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Packers @ Vikings 7:20pm/8:20pm if you're on the least coast
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also i meant to compliment you on your succinct choice of pic for newsposter
here, have some Sportschan Gold


who are the gdl people he's referring to?


According to some fagot on some forum, its the "goyim defence league", an antisemetic hate group


based favre, then, unironically
>a sad old man trying to stay on television
>makes a 15 second youtube clip referring to a topic that would get him blacklisted by the media
what kind of kike shit are you trying to spin? serious question.
this, so what's the problem with brett's video?


99th for grindr

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Tennessee Titans (5-5) @ Houston Texans (7-3)
#8:15 PM ET
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aren't most pot smokers liberals anyway?


you'd be surprised


Mostly yes, and I don't think there are as many "legalize!" righties beyond the libertarians. I smoke, but could give no shits about its legal status. I also don't believe it's harmless/a miracle drug.


hahah both the people in that thread blocked me too
he obviously has some flavor of autism
i was calling her out for e-begging to fix her teeth because she has multiple root canals and cavities– GROSS!


73rd for grindr

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time to cyber /sp/
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i'm new to cybering, can someone help me out.




do you have a robe and wizard hat?


i have a baseball hat, i think.


22nd for grindr

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This sports board has a lack of
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whoever this autistic bird poster is he is going G*d's work



11th for grindr

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fucked a drunk girl in the ass in the back seat of your moms car?


>had a dream about my pinay friend
>could see her tight fuckin gash teasin me all dream long
>woke up and busted at least 5 nuts to pinaysmut.com
productive day


post em


post my busts?


32nd for grindr

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Orlando at L.A. Lakers
Phoenix at Detroit
4:00 PM ET Record
PHO 4-14 (1-8 V)
DET 9-7 (5-3 H)
Philadelphia at Brooklyn
%6:00 PM ET
PHI 13-8 (3-7 V)
BK 8-12 (3-5 H)
Miami at Toronto
%6:00 PM ET
MIA 7-11 (4-4 V)
TOR 16-4 (8-2 H)
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too late, you're #cancelled


ruh oh


getting my hoc on


child rapist > dug


63rd for grindr

File: 1543198945847.webm (7.62 MB, 1280x720, 1.webm)


Lip reading.

Can any of you make out what these two are saying to each other?


File: 1543198959525.webm (4.59 MB, 1280x720, 2.webm)


think the first word joes says starts with a B
Bitch? maybe?


3rd for grindr

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#Early Games-

Oakland Raiders (2-8) @ Baltimore Ravens (5-5)
1:00 PM ET, CBS

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7) @ Buffalo Bills (3-7)
1:00 PM ET, CBS

Seattle Seahawks (5-5) @ Carolina Panthers (6-4)
1:00 PM ET, FOX

Cleveland Browns (3-6-1) @ Cincinnati Bengals (5-5)
1:00 PM ET, FOX

New England Patriots (7-3) @New York Jets (3-7)
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are we all migrating to the SFW SportsChannel now?


no buddy, you're already on it


snitchbro must be stopped


7th for grindr

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File: 1543182987161-1.png (1.91 MB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)


Hello sportschan. I welcome you to watch the MLS playoffs tonight.

New York Red Bulls vs Atlanta United: 4:15 pm CT ESPN

Sporting Kansas City v Portland Timbers: 6:45 pm CT FS1
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Wasn't it usually later in the year?


>no manziel


maybe terrible leaf winter stopped it from being so late


go redbacks


9th for grindr

File: 1543116559598.jpg (579.83 KB, 2040x1715, 1538369845943.jpg)


>Split sfw and nsfw boards
>Make virtual YTer to market in the mainstream and sell merch
>Draw in thousands of 12 year idubbbz loving fans from virtual YTer
>Payment processors and commercial ties force you to delete nsfw boards as you gain a presence in the mainstream
>Site is now reddit mixed with roblox
Do we need a virtual Youtuber and and a Sportschannel.org?
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but what about bunda?


File: 1543180530387.png (52.71 KB, 905x264, YesMerch.png)

This is all a planned marketing push by Hiro to turn 4chan profitable. At least that's what it looks like is going on. The boards were split in a hope to make the "sfw" sections more advertiser friendly. Though I honestly doubt that move alone will be enough. The virtualYoutuber is a planned push to make a marketable mascot on Youtube. They are making it a community effort but I expect the end result at best to be a edgy side of reddit tier edge lord and at worst just full waifubait without 4chan's "personality". This effort will probably be pretty successful, as it grows though it will expose 4chan to cooperate pressure and cause the site to be flooded with a whole new breed of newfags.


File: 1543181920197.png (137.46 KB, 919x480, Screenshot from 2018-11-25….png)

Here is the links if anyone feel morbidly curious enough. It is a community effort, they had a contest and are trying to find an anon to portray her.


This archive has a lot of stuff in it too.


>are trying to find an anon to portray her.
gotta be a trap right?


22nd for grindr

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