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Fukcing .xyz and fucking .net is fucking down fucking again%!


It's back up again


It's down again. On every domain it says 500. Tor said 504 when I tried to access it via that.
Did Odili started the fixing without telling anyone? I don't think so. Twitter says nothing, he's not on Discord at the moment, I guess he's sleeping.


File: 1561008450042.png (81.14 KB, 500x564, 125:141, xflWGZ5.png)

500 is normal state of endchan, why worry?


Yeah, at least our stuff is safe no board sliding, no spam.


dilly dilly busy gibbin me dat boomer boi pucci he'll be back online soon


File: 1561011219227.jpg (23.93 KB, 268x265, 268:265, coifcat.jpg)

.org doesn't work either

Shit sucks. Hope it starts working soon

At least it was sort of working man


I was actually getting significantly less 500 errors, almost none for a while after Balrog came back and said they were gonna fix something. This is one of those times where Odili pretty much has to manually restart something to get the front end and back end communicating again afaik, and not one of the intermittent issues.


File: 1561012272224.jpg (29.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Seing Red.jpg)

Well that's somewhat good to hear

Here's to the site being *permanently!* fixed soon. I don't really like this board so much tbh.


at least the bunker is working this time


Yeah, we only need our CSS now.


They want a brand new database and a new lynx.
Basically that's it.
But today's problem ain't it, Odili didn't know about the downtime.
Also they want to "freeze" the site, make it read only and set up a board or something to chat. They want to make a new endchan in parallel with the old, then something something.


File: 1561050560698-0.jpg (85.61 KB, 746x982, 373:491, born to feel.jpg)

File: 1561050560698-1.jpg (67.65 KB, 960x915, 64:61, hopey.jpg)

Still getting a 500 error message


Well, at least Odili is trying to make the site better. Endchan's a good site at least.

What worries me is the other boards. They probably not used to the downtime and could leave the site permanently.


Yeah, those now are most of /rus/ I think.
It doesn't help keeping new users for other boards either.


/librejp/ stayed through all the downtimes, /sp/ meanwhile…


/librejp/ posts at like, 1/200th the rate of /sp/


Indy sp isnt loyal to a specific website or else
Would never have left 8gag. Communities shouldn't feel indebted to a singular site imho when they mess up enough it's time to leave


I hope endchan gets working at some point well in the future I appreciate odilis ideals for running a chan but questions his competence


File: 1561133446163.jpg (64.14 KB, 720x602, 360:301, cj chair.jpg)

He's doing his best. What more could you ask?

that 8gag b.s stunk too much tbh. Joshua is wayyy to shady for me to trust in him managing anything


>He's doing his best. What more could you ask?
a consistently working usable website. i genuinely think if a Chan owner cant provide that they should just shut down after giving their community warning and time to head to one of the many available options.

more communities should buy a url like the sportschan.org one too makes relocating really simple


.xyz is open


shutup turkroach


it's shut up* you soccer mom spawn.


using a koran as a coaster tbh
wouldn't wanna get rings on my table


I thought sub-Saharan muzzies respect Koran too.


File: 1561227409039.jpg (48.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Smiley face.jpg)

I like endchan too much to move tbh. Maybe we could help idk. I get what you're saying but it's a bunker. And he's hosting everything for free anyways. /sp/ is a very different case all together because it's just one board, its posters and it's culture in one place instead of dozens of other unique boards in one single image boards.

Not really sure what we can do since the same issues have been happening for a while. Crossing my fingers that this wouldn't happen again.

>>77 no need to be rude dude

>>76 It's down again


it was up literally 5 seconds ago and then went 500 when i clicked reply REEE


dilly said he made an auto-restart script (why all of a sudden who knows) but it hopefully shouldn't go down for extended periods of time at least for this issue.


chill out fag muslims aren't people


This. Fuckshit shitfuck. I started to write idioms for BrBernd's thread then I refreshed and it died. I'm starting to get a little frustrated.

Btw dudes, we now have the /kc/ CSS here, you can change it in the lower right corner.


All right, I'm gonna take a piss or two, maybe it will fix itself until I come back.
It's a sign that this has to be fixed permanently, they have to do what they promised to last week.


It didn't. Oh well.


Up and down and up and down and up and down again.


File: 1563724909851.png (986.71 KB, 1092x1023, 364:341, bongdan.png)

.xyz is down again. org wörks.
Not that too much traffic we had on this weekend.
Made a new BONG, the infamously butthurted Romanian shitposter of quite a few /int/ boards.


File: 1563738756633.png (33.03 KB, 510x478, 255:239, polarbears.png)

What the heck Oddiili?
Would be good if he at least made a redirect to the other urls
.net doesn't work either

>Not that too much traffic we had on this weekend.

I was going to post some OC but I've been so busy recently

fugg :DD


I assume End is getting DDoS'ed again. .org is working because it's behind cloudflare.


Holy shit I miss romania. Is he still alive on other /int/ boards?


If you mean that obnoxious Romanian who posted from different countries (or with VPNs) throughout the years and calls everyone but chiefly Hungarians a gypsy then he gets banned from everywhere all the tiem. When the ban expires or gets another IP he returns and runs amok again.
I think people wouldn't mind him if he would did that on occasion but he has that knee-jerk reaction and overly sensitive he just can't handle himself. Kek he wanted to report Kohlchan to the police for CP because he was banned (well Kohl is playing with fire too to be honest).
Will write more later I've to go.


File: 1563811945899.jpg (36.01 KB, 500x333, 500:333, albundy.jpg)

Now everything is down.


>I assume End is getting DDoS'ed again.

Can't we just be left alone?


Downchan is 500 again.

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