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You know guys, I have been following Victoria Justice for almost a decade and throughout this time I always knew she was a good girl. This wasn't some blind infatuation with her, no there was plenty of evidence to support my claims. For years I watched her struggle to get any decent parts or make it in the ever cut throat music business. During this time her former co-stars turned into slut monsters (Ariana Grande), used others to gain fame (Selena Gomez) or turn into huge sluts (Miranda Cosgrove). But my dear old Victoria Jusice remained pure to herself even if that meant not succeeding where others have. Now I know about the various rumors floating around and I was fairly certain they were just that, rumors. That is until, the fappening happened. This single event had a massive impact on how I viewed her. At first I flat out denied it, the leaks were simply a product of Victoria Justices silly side. I couldn't have been more blind. After hearing all the rumors of her escorting, doing down and dirty things on the side for money, it finally dawned on me. She was simply better at hiding it than everyone else. I mean her lively hood depended on it. Her mass amount of followers always knew her as this innocent girl in a world of filth. I finally seen through this guise for the dirty slut she is. For this sole reason I have deleted and burned everything related to this two faced bitch and /sp/ I urge you to do the same before it is too late.


i know this is copypasta but if you life life automatically knowing all women are whorbs, you can truly enjoy the illusion of innocent grills without panic.


I told you but you never listened.


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4th for grindr


this isnt a copypasta

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Time for a new card /sp/
draw some kakis with what you like to say
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mary…..more like meh-ry amirite


i used up all my autism on that wadina kaki
not sory
marys a whore now


40th for grindr


this got potential

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share your accounts. share tips. share stories of your expirences. come together and lets be honest. all of us use it. this is a place where you can be free from judgement.
<Now get in here and slayyyyyyyy queen slayyyyyyyyyyyy


is this the heisman trophy thread too?

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sportschan is offically brought to you by grindr


1st for grindr

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lets talk about grindr


1st for grindr

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z thread
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File: 1544286052217.png (6.2 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

d is for double murder


File: 1544286081974.png (6.04 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I is for intelligent
They will never catch me


File: 1544286103686.png (6.51 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

A is for alive
I'm still out there


File: 1544286145618.png (6.02 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

C is for Cold-Blood
There ain't no rhyme or reason
I am the night


10th for grindr

File: 1544283794378.png (7.16 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


y thread


1st for grindr

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we the /sp/artans of Sportschan, in order to form a more perfect chan, establish yims, insure domestic terrorism, provide for common hatred of jew york, promote no generals, and secure GETs for our children and our community, do demand a /sauna/ board.



Insuring things is a jewish conspiracy


I lik sauna

t. Dots


3rd for grindr

File: 1544117085619.jpg (199.68 KB, 897x971, image.jpg)


how is this a moon face?


Here's How.




3rd for grindr

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San Jose at Dallas
%8:00 PM ET
SJ 14-10-5 (5-7-3 V)
DAL 15-10-3 (9-3-1 H)
Prob. Goalies: Jones (SJ) | Bishop (DAL)
St. Louis at Winnipeg
%8:00 PM ET
STL 9-13-4 (3-6-2 V)
WIN 17-8-2 (9-3-2 H)
Prob. Goalies: Allen (STL) | Hellebuyck (WIN)
Minnesota at Edmonton
%9:00 PM ET
MIN 15-11-2 (7-7-0 V)
EDM 14-12-2 (7-4-1 H)
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toothpaste \owo/




160th for grindr

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