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its a tampa kinda day


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St. Louis Cardinals (7-7) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (7-7)
STL- John Gant (0-1)
PHI- Aaron Nola (0-1)
>12:05 PM CT

Arizona Diamondbacks (5-10) vs. Washington Nationals (5-7)
ARI- Madison Bumgarner (0-2)
WSH- Paolo Espino (0-0)
>12:05 PM CT

Tampa Bay Rays (7-8) vs. New York Yankees (5-9)
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Will Dotz Get Her Cheeks Busted In Prison?




this would explain the permanent aura of butthurt he exudes


is he upset about the new super soccer league


i fuckin missed me some mil man


shit on her tits


buttsex doesnt count as incest


Fat Shit


a good Shit covered fattie mmmmmmm…


imagine a Fat Shit


mmmmmmmmmmmm… Shit


Good Fat Shit Sex

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>tfw 6 military helis just flew about 200ft from my house
but unironically tho
never seen em that low and fast fast is relative to how low tho. lets say 60-70mph or ~ highway speed. i know they go faster
not even 200ft out over ontario shore. prolly more like 100ft, as if they were boats, yuppies wouldve been bitching to the coast guard if they were up on plane at that distance
couldnt have been more than 30ft above water. theydve literally buzzed 2 story houses if they were above land. headed east along shore towards river.
heard em coming and i was looking at them and flicking them off and grabbing my crotch as i usually do to the coast guard because theyre gay and are always taking pictures, then realized it wasnt coasties but flicked em off anyways cuz those fags are always taking pics too. then 3 more came in really tight formation so i was just kinda flabbergasted, then i decided to flick off the last two out of principal

mustve found a body or maybe a couple or some shit. i could see the jarheads inside all wearing those bright orange lifejackets
coasties have been goin by all week so i figure its prolly some missing person shit
rly rly rly exceptionally odd tho

6 black cocks just flew over my house
i am become the yim
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File: 1618780099241.jpg (4.29 KB, 285x177, 95:59, UAV.jpg)

yea i see those guys doing exercises every once in a while. way farther out tho obv
really quick little things
looks like a lot of fun

i tell ya the spookiest shit i ever seen was one of those big UAV drones WAAAAAYYYY tf out
was a terribly rough day in like dec, and i thought it was some bird or something as it was flying in ground effect
took my binoculars out and realized how far it was, then realized it was a "plane" that was all white and it didnt have windows
obv flicked that one off too


why would one of those things be using ground effect


They are preparing the round up for the Interracial Sissy Bimbo Breeding grounds.


prolly just some training/testing shit to see if they could do it
theres bases all over, US and leaf, so theyre allowed to do whatever they want over the lake

i thought it was strange too tbh as theyre clearly not designed for that





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it's finna here, the new farce india aka aston martin f1 cr
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>I feel like a turtle
maybe you are one. don't forget, slow and steady wins the race.


>pitting for fresh nigger blacks






even india raecing has a t-paste driver


I'll be honest: I love crapsex


here in Netherlands we LOVE crapsex!

File: 1618777875295.jpg (123.06 KB, 815x1200, 163:240, index.jpg)



doo doo sex

(are you mad now, janitors?)

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