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the server rn




time to whip out my penis

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>ANALYSIS: After wild week, Trump looks close to full derailment
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Kushner will never allow it. He's a middle expert because he's jewish.


floods r bad


being jewish must be really fun
being a jewish nigger must be doubly fun


This just in
After years of resolute denial and staunch environmentalism, the left finally ready to accept Darwinian evolution and the decisive role of genetics in cogniti-
We interrupt the current broadcast to bring you
Breaking News
The left explains why genetically-sourced variance in cognitive abilities is an intolerable grievance and the greatest anthropological injustice and all the more reason for affirmative action, neo-marxism, and communism.

Join us at 5 when top experts will show why the solution to a newly discovered flaw of soviet communism guarantees its american success.


dude nothing beats being a jewish nigger wyman translesbian faggot with 3 toes on a single leg who identifies as a hermaphrodite muppet of color


I had a wonderful 9/11 day and wish a death to america for all americans

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What book(s) has /sp/ been reading lately?

reading is for faggots


File: 1599924421519.png (526.56 KB, 519x643, 519:643, 1572902544_aunt_louisa.png)

N stands for the Nuts; and when lessons are done, Two boys can go nutting much better than one.


I'm reading Adam Zamoyski - Phantom Terror and for fiction I'm re-reading Of Human Bondage.

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Baltimore Orioles (20-22) vs. New York Yankees (22-21)
BAL- Alex Cobb (1-3)
NYY- Gerrit Cole (4-3)
>3:05 PM CT

Philadelphia Phillies (21-19) vs. Miami Marlins (20-19)
PHI- Aaron Nola (4-3)
MIA- (0-0)
>4:10 PM CT

Atlanta Braves (26-18) vs. Washington Nationals (16-26)
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eastern euros are subhuman, that's the backstory


t. soyburger


*picks you up in your blanket and slams you down the stairs*

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Alright so, first of all, I've eaten ass before, the idea of eating someone's ass is nice and I enjoy it. But I've been watching a lot of Star Trek lately and many of the ass meals on screen are so… Brutal? I see this in many shows and movies, but on-screen ass meals are often these wet, sloppy meals with people gaping their asses as far as humanly possible and devouring each other ass. Now, I've used tongue before, but only a little. To be honest, using a lot of tongue and opening my ass more is just super awkward and uncomfortable, so my question is basically… Do people really eat ass like that and, more importantly, enjoy it?! Do people seriously jam their tongue into someone else's ass and enjoy it???

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you asked


I have accepted my wart as a symbol of love… to edgy whorbs


I was recommended on youtube a few days back that the hothead in that scene appeared in that hot ones channel


first of all Calm down ananurrthing galactis heroes is not a masterpiec


it really is
nominate a better done anime
i dare you.

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Detroit Tigers (19-22) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (18-17)
DET- Tarik Skubal (1-1)
STL- Jack Flaherty (2-1)
>1:15 PM CT

Houston Astros (22-22) vs. Oakland Athletics (26-15)
HOU- Jose Urquidy (0-0)
OAK- Sean Manaea (3-2)
>2:40 PM CT

Los Angeles Angels (17-27) vs. Texas Rangers (15-27)
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u retarded?
good let israel shake the hornets nest as US assets leave


I don't root for chaos I root for my side to win. death to israel


it is certainly 911


how'd he wind up in a nigger cell anyway? the guards must be some sadistic motherfuckers


who is he again


What is it about nigger babble that makes it so infuriating
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it's more than that


non-niggers using it is most infuriating


It appears intential as opposed to a natural accent. Old school niggers had plain southern accent, but city niggers have bitter, hateful and spiteful written on every audible word forming on their baboon lips


they know it to I asked one about a song he was playing and his budy clarified and spelled out the response after it was given. he knew there was no way in hell that I understood and repeated himself like three times really trying to get it through


File: 1599783291308.png (11.83 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

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kickoff: 7:20pm CT NBC
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>spoil the trump vote so captain poz wins and America will get less pozzed
don't vote, spend election night firebombing houses


>implying the outcome of this election will be accepted by either side
Face it, if the Biden win Trump's going to blame imaginary voter fraud and if Trump wins, the dems will say he cheated. It's going to take a while for them to figure it out. I'm more interested in the Senate elections. If the Senate flips blue, Trump is fucked win or lose.


uhh buddy you know voting third party isn't actually voting for biden right
you might wanna check the math you did


its gonna be entertaining as fuck to watch all the gay drama surrounding that with my sportschan frineds



File: 1599820943837.jpg (424.67 KB, 1025x1487, 1025:1487, Screenshot_20200911-193828….jpg)



File: 1599823607774.webm (2.88 MB, 654x360, 109:60, cow pissed.webm)

i hat pissed cow


pissed cow seems based and funpilled


the paki did this


is this the criket bullpen?

File: 1599654951924.png (509.51 KB, 633x356, 633:356, ghostbusters_list_main.png)


The Oscars have a diversity quota now

New Rules:
(A) Lead blacktor, or 30% diverse cast, or diverse story
(B) 2 diverse above-the-lines, or 6 diverse below-the-lines, or 30% diverse crew
(C) Paid diverse interns with a career advancement path
(D) Diverse PR cunts

Movies need to meet 2 of these 4 to be eligible for awards
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File: 1599723502567.png (3.31 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

>oskars diverse
>india movee of nevr winr oskar
i hat hook noser jewr holywood
holywood of feer india movee industree
fuk holyjew
india movee nomb on



cant stop accelerating can you


it's just a codification of existing hollywood practices
the only difference now is that they can't say
>oh, we're not discriminating, it's just the best movies this year happened to be filled with niggers



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