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>tfw mil refuses to play pusoy dos with me

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>Remember about some old youtube channels I used to watch, go back to watch them for nostalgia and see how they are doing now
>Rainbow flag profile picture
>Channel description mentions anxiety and depression
Just fucking end America
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dont worry, i read that zoomers will save the west and rekindle the faustian spirit


Ya 2012 was kinda the turning point where shit got retarded
Graduated and left home that year and when I came back ~2016 shit was completely different
Like used to call people faggots in high school
Now everyone in HS is a faggot


What YouTube channel


This nearly gave me a heart-attack! I am literally sick. I was under the impression only commoners or lower class/status men went dumpster diving. But Royal family members The example of the first picture to be specific is just… no words The second picture the bride is an ugly simian also. The third photo the wife appears to look like Tyra Banks, so while it is unexceptable, she is admittedly not as unsightly as the ones in the first and second photo.

A mulatto will be the future king of Leichenstein. Europe is done. Jews love this! What is this hatred of beauty. I cannot understand but if your brain wiring is a disaster, wow I am just grateful I am not a person with a brain like that.


>killing jews when it's all a Freemason pyop

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Carolina Hurricanes (36-25-5) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (39-22-6)
>12:30 PM CT

Tampa Bay Lightning (43-20-5) vs. Detroit Red Wings (16-48-5)
>4:00 PM CT

Vegas Golden Knights (37-24-8) vs. Calgary Flames (36-26-7)
>6:00 PM CT

St. Louis Blues (40-18-10) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (31-29-8)
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profit sharing is the future





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watch the xfl games

seattel houston
ny dallas
kc dc
tampa la
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im watching but not getting any


dude you JUST got some were you not paying attention??


my bepis didnt notice


you got a hole in your glove


best i got is a cracked ass


Finalchan sp bunker this site seems to be getting unstable think duder may be dead

File: 1583708757295.png (2.72 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


filthy coronavirus infected yid team forced their first two opponents in the NCAA Division III basketball tournament to play in an empty gym with several key players taking themselves out to not get infected
this filthy kike university had their hotel reservations revoked after multiple members of this filthy university came down with coronavirus
now these kikes are in the Sweet 16 at Randolph Macon this week
sportschan must use jihad to put this kikery to a permanent end

File: 1583706664858.jpg (64.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, sciencesource_ss2413465-bd….jpg)


imagine consuming literal corona


just drink beaner piss, its the same thing

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Reminder that /sp/ is a trans board.
/sp/ has a long and storied history of being an LGBTQA+ ally and advocate

Many of our long time members of trans and I am sure most of you will know Ditz our very first trans-xhirl to ever post on /sp/ ! With many more transpeople finding their way here I think it time to address the recent transphobia and homophobia seen among our posters.

To all the bigots,
/sp/ is TRANS=
Mhm thats rite sweeeeeety!
/sp/ is TRANS


what the fuck happened to /sp/, bros?


I warned you
we should have called Orkin months ago
now its an infestation


nobody bullies faggots anymore


last implicit stand of white idenitity right here


File: 1583696379849.jpg (37.32 KB, 479x480, 479:480, 1477697064996.jpg)

File: 1583602502983.jpg (84.24 KB, 800x800, 1:1, mil1029_1.jpg)



Washington Capitals (40-20-7) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (39-21-6)
>12:00 PM CT

Carolina Hurricanes (35-25-5) vs. New York Islanders (35-23-8)
>12:00 PM CT

Nashville Predators (33-26-8) vs. Dallas Stars (37-22-8)
>1:00 PM CT

Minnesota Wild (34-26-7) vs. Los Angeles Kings (26-35-6)
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File: 1583632594674.jpg (519.92 KB, 1970x1112, 985:556, save.jpg)

man its hilarious how flexible goalies are


File: 1583632883076.jpg (341.52 KB, 1970x1112, 985:556, kidney transplant.jpg)

it was gross she could move her little nub


File: 1583643906600-0.jpg (476.31 KB, 1864x1047, 1864:1047, score.jpg)

File: 1583643906600-1.jpg (420.81 KB, 1864x1047, 1864:1047, selfies.jpg)


File: 1583649172180.jpg (373.08 KB, 1826x1027, 1826:1027, Screenshot 2020-03-08 00-3….jpg)

so xreepy you can hear echos and all the players yell to each other


this isnt good enough
I want these events canceled completely
I want the players too sick to play
take over this whole fucking planet coronavirus make them all sick make them all die

File: 1583643784489.jpg (43.53 KB, 490x656, 245:328, C3PLAR8VYAAUHwU.jpg)




imagine literally consuming the GHOSTrona virus…
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man bro i love 4chan memes their the best


wait. this is gaslighting. R u grill?


Carrie Underwood Shares How She Finally Met Her Rock 'Hero' Axl Rose in Vegas: Watch


thought it was coronavirus


you think too much and cough too little

File: 1583518203095.jpg (45.63 KB, 996x103, 996:103, 2020-03-06 10_08_13-Select….jpg)


count down until wadinarock wins again
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evil post


a 16 better beat a 1 again i want another free lil c


baylol goin down to west virgina

File: 1583607695562.jpg (199.48 KB, 1777x1117, 1777:1117, Untitled.jpg)


holy snappers


this better not æffect the XFL
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some food worker at xheattles stadium just tested positive for chink virus


should change his name to baddel IMHO


this the xfl thread for today?
can i post about xfl?
i sure do love xfl




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