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get in
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no need for you to stress youself, your dad is the king of milking gock syrup. last i saw he was harvesting a 1500 head herd of welsh coal miners with nothing but his mouth and a dozen 55 gallon oil drums


yeah well my dad can outfuck your dad


the ultimate sus mobile


not according to your sister


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5 days til i turn hospice. Any advice?
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its like a magic switch where you have to start actively maintaining your body otherwise you will notice it will start falling apart


so I gotta start being tom brady?


you got to start popping your pussy for big black bvlls


Take an arrow to the knee.




I got about 500 of these chocolate bars if anyone wants to buy them

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what if i just wanna cruise the canal with my invisible drama gril


Did the CIA steal your invisible gf?

t. remembers


Anyone want to rp as Siegfried and Roy pm me only please ❣️🥺💖🥺💗🥺💓🥺💖🥺💗🥺💓🥺💖🥺💗🥺💓🥺💖🥺💗🥺💓🥺💖🥺💗🥺💓🥺💖🥺💗🥺💓🥺💖




boba fett more like tub o shit


I'm not gay I just shave my asshole so shit doesn't stick to the hairs


das gay


errybody cooking good for the new year
>blackeye peas
>pork to keep moving forward
>green vegetables for cash money
blackeye peas
green bell
>soak peas overnight in cold water then drain, boil with once or twice their weight in water, simmer until soft
>mince bacon and sweat it out in a saucepan until it's crispy
>sautee trinity with the bacon
>throw in the garlic and cook it in there a little
>make some rice already
simple as


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I used to cook, but then I took an arrow to the knee.


sneed allkddshss


sneed allkdshss


sneed allkshss


sneed allkhss

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