fa9cb448d983bdd03e….mp4)


Tourette syndrome.

That is definitely not a card.
>Indian accent


It's merely just a part of my special plan


File: 1568314368693.mp4 (32.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Gachimuchi Ultimate Medley….mp4)

>have to select file twice for it to go through


All right. Horizontal for me now.


File: 1568342645169.png (348.99 KB, 604x599, 604:599, sunn o)))mpics.png)


what's going on now?




File: 1568749575973.jpg (73.99 KB, 540x540, 1:1, yes.jpg)

End was down for around 2 seconds but it's back up

And it's /sp/'s official 5 year birthday! and I cannot browse the /sp/ board due to autism overload


BO, if you read this. I really need your opinion on what's going on on /"four"/. Without meming.
Is it possible they really doing criminal activities or stuff that could harm the chan and our board?


I'll try to take a more thorough look at them and let you know.
But I can already tell that what is needed is a normal moderator for that board. You can't have a global one constantly policing it. If they don't want to do that or can't agree on who should be the board owner then I would nuke it tbh because that would then force one of them to actually create his own board and take some responsibility.


Thanks. I'm trying to translate what they write but they use quite a few slang term, chantalk and it's also lost if anything is ironic and such.
Tho one of their threads is literally how to commit fraud… I dunno how that can be ironic.


Most likely.


odil is trying to update lc fyi


Yes. I think he already went from 1.7 to 2.0.


dev dot ec dot net


Huh, it's now 2.2.15. Soon getting soon.

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