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Bite it you scum


You are the reddit trash I throw out eat my shit sphill


Got a chainsaw sphill you are over


just voted for Bernie AMA


Not surprising seeing as your a liberal sphill cuck


This is where the oldschool gets hard core


Only true anon threads can be on the front page


Sportschan died today and I murdered it


Look how easily I did its completely over


It's like sphilllllllllllllllls think their smart but they arent


>I like making threads about how to sphill true anons
Not anymore not on my watch


By controlling the front page I have rendered sportschan powerless


Theres alot to shadilay about trump is unstoppable may we shadilay on the graves of sportschan soon


Many forget that chans were created to spread the word of the alt right in fact they serve no other purpose still today
I ask you all to stop watching sports and join me in killing all the sphills lay down your own lives and there will be a place in hell where you will burn in less painful hell fires because God saw that you atoned for rooting for sphillary jewton you stupid liberal beta cucks it's over for you


Helping trump find all 7 dragon balls ama


where is the 7th dragon ball?


Not sure yet but I will find it


I am a channel you are a sphill you dont belong to the chans like i

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