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Fukcing .xyz and fucking .net is fucking down fucking again%!


It's back up again


It's down again. On every domain it says 500. Tor said 504 when I tried to access it via that.
Did Odili started the fixing without telling anyone? I don't think so. Twitter says nothing, he's not on Discord at the moment, I guess he's sleeping.


File: 1561008450042.png (81.14 KB, 500x564, 125:141, xflWGZ5.png)

500 is normal state of endchan, why worry?


Yeah, at least our stuff is safe no board sliding, no spam.


dilly dilly busy gibbin me dat boomer boi pucci he'll be back online soon


File: 1561011219227.jpg (23.93 KB, 268x265, 268:265, coifcat.jpg)

.org doesn't work either

Shit sucks. Hope it starts working soon

At least it was sort of working man


I was actually getting significantly less 500 errors, almost none for a while after Balrog came back and said they were gonna fix something. This is one of those times where Odili pretty much has to manually restart something to get the front end and back end communicating again afaik, and not one of the intermittent issues.


File: 1561012272224.jpg (29.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Seing Red.jpg)

Well that's somewhat good to hear

Here's to the site being *permanently!* fixed soon. I don't really like this board so much tbh.


at least the bunker is working this time


Yeah, we only need our CSS now.


They want a brand new database and a new lynx.
Basically that's it.
But today's problem ain't it, Odili didn't know about the downtime.
Also they want to "freeze" the site, make it read only and set up a board or something to chat. They want to make a new endchan in parallel with the old, then something something.


File: 1561050560698-0.jpg (85.61 KB, 746x982, 373:491, born to feel.jpg)

File: 1561050560698-1.jpg (67.65 KB, 960x915, 64:61, hopey.jpg)

Still getting a 500 error message


Well, at least Odili is trying to make the site better. Endchan's a good site at least.

What worries me is the other boards. They probably not used to the downtime and could leave the site permanently.


Yeah, those now are most of /rus/ I think.
It doesn't help keeping new users for other boards either.


/librejp/ stayed through all the downtimes, /sp/ meanwhile…


/librejp/ posts at like, 1/200th the rate of /sp/


Indy sp isnt loyal to a specific website or else
Would never have left 8gag. Communities shouldn't feel indebted to a singular site imho when they mess up enough it's time to leave


I hope endchan gets working at some point well in the future I appreciate odilis ideals for running a chan but questions his competence


File: 1561133446163.jpg (64.14 KB, 720x602, 360:301, cj chair.jpg)

He's doing his best. What more could you ask?

that 8gag b.s stunk too much tbh. Joshua is wayyy to shady for me to trust in him managing anything


>He's doing his best. What more could you ask?
a consistently working usable website. i genuinely think if a Chan owner cant provide that they should just shut down after giving their community warning and time to head to one of the many available options.

more communities should buy a url like the sportschan.org one too makes relocating really simple


.xyz is open


shutup turkroach


it's shut up* you soccer mom spawn.


using a koran as a coaster tbh
wouldn't wanna get rings on my table


I thought sub-Saharan muzzies respect Koran too.


File: 1561227409039.jpg (48.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Smiley face.jpg)

I like endchan too much to move tbh. Maybe we could help idk. I get what you're saying but it's a bunker. And he's hosting everything for free anyways. /sp/ is a very different case all together because it's just one board, its posters and it's culture in one place instead of dozens of other unique boards in one single image boards.

Not really sure what we can do since the same issues have been happening for a while. Crossing my fingers that this wouldn't happen again.

>>77 no need to be rude dude

>>76 It's down again


it was up literally 5 seconds ago and then went 500 when i clicked reply REEE


dilly said he made an auto-restart script (why all of a sudden who knows) but it hopefully shouldn't go down for extended periods of time at least for this issue.


chill out fag muslims aren't people


This. Fuckshit shitfuck. I started to write idioms for BrBernd's thread then I refreshed and it died. I'm starting to get a little frustrated.

Btw dudes, we now have the /kc/ CSS here, you can change it in the lower right corner.


All right, I'm gonna take a piss or two, maybe it will fix itself until I come back.
It's a sign that this has to be fixed permanently, they have to do what they promised to last week.


It didn't. Oh well.


Up and down and up and down and up and down again.


File: 1563724909851.png (986.71 KB, 1092x1023, 364:341, bongdan.png)

.xyz is down again. org wörks.
Not that too much traffic we had on this weekend.
Made a new BONG, the infamously butthurted Romanian shitposter of quite a few /int/ boards.


File: 1563738756633.png (33.03 KB, 510x478, 255:239, polarbears.png)

What the heck Oddiili?
Would be good if he at least made a redirect to the other urls
.net doesn't work either

>Not that too much traffic we had on this weekend.

I was going to post some OC but I've been so busy recently

fugg :DD


I assume End is getting DDoS'ed again. .org is working because it's behind cloudflare.


Holy shit I miss romania. Is he still alive on other /int/ boards?


If you mean that obnoxious Romanian who posted from different countries (or with VPNs) throughout the years and calls everyone but chiefly Hungarians a gypsy then he gets banned from everywhere all the tiem. When the ban expires or gets another IP he returns and runs amok again.
I think people wouldn't mind him if he would did that on occasion but he has that knee-jerk reaction and overly sensitive he just can't handle himself. Kek he wanted to report Kohlchan to the police for CP because he was banned (well Kohl is playing with fire too to be honest).
Will write more later I've to go.


File: 1563811945899.jpg (36.01 KB, 500x333, 500:333, albundy.jpg)

Now everything is down.


>I assume End is getting DDoS'ed again.

Can't we just be left alone?


Downchan is 500 again.


It seems moving to the new database and "new site" has been started, they took down .xyz temporarily. As of now .org is still working.


A Norwegian poltard announced his attack on a mosque on end/pol/ and streamed it on facebook. He was beaten by a 70 year old man instead and arrested.


looks like /sp/ has a screenshot of it


Yes, the same was posted on Kohl.
And one of the meta thread on /pol/ has another screenshot of it.


i save his imgur album. dilly dilly said the guy who posted on end/pol/ wasn't actually the guy. idk how he'd know that though.


Roots have access to IPs, maybe wasn't from Norway.


File: 1565525699337-0.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 42 - AUEVfck.png)

File: 1565525699337-1.jpg (201.57 KB, 1530x2040, 3:4, 43 - LYzgNQ6.jpg)

File: 1565525699337-2.jpg (441.62 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 44 - mfSPX0i.jpg)

File: 1565525699337-3.jpg (526.36 KB, 2048x1374, 1024:687, 45 - c5gcfdk.jpg)

File: 1565525699337-4.png (2.5 MB, 914x1234, 457:617, 46 - tV1pvZP.png)

was a handsome lad, seems like the only person he killed was his actual relative and his actual target or goal was completely unrealized….


he killed his adopted asian sister, so I would call it successful


how asian we talkin?


probly 'asian' as in sand nigger


Any source on this? I read an BBC article which said they found the corpse of a ~20 years old female. There was the implication that he killed her. But no exact relation was written an certainly not her origin.


born in china and adopted


i distrust you.


I mean not "explanation" but source. For example an article of a news site. And in this case not a news site which provides… ümm… "alternative" views on the events because it would feel they tailored the facts to their own liking.


found it on wikipedia budy


Yeah found an cnn article:
>The victim is the 17-year-old stepsister of the suspect, whom Oslo police identified as Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen on Monday.

But I found a more exciting detail:
>Oslo Waldorf School
Now there's the problem.


File: 1566123506947.png (43.29 KB, 898x489, 898:489, temoprary.png)

The temporary site is running nicely, tho I got a server fugged error…


I was around the temp site. Oddili told everyone about the migration beforehand but no one wants to listen judging the way people are posting.

They said that the site will be back by Monday. I'm just here waiting until it's back.

I guess. I wanted to make a post in end/kc/ but I guess I'll have to wait.


>no one wants to listen judging the way people are posting.
That was my impression as well. I also had a long tiring conversation with the Russians… in Russian… that was THE experience of the weekend.
I won't be around from tomorrow till Saturday. But you go ahead post when the old/new site is back up. I hope you guys - the few who uses end/kc - will have some conversation, discussion without me too.


this is the end…
pretty fitting motto of endchan


See you there on our board next weekend!


File: 1566161614121.jpeg (4.25 KB, 216x157, 216:157, 9984981894189196196165.jpeg)

Alright enjoy yourself man.

> I also had a long tiring conversation with the Russians… in Russian… that was THE experience of the weekend.

They're trolling or they're bydlos? Who knows?

I'll be there when it comes back. Rest of the net is either lame or compromised anyway. But I probably wont post so much in this website since someone posted kohlchan-tier content in here recently. I don't want to mention what it was.

And it has some subversive and sleazy posts trying to dupe users into installing botnet software.

Just as expected.

One thing I do wonder about everything though: why did sportschan and endchan have a server migration in roughly the same day?


>That was my impression as well. I also had a long tiring conversation with the Russians… in Russian… that was THE experience of the weekend.
What was that about?

What will we do? Should we use this board as our main base? Assuming we wont spammed by trolls?


>What will we do?
Wait until Monday(tomorrow)


Site will be up by then




File: 1566230042031.jpg (45.11 KB, 945x370, 189:74, 4807059.jpg)

End is down again. It was just up the other day. and working fine. This up and down thing is getting very tiresome.


…..they're migrating dood


when will migration finish?


maybe 20th? all the posts are done, I think, but the something messed up on the pics. I think Odili is gonna fix up the script and give it another go


Migration is almost done. They said it should take around 24 hrs. Can't wait for it to happen
Mostly has to do with the images.


why not just move here permanently? :)


I think part of it is some of the existing userbase is still ignorant of this place or reluctant for whatever reason cuz reasons even though hungary ball has said many times this is the bunker


>check endchan.org
>all the boards are gone


>Mostly has to do with the images.
tbh I went there and voted for starting it without images but sadly I'm in a minority


File: 1566415683553.jpg (85.1 KB, 604x533, 604:533, a clear choice.jpg)

endchan.net only has /b/ and migration discussion while new.endchan.net exists but is unusable. This is taking far too long.


i know you guys are set on endchan but id honestly advise your community to move somewhere else if not here im not saying endchan wasnt even good at a point but the sites unusable and its due to massive long term incompetence
if you guys are set on lynxchan even spacechan would accept your board and if i tried there are certainly other options
i just dont think endchan deserves this many chances and i hope you guys come out of this unscathed frens


>until next week

Or he could at least roll out the old site.

No one answered my last question. Why did 2 chans migrate databases in the same day?

I'm still skeptical about everything. Everything's just feels too coincidental right now.


we still need to copy many threads and posts tbh.


what was the other chan?


The thredas on /kc/ were pretty organised so it wouldn't be that hard to remake them. Did anyone save the banners though?


I should have That One banner. As for the rest they were added long before we moved to endchan and to be honest I wanted suggest to remove them at one point and replace them with something more related to our unique /kc/ board.


What is the other chan?
Also I didn't pay attention to it earlier but now I'm rather happy that odili decided to make this migration when 8ch went down and there are hordes of internet pepo looking for new home. I think he did it on purpose and I'm glad for it cause I was there on 8chan when the so called exodus from 4chan happened and I didn't like it at all.


>what was the other chan?
This one. Most people don't remember but sportschan was down on the 15th while Endchan was still up.

The site's like that due to the numerous DDos attacks that it's been getting every hour during the last few months. It got worse after the 2 exodus(es?) happened


endchan is down every single day


File: 1566502207316.jpg (22.67 KB, 312x312, 1:1, 9876543567890-9876543.jpg)

Again >>238
>The site's like that due to the numerous DDoS attacks that it's been getting every hour during the last few months. It got worse after the 2 exodus(es?) happened


>but the sites unusable and its due to massive long term incompetence

You couldn't even open 76chan a few years ago(2015 or 2017 I forgot). I remember that it gave a "debian server not set up/failed" page when as soon as you went to the homepage. It was like that for months since I was always checking to see if it was up.

You couldn't even do anything about it since noone said what happened. It just fizzled out and died.

It's only been a few days anyways.


>(2015 or 2017
you're full of shit, i arrived early 2016 and was on 76chan every single fucking day until megamilk destroyed it

>You couldn't even do anything about it since noone said what happened. It just fizzled out and died.

uh, no you stupid faggot it was getting several dozens of daily unique hits by the end of its run, but it all got lost in a fatal server side data loss


I think I know what you're talking about. That was very early on. 76chan was down for a long time after the parley era. When his server went down, I kind of gave up for a while.


This site didn't migrate databases. They upgraded the power supplies at the datacenter.


>You couldn't even do anything about it since noone said what happened. It just fizzled out and died.
>tfw the same thing happened again recently


File: 1566577080182.jpg (20.81 KB, 570x570, 1:1, cool coon.jpg)

Oh that explains it. Thanks for letting me know

History repeats itself, I suppose

>you're full of shit,
Please read >>242

Yeah man. Thanks for letting me know what happened. I was actually really bummed not being able to visit the site anymore

>When his server went down, I kind of gave up for a while.

It happens. I guess you just got demotivated. Thanks for bringing 76 back with a dedicated board though.

What made you bring sportschan back?


>It happens. I guess you just got demotivated. Thanks for bringing 76 back with a dedicated board though.
Yeah and I was really young then and didn't really have the means to keep up with it.
>What made you bring sportschan back?
I was bored one day and set up a vichan instance on one of the servers I had. Originally it was carchan.wrigel.xyz, but I posted it on end/sp/ because I had a feeling there would be some guys there who would at least be interested that I was still alive and I knew endchan was having issues even back then. /sp/ came over here and steaks set up the domain and everything and here we are


>>tfw the same thing happened again recently
Not sure if you're referring to the alpharacks incident recently, but it didn't really just fizzle out. my provider got banned by their datacenters and there was a few weeks where I wasn't sure what I was going to do


>Yeah and I was really young then and didn't really have the means to keep up with it.

It happens. I coded a few things a few years ago that I stopped being interested in.

>I was bored one day and set up a vichan instance on one of the servers I had.

Well glad it's back up. We were in mostly good terms with /sp/ in endchan so I'm happy that all of you guys got your site back.

>and I knew endchan was having issues even back then.

I'm just checking back daily to see when it'll go back online. Final migration should give us no more issues on the site. I had some posts that were in queue for /kc/ that I wanted to share. Can't do much until Odily is back.

What's your stack, if you don't mind me asking?

> my provider got banned by their datacenters and there was a few weeks where I wasn't sure what I was going to do
WHy'd you get banned? Didn't they at least give you a reason?


So here I am, I see not much changed except End's db has a trouble with images. Again. This way too much reminds me that time when Odili lost all the pictures of the site during the real migration (from one server to another).

>enjoy yourself man
Wasn't entirely unpleasant, thanks.
>They're trolling or they're bydlos? Who knows?
Can't tell, it's lost in translation.
>why did sportschan and endchan have a server migration in roughly the same day?
Not just /librejp/ set up a board here and they "copied" their existing threads (or some of them) from there to here?

We wait a little more. When we get back our board, we go back. If we didn't we stay here.
Also I'll pop in to Discord and ask what's what, and give my opinions. Can't do much.
>Assuming we wont spammed by trolls?
That one fatposter we'll deal with him somehow.

Oh, go and eat your taco, Paco.

Because we will look silly when Sportschan is gone again and we have to go back to End…
Ofc, if End is done for good, then we'll stay here. If this place remains. fingers crossed Dddudeman

Great minds are still think alike, I see… :^)

>This is taking far too long.
I concur. I hoped I come back to a fresh End instance with everything in place. Tho I knew this will go sideways. Also I kinda remember Odili mentioning problems with the images even before my holiday.

>That One banner
>replace them with something more related to our unique /kc/ board.
That would be ideal.

They planned it with Balrog since May. I have screenshots (but it's in the Discord "log" anyway). They it got stretched like dough under the rolling pin, Odili spent much time fiddling with new vps, then 8 people came and he started to hurry to be done with it asap. And now we are here.

>due to the numerous DDos attacks
Frontend guy said they were hitting the captcha API, or something liek that.

Odili said it's due the mongo error. Corrupted data was accessed and that killed the db, which gave the 500 and "server is fugged mate" errors. He wrote a script which automatically restarted the db after X seconds it was killed.

Pls, change username from Anonymous to Bernd, man. Thanks.


>What's your stack, if you don't mind me asking?
Pretty standard linux web server setup
>WHy'd you get banned? Didn't they at least give you a reason?
My whole provider got banned and went out of business because they were selling server space that didn't belong to them


Someone change Anonymous to Bernd, pls.




Lick all my balls I drew.


Oh, mine is Bernd too. Disregard my previous post. Thank, you much better now.


>Thank you, much better now.


Glad to see your back Hungary-anon

We were also getting raided by invalidchan and halfchan when you were gone. Shit sux. I was glad to hear that they were trying to fix the site permanently but everything is pretty uncertain right now.

I'm trying to get a hold of the mods, but noone seems to be there.

>Pretty standard linux web server setup

Sounds pretty good. Did you learn to code on your own or through school?

Also, thanks for this


Also, I wouldn't recommend using discord


Yeah, but what can you do? If you write on IRC they only can read it if they are logged in when you wrote that. Odili is more frequent on Discord, he has some projects going I think, Balrog prefers IRC but I think he's rarely there and only very late night (for Euros like us).


nice. I didn't know you had a dicord account. thanks for taking care of things. we should copy the threads as soon as we reach the kys'd site.


/librejp/ copied their stuff with a help of a script, also /ratanon/ did that when they arrived to End. With manual reupload, it would be tedious.
Tho I don't think we should copy stuff. We are on imageboards, and while these where we hang out are slow, and preserve stuff long, on imageboards content is inherently short lived and we shouldn't feel bad about it's disappearance.
We lived through two board slides which erased the whole board, and a migration which killed all media content. It's not that big deal.
We can make new content here or back on End. That's how chans roll.


But maybe we should copy a few threads just saying. As for migration I'm really out of the loop, idk who is migrating where. All I know end is kys (for forever?) and 8chan is kys for good.


End isn't kys just yet.
They took down the old, so stuff can be copied fast (without causing more errors) to the new site. In the interim they put there a temporary one for peeps to chat.
The copy is done. Everything is up there. But when they checked the new site if it looks as it should be they found the images aren't showing up (I assume they give blank rectangles) despite the data is there in the database. This is what I read on Discord.
Now basically everyone doing this as a hobby, Odili is no exception. He has a job (I guess) and other projects, so he froze the activation of the new site and postponed the decision with a week.
That's the sum.


Now end is down. Server is fugged error.


Maybe they're working on something.


I just noticed we're on vichan here and that explains why sometimes I don't see new replies appearing on the front page. For anyone struggling forced refresh does the trick (ctrl+f5 on my machine).


Maybe. But Odili would tell if he does something. No worthwile replies on Discord.


Yeah saw that now.

>Now basically everyone doing this as a hobby, Odili is no exception.
Yeah, that's why we really shouldn't rush or shame the dude. End is good even with its issues. Just give them some time to finish everything.

let us know what happens and when it's fixed hungaryanon, if you can

2hu bunker's kinda weird though. Sometimes even that doesn't work either.


It's a decentralized imageboard, they have a bunch in that "network" with different names I think.


File: 1566772140816.jpg (91.36 KB, 495x495, 1:1, questions.jpg)




I was withholding content expecting a quick recovery but after all this delay I'll post more stuff here. But I'll leave for the main board something I want to write about Venezuela and a 99% ready section on Wages of Destruction, giving a chronology from 1933 to 1939 and explaining Hitler's decision to go to war.


We can wait a few days. Will find stuff to post here anyway.


File: 1566885382155.jpg (32.3 KB, 385x520, 77:104, merkel_bydlo.jpg)

Jesus. This will be slow.
So what's happening:
In order to the images to show up, the boards and their contents are need to be "synced" (copy the thing from the old faulty db to the new one). There is a script running and doing it. There are 742 boards with varying amount of content.
However some records in the db causing the script (I think) crash, and every time it crashes, the process needs to be started from the beginning, and the board which causing the crash is added to the skip list.
The good news: after the restart, the already synced boards don't need recopying, and the skipped are skipped.
The bad news: the boards on the skipped list needs a different approach to copy. The circle needs to be closed on the specific files which causing the crashes. This is done by the method of exclusion. And this will take a while.
This is what I pieced together from Discord convo.


Thank you for this info. Yeah it looks like it's gonna take a while but now that I know what's going on I have hope that it will be finished eventually. Hope we're not on the list.


>Hope we're not on the list.
I've no idea. /librejp/ and /yuri/ are.


oh crap that's a big one


File: 1566920225007.png (175.53 KB, 942x575, 942:575, tits-cant-miss.png)

We can check it how it is going.
It looks liek things were saved on an earlier date. So content posted after it seems to be gone. Or I dunno. I'm breddy sure there were posts between 08-12 and 08-16
Well, you see.

Also Odili wrote the whole process is finished, but it seems bunch of images are missing. For me it seems everything is missing no matter what board I open up. Except this one.


Cool cool. Thanks for the heads up as always hungaryball.

Seems like they're almost done. Let's just be patient until it's finished


Parely of 314chan?


Endchan is back.
Not how it should be, our board had posts between the 12th and 16th and not Bogdan's was the last I'm pretty sure.


Huh they aren't missing entirely… check out the new and you'll see.


File: 1566971825361.png (107.95 KB, 337x195, 337:195, birb2.png)

>Endchan is back.

Will come back to visit this site since 76 is back I missed it

>not Bogdan's was the last I'm pretty sure.

Oh yeah. lol get ready to deal with him again hungaryball


>Oh yeah. lol get ready to deal with him again hungaryball
I don't really bothered by him.


>I'm not really bothered by him.


Good for you then. You're a better man than he is.


To be honest he sets the bar pretty low.








God fucking damn it fukcing oldtimers and their fuckgin pálinka which makes you think you dringk fucking turpentine fuck.Jesus fucking Christ.


File: 1568301634581.png (224.52 KB, 464x450, 232:225, 404.png)

is it deleted and gone?


Asked on Discord, but no Odili there.




I'm just going to post a song I'm listening to currently


>I detect a little communeezum
I should collect samples of punk music for the music thread. But it's not that easy.


In the meantime, I've been wiping my weiner on balls, which is something completely heterosexual that any sane men with good sexual health should practise.




Do you have tourette?


File: 1568309459133.png (36.16 KB, 582x455, 582:455, falklands.png)

ok cheers buddy


>they need to do way instain mother


File: 1568313063678.mp4 (1.86 MB, 408x720, 17:30, 6deb4414fa9cb448d983bdd03e….mp4)


Tourette syndrome.

That is definitely not a card.
>Indian accent


It's merely just a part of my special plan


File: 1568314368693.mp4 (32.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Gachimuchi Ultimate Medley….mp4)

>have to select file twice for it to go through


All right. Horizontal for me now.


File: 1568342645169.png (348.99 KB, 604x599, 604:599, sunn o)))mpics.png)


what's going on now?




File: 1568749575973.jpg (73.99 KB, 540x540, 1:1, yes.jpg)

End was down for around 2 seconds but it's back up

And it's /sp/'s official 5 year birthday! and I cannot browse the /sp/ board due to autism overload


BO, if you read this. I really need your opinion on what's going on on /"four"/. Without meming.
Is it possible they really doing criminal activities or stuff that could harm the chan and our board?


I'll try to take a more thorough look at them and let you know.
But I can already tell that what is needed is a normal moderator for that board. You can't have a global one constantly policing it. If they don't want to do that or can't agree on who should be the board owner then I would nuke it tbh because that would then force one of them to actually create his own board and take some responsibility.


Thanks. I'm trying to translate what they write but they use quite a few slang term, chantalk and it's also lost if anything is ironic and such.
Tho one of their threads is literally how to commit fraud… I dunno how that can be ironic.


Most likely.


odil is trying to update lc fyi


Yes. I think he already went from 1.7 to 2.0.


dev dot ec dot net


Huh, it's now 2.2.15. Soon getting soon.


Well. End is offline now. Dunno what's happened.


Ok. It's back online.


Down again. Odili wrote some stuff but it isn't clear what's up.


File: 1580497646496-0.png (358.36 KB, 1393x580, 1393:580, 2020-01-31-idlib-observati….png)

File: 1580497646496-1.jpg (52.6 KB, 960x850, 96:85, EA.jpg)

Erdo ordered to throw some "observation points" in the way of the SAA. Those little tower icons looks good, to bad the real ones looks nothing like that. Would be doable with those inflatable castles kids jumping in.

Meanwhile UK leaves EU in a few hours. Now only the real leaving remains, they have a year or so.


Bzb, Ergo getting tough, he does not afraid sending more rebels into the area (maybe from the north?).
>Turkey warned that it would retaliate if any of its 12 observation posts around the city were caught in the crossfire.
Well if they do well their job jumping between the two sides as they do now on the M5, there's a good chance.


Arbiter Erdogan had to sound his whistle because Assad was beating his opponent too hard. But such observation posts are an exercise in futility. They are points, not lines, and they're placed on a line with a multitude of other points through which Assad can attack and surround the posts. The only thing this achieves is delaying the fall of Saraqib and giving breathing space for the rebels.


Yeah, he's a referee and couch for one of the teams. Some time can be secured with those points, maybe enough to help the rebel forces move around, regroup or such. That breakthrough along the M5 got dangerous.


File: 1580499730361.jpg (49.69 KB, 497x1024, 497:1024, q8ljkwy794e41.jpg)

He's bringing in his puppet rebels to bolster the frontline. Maybe he shouldn't have sent a bunch of them to Libya.


What's up with the Libyan situation? Last I heard the LNA was on the roll.


File: 1580501183945.png (251.89 KB, 1191x747, 397:249, libya 31 jan 2020.png)

There was more fighting. Haftar took Sirte and failed to advance over Misrata. The overall outline of the conflict seems the same but Turkish presence rules out a LNA victory.


I wonder what are the operational objects. I would assume there are couple of towns with ports on the shore that matters and a few smaller centers inside the country.
LNA can get supply from Egypt, but can GNA from Tunisia or they entirely depend on Tripoli, and some smaller ports which may be only enough for dinghys.


Also I kinda remembers some tribal warlords inside, who can have centers of power. Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, four directions open, but not sure if Chad for example would be a secure line for anyone in Libya. I know very little of their politics.


>brexit happens
>end is down


File: 1580538628365-0.jpg (155.41 KB, 708x331, 708:331, welcome_to_endchan.jpg)

File: 1580538628365-1.png (13.11 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ghork.png)

It's ogre. Hardware failure. Odili is doing a backup-migration now. If everything goes well it will take days…
I wonder how many of you guys will find your way here. The board was kinda quite these days.


chech my new ball heh


Right is bigger than the left???
If I wouldn't know better that's a black hat with a flower on it I would think that's a safety hat for miners with a lamp.


Stuff is copying. In some time we have a new instance of End.


Is there an ETA when it'll get done? Will everything be migrated as it was? Can anyone keep us posted?


Odili said it might take days. I'm in contact and hungarybernd too so someone will keep you updated.


Sadly no. Soon.
Getting soon.
No news right nao means it's still copying.


>Odili said it might take days. I'm in contact and hungarybernd too so someone will keep you updated.

Thank u

The sooner the better

Thank u 2


"files table copy at 45%"
Was 2 hours ago.


Oh, I think that's the uploaded files. There are other tables, I dunno if the textual content is in another. But the others are smaller, so if it's done, those will take less time.


Jaysus fokkin Kroist. Febr 2 and it can be +18C in part of the country.


It's a sign


File: 1580647301673.jpg (5.14 KB, 299x168, 299:168, download.jpg)

Europe without Union means Internet without /kc/.
This is a threat.


>tfw russian hackers took down endchan to turn us pro-EU
Really makes you think


it makes my peanus weanus


File: 1580675422370.png (755.59 KB, 1154x713, 1154:713, super-bowel-index.png)

Meanwhile the most important news on the most visited Hungarian news portal (actually it is the top Hungarian website - the 7th is a torrent site) is Super Bowl.


>Super Bowl

Is this really that American Super Bowl? I thought no one outside USA even cares about it.


It is. Today Miami something. Neighbours doing big fuss about it, spammed around the chans:

We have teams here, but noone watches: >>422


Copying stopped at 61%. Now we are waiting for the datacenter for something.


I had to look it up which sport Super Bowl was about. It's American "football" so nobody pays attention. Only burger sport of relevance is basketball, which kids play in PE class but don't follow the professional sport after growing up.


It's actually Sugar Bowl. Murricans sitting in front of the telly and munching a bowl a sugar with high fructose corn syrup.


I mean a bowl of candy.


File: 1580762843461.jpg (15.21 KB, 300x300, 1:1, kc.jpg)

Huh. Apparently we, /kc/, won this Super Bowel game match thingy. Good job, Bernd, very good.


File: 1580768739965.jpg (114.27 KB, 640x400, 8:5, kc-team.jpg)


Yes we did


Laffed, thanks. Gonna save it. I'm pondering making a thread on /sp/ with that image.



Odili said today
"Got an update, as I thought more waiting for new hardware
Ah new serves are in customs that’s why no eta"


What do "new serves in customs" mean? New hardware for the servers. Hopefully it doesn't fry up like the last ones



I know that /kc/ and most of the small dedicated boards will be back after this is over. I'm unsure about other boards though, like /ausneets/ for example
They might not even know what happened since they might not even know about end's twitter account


They ordered the hardware and it is shipped (from China? Taiwan? etc.) and it is waiting in customs as foreign goods do.

/ausneets/ knows. Their BO is checking in IRC on regular basis. Also I wrote them. And will. But yeah they maybe not coming back there are some shills shilling 8kun for them (well they are there), I'm not sure on behalf of the 8kun administration or just simply by someone who has some beef with End for some reason.


Ok. I hope Odili soon sets a static page, that we're coming back soon, so not just that sad unable to connect page will load.


i had something from china shipped with dhl and it got here for 1 day and it stayed in customs for 1 week


many such cases


Yeah delivery from China can be fast as fuck. Can be faster than Hungary from Hungary.


When you ship from China, things tend to vary on arrival. Would be good to keep track of it

Ah, movie night was supposed to happen soon. It'll be a little hard for other anons to join because of this. Is it still happening?


>But yeah they maybe not coming back there are some shills shilling 8kun for them (well they are there), I'm not sure on behalf of the 8kun administration or just simply by someone who has some beef with End for some reason.

Don't go to 8kun. Site is a mega fed honeypot. Tell the /ausneets/ BO, and other boards to steer clear of it

And jim and his pack of raging fags are against any board that's not cucked or compromised


Some smaller, cheaper stuff comes in simple mail, still very fast, no times spent on customs, but can get lost easier.
>movie night
I'm contemplating what to do. Without server no place to store the movie and stream from, maybe just watch something which is on youtube. It would be good for the morale to hold it, at least those who are here would know about it, and the NEETs I can tell.
Still some stuff to be done related to it, liek register a new channel on cytube, and pick a date.

/ausneets/ came from 8coon, so now they went back. A couple of them never came to Endchan, and I think most of them don't really care where they post.


Oh dog. Trying to search for "full movie" on YT. The amount of Indian feces is so huge it cannot be described.


File: 1581058184757.jpg (155.66 KB, 1131x754, 3:2, film.jpg)

Well dudes, I think I will really make that movie night. "Night" since it will be middle of the day/morning for some of us.
I still haven't registered a channel, but I'll do it in the eve.
The movie will be something on youtube, it seems the easiest is the find a spaghetti western there, or some Bollywood which I won't pick, but who knows maybe would be a hoot.
So starting time for now:
BRT: 08:00
CET: 12:00
AEDT: 22:00


>Site is a mega fed honeypot.
We know. One of our users was interrogated by local law enforcement just after the site went down when they lost their host. 8kunt will pass on any information to any and all local law enforcement. I hoping Yukuza gets caught up in it tbh


To be honest writing a program that collects all the posts or all the posts containing certain callwords isn't hard for a programmer. On KC main there was a Pole who did that, and then posted statistics about the most frequently used words by the different nationalities of /int/. Probably was written in bydlon.


File: 1581104409442.jpg (39.69 KB, 450x450, 1:1, End-clapboard.jpg)

Ok Bernd. So tomorrow (for boongs it's today) we're gonna watch that movie which is still unknown at the dates I wrote here: >>603
I tried to set it that besides that in two timezones acceptable (actually it is good in Moscow/Ankara zones too), it would be on BR time somewhat acceptable (I dunno if Argentine is in that zone). I know it's a Saturday, so 8 might be a bit early, but that's that.
Link to our channel:


The rules we have to keep everything pretty clean. They targeted the NEET for a specific reason.


Well, I hope I'll see Bernd at the stream, I go horizon now. Night.


Will try and catch you guys in the stream this time


Good to see our bunker bros doing well I use you guys to follow endchan news


You better.
What browser?

Yeah, the most talk around here.


I'm using Midori now. I'd figured I'd wait out the little endchan hosting blip and just lurk but it's taking too long.
Chosen the film yet?


Nope. Wanted Death Hunt because it's cool, and The Great Train Robbery since that is cool too, and Hevi Reissu since it's funny. From the three big vid site cytube supports (youtube, dailymotion, vimeo) I could only find Death Hunt on one, but fucked up ratio. So I'm back to the spaghetti western, there's a channel on youtube dedicated to those. Maybe Good, Bad, Ugly or something. If it's up there.

I'm gonna have a walk now, weather looks nice. I'll back about 11 CET, then fire up stuff.


Kung fu movie?
there are some fucking boss films on yt.
chess boxing is fucking nuts, a great film

also, sleeping fist is very good


I remember the drunken kung-fu/karate master or whatever. Kinda was memetic.


lel can I have more details on this?
do you have those statistics saved somewhere? I must have missed that

Also endchan now has a static page that says it's broken but is being worked on.


Hey, dude. No I haven't saved anything. Maybe asking around on Kohl would give results.
Come watch movies with us. :^)


>endchan now has a static page
Oh yes. I maded that page.


All right, next time we watch Green Elephant.


File: 1581178738298.jpg (1.93 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, moon.JPG)

Full moon. And it's quite big today.


File: 1581186880889.jpg (15.94 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 40400.jpg)

So, should I keep Endchan in my bookmarks? I was just about to delete it.


1. The disks of the server in the datacenter started to fail.
2. New hardware was ordered to replace the old.
3. The hardware is in the customs.
4. When the hardware arrives, the dudes in the datacenter will replace the disks.
5. We will try to get the data from the old disks somehow.
6. If we can get it, we restore Endchan how it was.
7. If we can't we put it back empty (I think we have the board structure)
8. Whatever happens there will be Endchan.
9. No I don't know when the customs office will finish picking their noses and finally let the hardware to be delivered.
10. You decide if you want to delete the bookmark or not.


Thank u 4 keeping us updated

Oh the knight looks like it's from Castle Crashers. That game was pretty gud


File: 1581197982954-0.png (49.63 KB, 1221x802, 1221:802, end is nigh.png)

File: 1581197982954-1.png (38.96 KB, 843x864, 281:288, end-knight-question.png)

File: 1581197982954-2.png (57.25 KB, 1554x1304, 777:652, fucked-colored.png)

File: 1581197982954-3.png (12.66 KB, 255x207, 85:69, ye-knight-of-supreme-simpl….png)

I dunno who draw that. Endknight is the mascot of Endchan, that particular pic I found the best. There are more pics, but I didn't save them, probably will make a thread on /b/ to ask for them, when End is finally up and running.


File: 1581282715197.jpg (43.94 KB, 405x348, 135:116, T.Hanks.jpg)

Thanks for the update. I'll keep it installed in hopes of a return soon.


File: 1581312378883-0.jpeg (229.25 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, 491799.jpeg)

File: 1581312378883-1.jpeg (133 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 897465464.jpeg)

I think it just looks similar to the game mentioned.

>There are more pics, but I didn't save them, probably will make a thread on /b/ to ask for them, when End is finally up and running.

Could be cool. Other anons and I could drawfag a bunch of new pics. Fun times!


And end/kc/ is still going strong after so many blackouts. The sense of community is pretty good here tbh

It's really impressive


>Other anons and I could drawfag a bunch of new pics
I dunno about other anons, but if you could draw some new, that would be cool. Could be based on this castle crashers, maybe little more deviation from the original design. Or entirely new I don't wanna meddle into the artistic creation.
Wanted to make apustaja with the helmet and worry bear. The thing is the perspective is god awful. specially with worry bear.

I dunno if strong is the perfect word, but the core is here (mostly, too bad eSwitzini stopped posting). I just wish relatively new guys could stuck a little better.


File: 1581371516579.png (22.35 KB, 500x500, 1:1, worry-endchan.png)




File: 1581401401503.png (46.29 KB, 507x464, 507:464, top_ebin.png)

10/10, now we can manage bearter.


ecco was faster and posted it on Discord. Kek.


File: 1581409170378.jpg (701 KB, 1316x1379, 188:197, 5703da2.jpg)

>8. Whatever happens there will be Endchan.
Nice. I'll keep my bookmarks.


Oh I almost forget.
We have a full backup of the backend server. Which means we should have all the data of End.


Bunker is online.


File: 1581619355048.jpg (116.67 KB, 676x1000, 169:250, Avenue5.jpg)

This show is hilarious.
The chief problem with it that as they pile up the absurdity the question arise if they will be able to maintain the humor (and maybe the plausibility) without become too over the top and turn into unfunny.


Are we going to move to the server or stay here?


When the main site will be up we go back to /kc/ there. Until then we stay. I read and post (little) on the bunker tho.


It a lil slow though. Maybe I'll post a little
Do u have an ETA pls?
>lel can I have more details on this?

There was a thread on /operate/ about it. I'll link it here or in end/kc/ when End is back online


File: 1581662350801.jpg (35.71 KB, 435x435, 1:1, 90c.jpg)


>Do u have an ETA pls?
Sorry still no. I'm really hoping it's just a couple of days, I believe the downtime really hurts Endchan itself, dissipates the userbase.


Anyone else notice kohlchan is full of kikes and kike lovers? It doesn't feel kc tier, at times it's fucking reddit tier.
Look at this fucking vid posted, https://kohlchan.net/int/res/5931125.html, not one comment on the fact the video is full of jews. There is more I can't be bothered to document, just feels like a shill chamber, not comfy at all.


dud, didn't you see the kohlcash thing?
kohl is gay


You still lurk on that pedo chamber? If jewishness bothers you more than pedos than you are part of the problem.


To me, they are synonymous. Although, that weird oriental obsession with cuteness or perverted weirdness of hentai comics etc. I wouldn't exactly say is pedo. Definitely not serious discussion. While I would easily say someone who posts naked kids and says they fuck kids is definately mentally ill and probably in need of castration for the safety of others.
Frankly I never bothered until endchan went down and I only really go for the corona threads.

yeah, i don't post there and it's definitely not worth burning out my CPU for. Sad kohlcash gate couldn't have happened whilst end/kc was up.


File: 1581705142087.png (90.88 KB, 686x526, 343:263, worry bear in a suit.png)

>Endchan counts only the unique IP addresses of its visitors, which are only a handful
>the site is still below the performance rate of 8chan before its closure.
So why worry about it?


>Sorry still no. I'm really hoping it's just a couple of days
Oh well. Guess I'll wait

> I believe the downtime really hurts Endchan itself, dissipates the userbase.

Ya it rally does. RIP to the people that get impatient leave

Also, I was going to post that article around here. It mentions other chans in passing only but mostly dogs on us. Literal smear article


lol, that site's always been compromised.


File: 1581709676356.png (465.29 KB, 1451x4178, 1451:4178, openDemocracy-about.png)

You mean why openDemocracy gives a crap about Endchan?

That's what these Soros sponsored gittegylets (see definition: >>737) do. Smear shit.
Just look at this shit.
>we seek to educate citizens to challenge power and encourage democratic debate across the world.
They should support imageboards because right now on the interned they are the only places that really are platforms of freedom of speech, privacy, decentralization, etc etc. But instead they are demonizing us because they desperately searching for hidden nests of oppression so they can inflate it out of proportion and this way justify their own existence and rationalize why did it worth to spend their sponsors money on them.
They seek to educate people but instead they give them false impressions on things they themselves don't understand. The author of this article successfully washed together the whole chan with a couple of selected boards to fit her own narrative. And now if we would say, that hey, we are for freedom of speech, she (and readers educated on her article) can reply: "freedom of speech? but those nazis censoring posts that criticize nazism!"
It is really twisted.
Besides she either didn't recognize the reference to the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, which makes her an illiterate ox, or on purpose took it out of context to paint Endchan into something sinister which hides at the end of the universe in a dark corner, which makes her malevolent.

Ofc, these types of comments: >>729 aren't help us really. Kikes this or kikes that. Not that I mind it's his business whom he hates, just easy to point out such posts and generalize it that if we tolerate them sure we are the same. As good liberal ofc, the author of that article that is, she can't stand that people really allowed to speak their mind - or even think something she disagrees with - she would ban everything she doesn't like, but she knows better, she demonizes instead. Make everyone untouchable, socially unacceptable. Old trick, the salami tactics is.


Being semantic, I never expressed any hatred, just find it odd not one person cared to mention the race of those in the video. If it was full of chinamen I'm sure that would have been at some point even mentioned, even by someone who just wanted to point it out because they hate them.


>the salami tactics is
also, please elaborate


You anti-semantic!

Salami tactics: eradicating the opposition by slicing them up and slowly eating them by slices from one end. Think of something unacceptable, accuse a guy with that. The others will disassociate themselves away from him, and the guy - left alone - will be unable to make resistance and can be cleared away comfortably.
I'm not sure if I'm explaining this properly, so here's an example. During WWII Hungary got occupied by the Red Army. After the war the Soviet Union wanted a Stalinist leadership here. The problem was the communists were a minor party, and the Stalinist section of them was even smaller. They however as occupiers had a large say what happens and it was mandatory - despite any results of the consequent elections - to get the communist into the government, to form a coalition with them. All the other parties were greatly democratic. From the previous Horthy system no prominent parties were allowed to be reformed or compete in the elections (the membership was in prison or in gulags anyway). But the communists had a good boogeyman, the "fascists". So they just pointed onto the guys on the rightmost end of the political palette, and accused them being fascists. Instead of keeping a united front, everyone disassociated themselves from them. They got gulaged. Then came the next "most right", got accused to be fascists. Disassociation, gulag. Then the next in line. Then the next and the next. Christian democrats, peasant party, social-democrats, everyone. The remnants of them, who didn't get gulaged, got incorporated into the communist party. But apparently the commies were full of fascists, the Stalinist wing had to take over the control and they continued to salami the rest. Ironically one of the victim was the minister of interior, who was one of the chief director of the salamization of the opposition.


>You mean why openDemocracy gives a crap about Endchan?
Yes, it's such a tiny site with no influence. But I guess they're greedy and are going for any target they can find, are picking low-hanging fruit or have nothing else to attack.


Pretty spoopy
gommunism, not even once

I looked at the site. It's pretty much pushing the same agendas you would see in the guardian or metro. Pretty bad and choppy journalistic articles throughout it


>dud, didn't you see the kohlcash thing?

lololo what is this? Did kohl end up doing the same thing 4ch does and charging users for posting?


You must mine coin for them if you wish to post, in the browser. Great way to burn out your CPU.


They are desperately trying to create an enemy to show up. They get hundreds of thousands pounds a year from their donators and the best they can come up with literally three guys posting as a hobby on a site that runs on no money. Because /pol/ on End is about this big. The rest of the posters is a couple of trolls and spammers with proxies, who gets banned on daily basis.

>It's pretty much pushing the same agendas you would see in the guardian or metro
There's a chance The Guardian and Metro is getting their stuff from openDemocracy.


Some more info. What's going on with Kohl (and niggertits)?


after that onion sperg spammed for days in the morning, they came up with an excellent idea; you need to do "computing" to post from proxy/onion now
then, after kohlchan rollout, i lurked a bit and saw his spam deleted in seconds
in the browser, it requires webassembly but you can download a python script
in other words, big fucking gay
subscribe also like


Tax on proxies and Torposters? Sounds good. Until I need to use one of them. Anyway I expect to make banning a little more effective and ban evasion less numerous. On the other hand who are addicted won't care.
Good to see you, dude, btw. You were missed. Strictly in a heterosexual way.


maybe, you are confusing me
i am an onion , i posted a bit in the music threada
me opinion on kohlcash is that this kinda gay should not be allowed; either you ban it or you don't, implementing this fuckery is like a spit in the face, no other board did something similar to this as far as i know


Oh, the King Crimson guy. I thought you're eSwitzinibernd. Schade.
Anyway thanks for the info.
No I don't any other chan uses it. Although 4chan was mentioned above as related. Or was that for the Google Captcha?


last time i tried to access 4sanser from tor, you need to solve captcha to just see the site
you can't post from tor on 4 as far as i know, even proxies are banned if not all, then a lot of them. however, you still can post from a proxy if you buy a 4pass, innit?


>buying 4pass
Sounds like a good idea.


right? as i've read,the ban on proxy and such is because of 4pass, they want 'people' to buy it. also you can lift a permaban by buying a 4pass, and that was the idea: banned 'people' will buy a 4pass to get unbanned so to only get banned again, because it only works once
kinda liek dat


File: 1581775820480.png (1.09 MB, 1092x1023, 364:341, xylophong.png)

Nice scam.

Anyway Endchan is up again.


it is so slow


It is sometimes but I posted there today couple of times with no problems. I'm guessing we might be getting few hiccups but everything should get back to normal very soon.


>You must mine coin for them if you wish to post, in the browser. Great way to burn out your CPU.

How can kohl burners put up with cuck this? ffs


File: 1581826371024.png (156.97 KB, 729x614, 729:614, shit.png)

Back again to answer this

See pic rel. Don't go to 8kums


>charging users for posting?
The script calculates garbage. There is no other use to this other than being able to post anonymously on Kohlchan.

It's only for proxy users. Spam and ban evasion was getting out of control for quite a while and this more or less solved the problem. Tor, proxies and many VPNs were completely banned on old KC unless you begged for a Komturcode on IRC. You think that would be better?




Then why do you complain about it?


Ok. It's more clear now.


Maybe I should make a thread on Kohl, that End is back online. I'm just tired as hell.


.net is down but .org is working.


Power outage.


Down again


Site is down again



And again. Sad day for Berndkind.


>o dilly dilly


i may need to check on the other KCs as well


File: 1618728496796.png (1.53 KB, 19x19, 1:1, col-hat4.png)

Made the hat. Now I have to compile the new css (besides yours two other balls got hats), then tell Dudder to change the css of the board.


Whoah, that's a pretty cool hat man! it may not really show, but i appreciate this little detail more than what you would believe.


File: 1619127640770.png (591.54 KB, 600x906, 100:151, 1619120220194.png)

i kneel


Here's the updated css for the board. Sadly can't upload it in a file. And fukin pastebin keeps saying 404, so I had to use another text storage service.
Quite a few balls got hats since then, so it was aboot time.
Also somehow Dddudeman needs to be informed to change it.

Password: kansascity


Where the kc people at though?


Also, the board needs to be cleaned from thread spam


We are at Endchan. Well nowadays it's mostly just me.

It does. Here no BOs however, only globals.


updated but the us flag seems to be broken


Fugg. Gonna fix that tomorrow.


File: 1621011747027.png (52.27 KB, 625x349, 625:349, USMOI-US-background-backgr….png)

Ok, I found the problem.
In the CSS at the US Minor Outlying Islands and US (at line 1691 and 1698) the code contains "background: " twice.
If you delete the redundant ones, it should fix the issue.


Thanks for the hat man, I'm sure the other Colombians would appreciate it as well.


I'm not sure about that since I dunno who the dude is, or what he represents. For all I know you pulled a fast one, can happen on the chans.
But you are welcome.


Yeah, that guy is a celebrity but he is pretty infamous alright, he represent the kind of people that use imageboards from my country, if i was not banned from the main spanish chan then i would bring them here so they can appreciate it as well.


Where can I read a bit about him?
>main spanish chan
Which one is considered the main one? Hispachan?


fixed, sorry it took so long


That's okay.
But now the lowest slice of the ball is missing.
Gonna take another look. And will bother you again to update it if I found anything.
The code itself should be good, I checked it with a base64 converter. Maybe something with the margins, tho I haven't touched anything just copypasted over the code of the balls.


Yeah, his name is Carlos Cataño he was the head figure of the AUC, the biggest private army of its time, it was disbanded some time ago but its renmants are still active in some areas under a different name.


most written records about him and his organisation have been written either by the casualties of war or opportunistic University people to further their careers as philanthropists.
The wikipedia article seems like a good starting point.


Thanks. Gonna check it out.


Here's the problem and the fix.
In lines 1694 and 1701 the height should be changed from 22px to 25px.



Great. Seems working.
Thanks, man.


We've sadly had multiple sitewide spammers on the board over the last few weeks. Wish there was a way to put an end to it tbh


It's liek gardening. The weed always grow, the gardener can't do much, just remove them and wait till the next ones pop up.


File: 1624143216529.jpg (124.27 KB, 653x523, 653:523, 900d65349f40332b0a30317200….jpg)

>It's liek gardening. The weed always grow, the gardener can't do much, just remove them and wait till the next ones pop up.

idk fam. The site's been getting hit so often it's a little bit concerning. End's been getting hit by spam for a while, and I'm trying to think of what could be done to mitigate it. /ausneets/ in particular gets hit really bad lately. I looked at the logs and noticed how awful it was.

I guess all I can do is try and report anything I see and not click on any link obviously ffs Hope morale is a least okay with the endchan staff tbh. The site's better than most at least. And I don't intend on leaving anytime soon.


File: 1624144065051.png (63.6 KB, 657x527, 657:527, calmness.png)

Also, if you're the same Hungarian bernd from Endchan, just wanted to let ya know that I already watched gansta rap glockumentary around 2 weeks ago and finishing my review of it. Also eateds some Italian food and made some Chicken paprika, so I'll be giving a review of those foods too.

Another thing I intend to do is submit around 2-3 kohlzine articles soon, along with uploading some more polandball comics and making a new spurdo mega dump thread. So I'll be fairly busy postings new stuff on End/kc/ and writing it down. Right now, I'm a lil busy interviewings and doings other things. So I'll post when I get the chance tbh


Well, the ausneets spam is just an idiot, who tries disrupting the flow of discussion. It's not illegal or anything so it does not compromises the site in legal way, it's just the format of the board makes it prone to such attacks.
Otherwise only the recurring spam, that hits a couple of boards get posted. Sometimes I see that on other chans, like here.

Thanks Bernd, you are a good bloke. I'm waiting patiently. We have a Swedish fella these days, I dunno if it's the same just behaves differently. I asked he said he isn't. I can just go with that.
Good luck with your interviews. Stay safe, do not do anything stupid.


File: 1624415449038.jpg (24.65 KB, 500x334, 250:167, Bürstkatze.jpg)

>Well, the ausneets spam is just an idiot,

Yah, he's pretty dumb tbh.

>Otherwise only the recurring spam, that hits a couple of boards get posted.

Sometimes some things get missed. I think I saw some people comment that in the /operate/ board a few days ago. Some boards make it a lil hard to report things.

>Thanks Bernd, you are a good bloke.

>Good luck with your interviews.

T. hanks. Raly appreciate the support

>Stay safe, do not do anything stupid.

I don't really like getting into problems. And I'm always taking my time when doing any decisions. I believe I will be good. Thanks regardless fam


You mean egy?


I don't really know about that board. I guess I'm just saying in general. I posted there a few months ago to call attention to some spam we were getting. Everything's fine with the site, but some things slip through the cracks. So I'm just bringing it up when other people do it too.


File: 1624584554318-0.jpeg (113.5 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, kljhk.jpeg)

File: 1624584554318-1.mp4 (1.69 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Gary recites poetry.mp4)

Anyway, let's brighten the mood of the thread a lil bit tbh. Here's a little video I just found. Hope you enjoy it fam


Oldie but a goodie, thank you.


ass so big way bigger than my speaka-rs


File: 1624922290695-0.png (184.56 KB, 544x712, 68:89, spammer1.png)

File: 1624922290695-1.png (208.68 KB, 514x734, 257:367, spammer2.png)

I feel I must bring this up to the users of this board. After all of your comments were made, we received an abnormal amount of spam from the board you mentioned. And not only this, but the website also received an unusual and utterly bizarre type of posts originating from the /test/ board which make a somewhat subtle reference to the post the Hungarian user made.

Gathering all of this information, I do believe that the board spammer actively patrols this section of the internet as well. It also seems like it's may be the same bloke who spammed Endchan years ago. It appears he never left


ya it gud. T. Hanks

based comment right here tbh



That mom song is also great, I think I understood the most lyrics in that one.


Yes, I remember that scene. The song was good, but the scene was disturbing to say the least. That blak wymen being humpeds on stage will be ingrained in my mind forever. But, maybe we can show it to SlovBerg to see if he'll enjoy it tbh

ngl I was glad I watched that movie along with "Brazil"(the movie). Both are very similar to one another. Both have naive characters with extreme personalities. Both are set in dystopic environment. Both of them end with a musical number. Both main protagonists in the movies live in a world propped up by their own fantasies. It's a lil bit eerie how much each movies share with each other tbh


I have to ask. Is there a reason you don't post on end/kc? Something we did, or didn't?


File: 1625769440989.png (22.88 KB, 300x250, 6:5, sippis.png)

It's all good fam. just taking a lil break from posting in general. I'm on here for now because it's a lil slower. Planning on making 100+ to 300+ posts on end/kc/ eventually so I need some time and rest to finish it all up. Serious Discussions takes a lot of assburger energy to start up tbh. I also still have around 1GB worth of music that I want to upload, so that's another thing in queue. I'll always keep posting on end/kc/ as long as I can.

I also wanted to make this into a /kc/ meta board to discuss what to add or subtract to the board (more css options, kohlzine article drafts for review around here, thread drafts for review before posting, etc,) idk if it's a good idea or not. Do we have something similar end/kc/? I haven't checked. Raly raly busy lately


>Your IP is blocked due to it being from a known spammer

GAWD do I hate the people who spam the site. Making shit worse for everyone here. Can't even post anymore. Anyway around it? I miss my kc

> just a regular user. Not part of anything stupid or anyone spamming the site


File: 1626400087432.jpg (16.91 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 3c7.jpg)

Along with all of the things I have planned from this post >>1024 I have a lots more in store for postings on end/kc/. This is the current queue I have planned for my upcoming threads and posts. Will be doing all of this this in the span of a 5-10 month basis when I get the chance

1) Spurdo thread with: 50-75 images with around 25-30 posts

2) 4 Kohlzine articles about: Why you should pay game companies, the rise and fall of VoC, A thorough analysis of Finnish Mythology and A brief look at Van Halen's musical career and legacy

3) 50 new music posts, with lots of music I think you'll raly raly like Hungaryfren

4) Over 150 new posts about polandballcomics

5) A "Create your own Spede" thread

6) A 3rd new BerndScramble for Africa/Risk type thread with more dedicated thread follow up and users. Not just acting random, but having a more structured thread

7) My actual experience with Irish people. Follow up on an old thread I made about Irish people in general

8) Over a dozen new game reviews from recent games I've played

9) Reviewing the clusterfuck that is the Kingdom Hearts lore. An update on an old post I made

It's a raly raly lot of new content which I'm glad to create and share although it looks like 500 to over 1000 new posts by me though r8 my board contributings and assburgers fam!


File: 1626418883730.jpg (38.33 KB, 621x414, 3:2, walk-the-walk.jpg)

Great plans I wish to see realized.
I'm not sure about others would participate. Posting really sat down. Sometimes days go by and I'm the sole poster. Or other posts are just too insubstantial.
Just start posting.

>just a regular user. Not part of anything stupid or anyone spamming the site
Only you know and can know if you are or not. A spammer could say the same. On the other hand spammers uses proxies and vpns, tor, not one has an IP a user would have who posts from home. If you use VPN that gives more than one IPs.


>Great plans I wish to see realized.
T. Hanks. I raly likes putting effort into my posts so I wanna make sure it's all good. But on second though, you're probably right. We would need some more people tht make constant post in order to get that to happen again.

>Posting really sat down. Sometimes days go by and I'm the sole poster. Or other posts are just too insubstantial.

It happens sometimes tbh. Boards have peaks and pits when it comes to pph. Depends on the time, people, environment, sports cup going on, etc

>Full metal jacket

gud movie. Should make a review about it soon

>Just start posting.



>It happens sometimes tbh.
True. But it feels different now. Oh well.


>>Just start posting.
Wasn't meant to pressure you. I don't have expectations, and can't have either, this isn't that genre.



It has it's faults, but at least it's better than kohl


The posts in this board aren't showing up for some reason. Need a little look into


Do you mind telling us the age of the women you just posted patch/spacechan mod?


Any way to get an answer from this? The site could get in trouble due to that idiot


File: 1630037695733.png (22.88 KB, 300x250, 6:5, sippis.png)

tbh it's still happening. Ya gotta fix that mod.

Anyway, updating this

# 3 is ongoing right now. Will be making an excel list to make my lil job easier

# 7 is done

Guess I should make # 9 soon and update my TV/film post about "The Truman Show". Been going in and out due to a recent birthday I was in, so lil busy. Will be posting again soon Hungarybernd. If you see this post
No need to fret. Will still posting content on End/kc/ fam


>Any way to get an answer from this? The site could get in trouble due to that idiot

He probablies posted that virus link himself so we won't ever get an answer from that lame brain


Also leaving this "gansta" song itt for now


There were some links. The video itself is legal (18+).

I'm reading.
Happy bday. To you or your relative/friend.
Noone posted for days but me. Today exchanged couple of words with Rusbernd, was very refreshing experience.
Well, it really is my blog.
I've also couple of ideas, and inspiration what to post. One is a longer work.


File: 1630095790354.jpg (257.66 KB, 750x450, 5:3, ramba.jpg)

wtf you wierdos are still alive kotdamn


File: 1630128439658.jpg (23.97 KB, 520x335, 104:67, dalai_lama_pointing.jpg)

Btw you don't need to dump whole dumps on one sitting. For example #3 is basically 1 post for 50 days. In that particular case that would be even better because large amount of music can go very well unlistened, but if just one song or a couple at least I can listen them one (or couple) at a time.
If I were you I might pick some songs to fit particular days in some way.
Or the Polanball comics. That could go for a while as well.
The content you listed above can be paced over months.
Anyway the most important thing is that you feel yourself comfy.

No U


File: 1640346696711.jpg (323.8 KB, 1280x900, 64:45, xmas-invite.jpg)

Merry Christmas, Bernd, for those too hang out here sometimes.
Gonna have this Xmas Special stream on the 26th, all day essentially.


File: 1642016379748.jpg (74.89 KB, 933x784, 933:784, chattt.jpg)

>Endchan is getting DDoSed again



I know End has telegram, discord and IRC, but they should really make a new twitter for daily site news.

I really don't know why DDoS attacks keep happening on imageboards. I won't stop going if it's down for a few hours. I'll just go outside and wait for it.

I won't go to any altchans or whatever if that's what the attackers want.


It's up, fren.


It's down again. What a bumpy ride.


Another DDoS going on. Error page not showing up


It seems just some backend error.


>I really don't know why DDoS attacks keep happening on imageboards
Extreme pettiness, nobody who does that shit expects to drive many people away they just want to mildly inconvenience people for a couple of hours.


Some people have nothing interesting going on in their lives, so they just have to stir shit up wherever they go.




File: 1653448183579.jpg (145.76 KB, 1508x892, 377:223, 564168464.jpg)

>Endchan is down again









god damnit i have the memory of a chickpea


endchan sucks monkey dick and is for faggots


No need to be so butthurt p*docel. We're still not going to your dead boards with no community

And you don't need to schizo samefag post so much either
Seek psychiatric help, gay bitch


End is down, will be down for a bit.


Also come and watch movies, chat maybe.


This gonna be a bit more longer.


File: 1662505273390.png (54.89 KB, 500x257, 500:257, Oekaki.png)

[funky clavinet vamp]
uh wooooooah-ODILLY DOO-DOO-WOP


What happened to bernd.group?
Also endchan is getting flooded/ddosed


End is down. Seems like hardware issues.


Watch movies here:

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