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have u visted grindr today?

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Los Angeles Rams (3-1) vs. Seattle Seahawks (2-2)
>7:20 PM CT


Florida Panthers (5-0-0) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (1-4-0)
>6:00 PM CT

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great job geno


Red Sawkx BTFO.
Thats what happens when you mess with /sp/'s chosen team the New York Basedballs Yankees.


tired of watching men kiss then tell other people they aint thug no more


Indian Central Bank Accumulating Large Quantities Of Gold Almost Under The Radar

While large one-off central bank gold purchases get a lot of media attention and the same is true for central banks accumulating gold reserves over a two or three month period, sizeable accumulation of gold by central banks on a month in, month out basis, with the exception of the Chinese and Russian central banks, tends to go almost unnoticed.

A prime case in point is the gold buying strategy of India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which almost under the radar, has now become one of the world’s biggest and most consistent central bank gold buyers every year for the last four years.

Starting in early 2018 and up to the end of August 2021, over that time the RBI has added a staggering 166 tonnes to it’s strategic gold reserves, and now holds a claimed 724.24 tonnes of gold, making India the 9th largest sovereign gold holder in the world, well ahead of the Netherlands (in 10th place), and within shouting distance of Japan (8th place).

Arguably, this stealthy gold accumulation by the Indian official sector is now becoming more apparent since two of the big guns that are normally active in the central bank gold buying market, the central banks of Russia and China, are currently ‘taking a break’.


File: 1633717819329.png (79.8 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 397790.png)

make new sports thread

File: 1633547180976-0.png (134.83 KB, 1305x1545, 87:103, beer1.png)

File: 1633547180976-1.png (62.28 KB, 1165x1315, 233:263, ba.png)


agree or disagree?

some observations from your TO (thread owner)
*twists handlebar mustache*
*takes selfie*
PBR is way too high, vastly overrated because of it's cool-again-again image. It tastes like sour moldy aluminum. most of the classic blue collar beers (old style, schlitz, old milwaukee, stroh's) are a bit overrated i think. I'll make an exception for Hamm's which is one of the best for the price since a sixer of 16oz cans is $3.99 round here. Ultimately being too snobby about it is kinda gay but it's reasonable to look for something "unoffensive tasting" and hopefully doesn't give you a headache (i'm looking at you keystone and beast ice)

and fuck this #2 rated amber bock and amber beers in general "amber" lager beers taste fuzzy and poorly balanced, at least every one i've tried. This does not apply to "red"/copper ALES of quality like orval or any trappist/belgian style.

remember to comment and upvote thanks for participating and don't make me boot from this trhead for bad behavior
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okay well i smasshed all my beers and im crying but i think im a real man


real men cry the hardest and then fuck each other


File: 1633710530407.png (1.06 MB, 883x628, 883:628, ClipboardImage.png)




wtf - it says "fine" right on the package.

File: 1633668323153.jpg (201.96 KB, 800x600, 4:3, train-Amtrak-New-Jersey.jpg)


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my uncle is trains man. very hard job budy. stay strong.


yah well my daddy works in the coal mine


File: 1633710972239.png (Spoiler Image, 489.72 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Look at this beauty. Open wide for your pleasure.


big, slow and dumb. they're both the same thing



hok here is ze wurl is a pretty gud wurl isnt it

File: 1633580812530.png (25.14 KB, 565x572, 565:572, Oekaki.png)


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File: 1633640136073.png (209.59 KB, 396x600, 33:50, wadina tap you will cum.png)


rally dont understand some of the trans hate on this bort
just wanna let loose my girlcoom sometimes yknow?


no u didnt get it right this board craves a hot trans girl to rule us


oh god oh fuck i'm gonna cooooooooooooooooom



File: 1633551349619.png (1.02 MB, 941x534, 941:534, mil sparring.PNG)

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St. Louis Cardinals (90-72) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (106-56)
STL- Adam Wainwright (17-7)
LAD- Max Scherzer (15-4)
>7:10 PM CT

we all know what's going to happen…
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no sweetie the rays are going to make whomever their bitch


uh no sweaty… this is about capitalism and its evils????


COMMUNISM IS WHEN YOU KILL YOUR LANDLORD BECAUSE INTEAD OF BUYING FUNKO POPS HE WANTS YOU TO PAY RENT *also links are in the description to my Patreon and have you heard of Raid Shadow Legends* - Father Vasuh True and Honest Leader of the New USSR


so sick of communist retards I just want my ubi and autism bucks


a midget dp is probably pretty fking hilarious


getting wasted the moement i wake till the second i sleep and no one notices
im even considered good at my job

and the whole time? im drunk and yelling alot
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File: 1633641952596.jpg (144.43 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, cr wink.jpg)


take it to the racism thread if youre gonna speed like that mister


File: 1633645234764.jpg (197.86 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, cr lazy.jpg)


Ok how the fuck would I know CR was 6 MILLION years old? Look at dem lips! he was literally asking for it!


light skinned CRs be like

File: 1633465887672.jpg (400.03 KB, 970x1500, 97:150, average day on sp.jpg)


think we ve all been here for sure
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dotz NO!




File: 1633585164751.jpg (79.64 KB, 589x588, 589:588, 1633580711344.jpg)





File: 1633375110043.png (4.49 KB, 207x184, 9:8, Screen-Shot-2021-10-04-at-….png)


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she looks ok, strong 6


> years because stupid dumpy dwarves who wear diaper bikinis are considered 10s fuck this ugly whore i hat womeyn
If this were the 80s, her dress would be more acceptable. It would be considered in vogue even.

She looks alright I guess. Obsessing over wyminx is super beta and very unspartman like. Since most spartsman easily have 10 different concubines with them at all times. also sports


sunglasses need to be illegal. it benefits wom*n too much


File: 1633594130511.jpg (479 KB, 1400x1072, 175:134, quark-ferengi.jpg)

we need to ban women's clothing altogether


I do sunglasses, mask and hat everywhere I go and its great

File: 1633438746785.jpg (76.84 KB, 700x324, 175:81, zombie meredith.jpg)

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New York Yankees (92-70) vs. Boston Red Sox (92-70)
NYY- Gerrit Cole (16-8)
BOS- Nathan Eovaldi (11-9)
>7:08 PM CT
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damn, so i'm not the only one who does this shit. but still, fuck you bitch, quit crying and be glad the man's helping you in the first fucking place.


>i told him to put away the food
>he didn't put away the food i left in the oven
¿¿ ??


protip: men who do this generally have better and more important things to memorize than sandwich maker things


>be man
>work hard all day
>come home
>wife nagging me to do her work too
>do some anyway because good guy
>even tho im doing 1.5 jobs at this point, she still bitches
poor guy

File: 1633382439650.jpg (30.59 KB, 480x300, 8:5, new banner.jpg)


new banner
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File: 1633544108182.jpg (324.96 KB, 1050x1374, 175:229, CRoomer.jpg)


Mega cringe. CR gets all of the ladies and doesn't even need to look at p*rn


its not monday



lets talk about the only team that matters


only two things come from texas: steers and queers, and you don't look like a steer to me.


im as man as they come and im gonna stick out texans are going all
look at the roster its unstopable




just pee-sneezed, hog almost exploded

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