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Sportschan now has a hidden service. I don't know why I did this but I thought it would be cool.

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This place is just unusable now. Goodbye, I'm done.


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bye loser


never come back tbh rulecuck

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Give me places to recruit users from and what tactics to use. ill put the work in. so where do i go?


reddit would be good
the motherjones comment sectino wouldn't be bad either


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what subs? theres like a billion?
what do I sell them on?
>motherjones comment sectinon
dont know this site but ill learn it

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Arizona Diamondbacks (10-9) vs. Chicago Cubs (8-9)
ARI- Merrill Kelly (1-1)
CHC- Kyle Hendricks (0-3)
>1:20 PM CT

Minnesota Twins (9-7) vs. Baltimore Orioles (8-12)
MIN- José Berríos (2-1)
BAL- Alex Cobb (0-0)
>6:05 PM CT

San Francisco Giants (8-12) vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (10-6)
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any spekaing of kiling ech othr wil resolt in bans for 8 menuts.


So who here /proudwoman/?


Me, cant wait to take the fight to those facist TERF's once my transition is fully complete !


you're evil


how the fuck do the phillies have 17 hits and 3 runs?

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post full comic


hes rally cute


i know omg i would suck off his feminine penis any day

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