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Let's go on with the slow cooking thread.

This time I made beef jerky.
I have to put it up front that this was a test, a practice run to see how to do it. Thus I used very little meat, bout maybe 50 grams, no point ruining a whole cattle, right? Lean thigh, not sure exactly which part.

Pic #1 Sliced them thin and left it marinade a whole day in the fridge. I didn't used paprika. I considered it, but sweet wouldn't add much flavour, and left hot out too as I didn't want that to be the dominating taste. Still some black pepper I added, salt, garlic and Worcester sauce were the other ingredients.
Pic #2 Didn't pay too much attention to the firelay, just made sure to create a layer of coals all over.
Pic #3 Fire! Fire!
Pic #4 When some coals formed I started to place the meat onto the grill.


File: 1560592288940-0.jpg (578.99 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, 05-start-s.JPG)

File: 1560592288940-1.jpg (588.98 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, 06-1hour-s.JPG)

File: 1560592288940-2.jpg (565.54 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, 07-2hours-s.JPG)

File: 1560592288940-3.jpg (754.58 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, 08-3hours-done-s.JPG)

Pic #5 Jammed toothpicks over the slices and hanged them with that.
Pic #6 After an hour of drying. The toothpicks started to brown so I had to improvise new ones from green wood. I only had platanus readily available, I wasn't sure if it's neutral or not, some woods might give weird taste to the food. But it was a-ok.
Pic #7 After two hours of drying.
Pic #8 Done. Ofc there had to be an accident. The twine I used to fix the grill onto the tripod got weakened by the flames and when I wanted to move the thing it snapped. I managed to save six slices but two burned. I ate one and started to munch on another when I remembered I should take a photo…

They turned out to be damned delicious. Maybe a little less Worcester sauce, and with a hint of red hot pepper would have been just perfect. All in all the taste was similar to fried kolbász/kielbasa/sausage with mustard (for reference in case a Hungarian reads this: like a debreceni).

Huh I just noticed misspelled the title. Oh well.


its obvious that you are still '"Hungry''. You should add soy sauce. Jerky is all about the salt


I've only tried the pre-made jerky from supermarkets, they're okay but a little sweet. Maybe I'll try this myself the next time it isn't raining (NEVER EVER).


Yes I ate sandwiches after those appetizers.

Rain ain't necessarily bad. I would make some kind of a tent all above (after I made sure everything is fireproof) which keep the rain out but the smoke in. Ofc this would add more smokey flavour.
Doing the thing isn't really a hassle, if done properly, not how I did it, with more proper wood, I used many sticks and such and had to feed the fire constantly.





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